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[Aerial Looking West]
Aerial view of Mountain View College under construction. Photograph was taken so that observer is looking from East to West. Some neighborhood homes are visible in the bottom of the photograph.
[Architectural Detail]
Photograph of an architectural detail on a building showing a carved face and scrolls.
[Board of Trustees with Scroggins]
Photograph of the Board of Trustees of the Dallas County Community College District in 1969. Seated from left: Mrs. Eugene McDermott, R.L. Thornton, Jr., Bill Priest. Standing from left: Durwood A. Sutton, Loncy L. Leake, Franklin Spafford, Carie Welch, Jim Scoggins. United States flag is on the left. Texas flag is on the right. Part of the Dallas County Community College symbol is visible behind the people. Dr. Priest is wearing a bow tie.
[First Floor]
Photograph of the lobby on the first floor of El Centro College. There are plants in the foreground and seating in the background. There are columns and lots of windows. The Sanger Harris department store was remodeled and is now part of El Centro College.
[Priest Accepting Scholarship Check]
Black and white photograph shows three gentlemen. Dr. Bill J. Priest is accepting a scholarship check. From left: Durward J. Tucker, Managing Director of WRR, and W.H. (Bill) Roberts, Executive Vice President of American Bank and Trust Company.
[Priest in His Office]
Black and white photograph of Dr. Bill J. Priest in his office. He is holding his glasses in his hands. There is a picture of a duck on the wall behind him. He has on a suit and necktie.