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[Bull Riding Poster]

Description: Close-up photograph of a cowboy riding a white bull as it rears forward in an arena. Immediately behind them, another cowboy is standing above a red gate. Printed in the lower left corner there is a logo for "Photo Roeo South" with the website URL and tagline "event photogrophy [sic] for the digital age" printed around the edges. In the top left corner, contact information for purchasing photos is printed in white text.
Date: 2003-12-27T10:59:13
Item Type: Photograph

[Calf-Roping in Groups at Cowtown Coliseum]

Description: Photograph of a pair of cowboys on horseback are roping a black calf in an arena. They are wearing matching red shirts and blue jeans. Another group of mounted men waits in the background.
Date: 2003-12-27T10:30:37
Item Type: Photograph

[Cleo Hearn Poster]

Description: Poster with various pictures of Cleo Hearn including one of him in a rodeo and a family photograph. There is a stripe in the middle of the poster that says "Congratulations" with Texas and Ford logos. At the bottom is a quotation attributed to Hearn that says, "I be happy in life you need three things: something to love, something to do and something to look forward to."
Date: 2006-08-04T23:43:48
Item Type: Poster

[Clothing at Cowtown Coliseum]

Description: Photograph of a close-up view from waist to knees of two people, presumably a cowboy and a rodeo clown. To the left, the cowboy is wearing jeans, chaps decorated with crosses, and a vest. To the right, the clown is wearing a skir with suspenders, a striped shirt, and red gloves with fringe.
Date: 2003-12-27T11:09:08
Item Type: Photograph

[Cowboy Fallen Off a Bull at Cowtown Coliseum]

Description: Photograph of a cowboy on the floor of an arena immediately after falling off of a large, black bull. In the foreground, a rodeo clown runs toward him from the left. Spectators are visible in the background.
Date: 2003-12-27T10:54:22
Item Type: Photograph

Cowboys of Color Rodeo

Description: Poster with the caption "Cowboys of Color Rodeo." Four men are standing in the dirt of an arena. Behind them, a fifth man stands between two horses. A boy and a girl are each sitting atop a horse.
Date: 2006-08-04T23:53:38
Creator: Thomas, Fly
Item Type: Poster

[Cowboys Roping a Calf at Cowtown Coliseum]

Description: Photograph of a pair of men on horseback roping a dark-colored calf. The cowboy in the foreground has a rope around the top of the calf's head while the second swings a lasso. Spectators sitting in the bleachers are visible in the background.
Date: 2003-12-27T10:32:13
Item Type: Photograph