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[Fresno School students]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from Fresno School. They are pictured outdoors near the wall of a building, and are lined up in about seven rows. An accompanying note identifies most of the students' names and which rows they are in. Back row: Ora Lee Forbis (teacher), unidentified, Woodrow Byrd, Tom Harwell, J. Y. Pollard, Loyd Graham, Glenn Crawley, Ray Uselton, Ocie Scott, Lester Harwell, Ray Wood, Ernest Nunnelly, Ben W. Beaird (teacher), Jack Colson. Second row from back: first two unidentified, Clay King, R. B. Uselton, Bernice Hicks, Dorothy D. Roberts, Myrtle Beaird, Lottie Scott, Nell Burton, Marie Hicks, Ozell Byrd, Velma Colson. Row three: J. B. Killian, Neal Braboy, Tom Wood, Aubry Duke, Otha Weaver, Olan Roberts, next three unidentified. Row four: Ray Williams, next two unidentified, Johnny Graham, Vera Scott, Beatrice Black, Edmund Crane, Viola Sullivan, Oleta Coker, Woody Wood, Clarence Black, W. C. Williams, Clifton Sullivan, Grover Graham, George Graham, J. J. Coker. Row five: Raymond Hicks, J. C. Hicks, Olen or J. D. Roverts, Jack Wood, Carline POllard, Austin Emmert, Basil Clubb, unidentified, Clarence Nunnelly, next three unidentified, J. C. Emmert. Bottom row: unidentified, Dorothy Black, Clovis Scott, Roger Clubb, unidentified, Billie Uselton, Pauline Emmert, James Craine, Douglas Coker.
Date: 1927/1928

[George Kelley Telephone Office]

Description: Photograph of the George Kelley Telephone Office. There is a man and a woman seated at a small table. The woman is wearing headphones and sitting in front of the telephone operations, and the man is writing on the table. The name of the telephone operator was Willie Payne.
Date: 1907/1910

[Girls Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of the East Ward School's Girls Basketball Team. They are posing on a bench, with four girls sitting in the front row with hands on each others' shoulders, and three girls standing in the back row. The girl in the center of the back row is identified as Maudie Coffee.
Date: unknown

[Goat's Cafe]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Goat's Cafe. There are men sitting on bar stools at the counter, and servers lined up in front of them. The man on the far left wearing a bow tie is identified as Goat Hopper.
Date: 1936

[Grain Elevator]

Description: Photograph of a grain elevator in Wellington, Texas. There are two wagons in the center of the photograph with people seated in them. One man is leaning in the doorway of a small building in front of the elevator.
Date: unknown

[Grassbur School students]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from Grassbur School. They are posing outdoors in front of the wall of a building and a large American flag. Many of the children are squinting from the sunlight and not looking towards the camera. The teacher is identified as Hubert Carpenter.
Date: 1923

[Grocery store display]

Description: Photograph of Ernest Lewis standing next to a display in his grocery store, Lewis Grocery. The store was located on the Southeast corner of the square in Wellington, Texas. He is wearing a suit and tie, and looking towards the camera. The display is a tall pyramid of Prince Albert 10 cent cans.
Date: unknown

[Group in a field]

Description: Photograph of two men with rifles and one child in a field. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies one of the men as J. W. Hembree, Pastor of First Basptist Church. The other man is identified as J. W. Payne, a jewelry man. The child is covering his ears.
Date: unknown

[Group in front of small house]

Description: Photograph of three women standing in front of a small, portable house. One woman is looking towards the camera and holding a suitcase, and the other two are looking towards the ground. Handwriting on the back of the photograph describes the scene and states that it is from the Gaye Eeds Glenn collection.
Date: 1915

[Group of men in new car]

Description: Postcard of five men seated in a new car. They are all wearing light shirts, dark pants, and hats. One man has his hand on the steering wheel and is looking off to the side. There are trees and fences in the background. Handwriting on the back of the postcard identifies the names of each individual.
Date: 1909

[Group of students]

Description: Postcard of a large group of students from the West Ward School in Wellington, Texas. The children are standing and sitting in four rows, and a teacher is standing on the left side of the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Group outdoors in snow]

Description: Photograph of four girls outdoors in the snow. Notes on the back of the photograph identify them as Nettie West, Ethel Kelley, Sallie Kelley, and Emma Hite. They are sitting on top of wagon wheel bottoms and looking towards the camera. There is a small store on the left side of the photograph and houses in the far distance.
Date: April 1, 1909

[Group outdoors in snow]

Description: Photograph of a group of five people standing outdoors in the snow. They are pictured on the South side of Main Street in Dodson, standing in front of a cafe and barber shop. They are identified from left to right as Elton, McKinney, Bernice Riddle, Norma Copeland Coran, Abra Lewis, and Jo Ann Bowling Farris.
Date: 1941

[Group posing outdoors]

Description: Photograph of a group of women posing outdoors by a porch. One woman in the front row is holding a baby. The seventh woman from the left in the second row is identified as Mie G. Anderson by handwriting on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Group standing by two early cars]

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing near two early cars. The car on the left is identified as a Studebaker and the car on the right is identified as a Rio A Velie. There are four men standing in between the cars looking toward the camera, two women in hats behind the Studebaker, and two children near the right side of the photograph. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the individuals.
Date: unknown

[Hiram Cudd standing by truck]

Description: Photograph of a man, identified as Hiram Cudd, standing in front of a large truck belong to Cudd Bros. Trucking. He is wearing a light-colored uniform and a dark hat. There are houses in the background. Handwriting on the back of the photograph reveals that the house in the background was Hiram Cudd's parent's house and briefly describes its history.
Date: unknown

[Historic Wellington buildings]

Description: Photographs of historic buildings in Wellington, Texas. The buildings included are the First Baptist Church, the Northeast corner of the Square, the South side of the Square, the Southwest corner of the Square, the Wellington Hospital, the Methodist Church, the home of Joe Hardy, the Court House, the Church of Christ, and the home of C. W. Roberts. There is a brief history of the buildings accompanying the postcards.
Date: unknown