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[Admissions Trailer Office]
Mountain View College utilized trailers to serve students prior to the completion of the college. This photograph shows college employees and a student in the Admissions trailer.
[Apparel Construction Class]
Photograph of four students working at tables. Dressforms are around the room. One student appears to have her garment on a dress form and is inspecting her work. It's a sewing class.
[Archery Class]
Photograph of students in archery class. The students and instructor are sitting in a tent with bows in hand. Instructor is standing up. Tents were used as temporary classrooms until the final construction on Mountain View could be completed. There is a light bulb in the tent. A pole can be seen, as well as cars in the parking lot.
[Construction with Crane]
Black and white photograph of Mountain View College Site March 27, 1970. At terrace last of Unit-C-looking SE at Unit J - South bridge and corner of Unit A at student dining. Squire Haskins Photo/[2]014 1/2 Commerce St./Dallas, Texas/RI8-9055/Squire Haskins Neg. No. 9193-4. There are two cedar trees and a large crane visible in the photograph.
[Construction with Four Fellows]
Black and white photograph of Mountain View College construction site with four fellows in the photograph. From left: Ken Thomas, unknown, unknown, Dale [Dole?] Douglas [Douglass?] The two older gentlemen have on suits. The wind is blowing their hair.
[Dan Salter with Student and Plane]
Instructor Don Salter and female student look at the airplane which was inside Mountain View College for many years. Door is open and Don Salter has headphones on.
[District Office Building Downtown Dallas]
Black and white photograph of the office building at 701 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas taken from street. The building is marked Dallas County Community College District. This building was also known as the R.L. Thornton building.
[Douglass Tower Priest]
Black and white photograph shows from left: President Dale Douglass of Mountain View College, Senator John Tower, and Bill J. Priest. All men are wearing suits. This was probably taken before or after John Tower spoke at one of the college dedications.
[Early aerial with farmland at top of picture]
Black and white aerial photograph of Richland College construction site. Parking lots are laid out and you can see some of the buildings. There is farmland surrounding the site.
[Entrance Sign]
Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
[First Student]
Photographs shows the first students enrolled for Eastfield College and Mountain View College. The Eastfield student is a young lady and the Mountain View student is a young man. They are holding respective college flags in their hands.
[Fountain on West Side]
Black and white photograph of the fountain on the West side of the Mountain View campus. Water is spraying in the air, the college is visible in the near background and a large tree is to the left of the fountain.
[House Trailers for Classrooms]
Black and white photograph of house trailers which were used for classrooms taken from above. Students had classes in house trailers, waiting for completion of the Mountain View College facilities. Randy Hill Photo Service. Trailers were used for about two months according to Paul Benson, faculty at Mountain View. There are about five trailers in view. Students are mingling between trailers and the flag pole is in view.
[Jan LeCroy speaking crewcut]
Black and white photograph show Jan LeCroy standing and speaking at a podium. He has on a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. He has a crewcut. Place is unknown. The two other seated gentlemen are unidentified.
[Learning Resources Center]
Black and white photograph shows students at study carrels in the library. The staircase is also visible. The library is also known as the Learning Resource Center.
[Library From Above]
Black and white photograph of the Eastfield library. Books and shelves are visible. Students are sitting at table.
[President Byron McClenney looking at Construction]
Black and white photograph shows Byron McClenney and another gentleman looking at the construction of Easfield College. Two construction workers can be seen. The Big Town Shopping water tower can also be seen.
[President David Sims]
Black and white photograph of David Sims with glasses. David was president of Mountain View College. Dark suit coat and dark tie.
[Rolling in the Trailers]
Black and white photograph of four trailers and two tents to be used as classrooms and offices prior to completion of Mountain View College. Shows two workers positioning the trailers.
[Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents]
Black and white photography of two of the tents set up in parking lot which were used for classrooms at Mountain View College prior to completion of college. Mountain View College is in the background and part of a parked car is showing in the foreground. Caption on back: Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents. Additional information: Randy Hill Photo Service/4524 Kushla Ave./376-9450/Dallas, Texas 75216
[Trailers and Students]
Photograph of Moutain View College, the trailers which were used for classrooms and office prior to completion of the college, and students. Trailers are in the foreground. They are on the main plaza and the college is visible in the background.