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[Diesel Class]
Student working on diesel motor in classroom at North Lake College in Irving, Texas.
[Lady Know Your Car Class]
Seven ladies and their instructor looking under hood of car at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. Automotive class.
[Art Design Class]
Photograph of two students working a easels with pencils and drawing pad.
[Dan Salter with Student and Plane]
Instructor Don Salter and female student look at the airplane which was inside Mountain View College for many years. Door is open and Don Salter has headphones on.
[Parent Child Study]
Black and white photograph of Parent Child Study program. This is an informal shot with adults and children interacting. The woman on the floor without glasses and hand on floor is Lu McClellen. She was Dean of Technical Education. There is a baby crawling and two other small children. There are seveal students observing.
[Sculpture in Workshop]
Black and white photograph of the Sculpture in workshop. The sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini. It is a large round sphere with two halves.
[Dedication Dignitaries]
Color photograph of Richland College dedication ceremonies. Dignitaries seated in audience. Mrs. Margaret McDermott in foreground with white outfit holding program in hand. They appear to be in the performing arts auditorium.
[Dignitaries on Podium]
Black and white photograph of dedication ceremonies at Cedar Valley College. Dignitaries on podium. At microphone Floyd Elkins. Far right Bill J. Priest, Patti Powell. Plaque is covered with Cedar Valley cloth. Clock on wall shows about 12:30.
[Introduction of Dignitaries]
Black and white photograph shows dignitaries on stage for the dedication of North Lake College. There are fifteen people on stage. There is a brick fence behind them. The lower part of a flag pole is near the brick fence. Speaker is visible as well as some of the audience.
[John Tower at Dedication]
Black and white photograph of speaker and dignitaries at Eastfield dedication. From left: John Tower with polka dot neck tie, Bill J. Priest bow tie, Thornton clapping. It's hard to know if this picture was taken at Eastfield College or Mountain View College. They were dedicated the same day.
[Mayor of Farmers Branch John Dodd]
Black and white photograph of persons standing and seated at Brookhaven College function. The Mayor of Farmers Branch, Mr. Dodd is the man with suit and tie on the right, his wife Betty is next to him. He has three balloons behind his head. Assistant City Manager of Farmers Branch John Burke is seated at front table on the left with glasses. Mr. Dodd and his wife are walking toward camera.
[Thornton Speaking]
Interior photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at Eastfield College dedication. He is standing at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front of it. Front row from left: Mrs. Margaret McDermott, Bill J. Priest. Byron McClenney is wearing a light suit. Eric Jonsson is scratching head. There are various potted plants in the photograph.
[Priest and Thornton]
Black and white photograph of Bill J. Priest and R. L. Thornton, Jr. From left Bill Priest, R. L. Thornton, Jr. They appear to be at the dedication of North Lake College. Priest has on a light colored suit and his signature bow tie.
[Gazebo in Distance with Lake]
Black and white photograph shows part of one of the buildings at Cedar Valley College, the lake, and the gazebo. There are trees along the lake. The building appears to have a second level porch with railings.
[Brookhaven from distance with topless windmill]
Photograph of Brookhaven College taken from a distance. Entire college is visible. The windmill base if prominent in the center of the campus. The top is not on the windmill. It appears the campus is nearly completed.
[Trailers and Students]
Photograph of Moutain View College, the trailers which were used for classrooms and office prior to completion of the college, and students. Trailers are in the foreground. They are on the main plaza and the college is visible in the background.
[Aerial From West]
Aerial photograph of Richland College. You can see the water which runs through the middle of the campus. The planetarium is visible as well.
[Construction with white pickup]
Color slide of Brookhaven College construction site. Unidentified building with scaffolding. A white pickup truck is visible to the right. No landscaping. The building has a angular roofline.
[Aerial View Spring-Winter Snow]
Aerial view of North Lake College in the snow. Many of the parking lots are visible at the top of the photo and the lake is visible in the bottom right hand side.
[District Office Building Downtown Dallas]
Black and white photograph of the office building at 701 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas taken from street. The building is marked Dallas County Community College District. This building was also known as the R.L. Thornton building.
[Entrance Sign]
Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
[Nighttime view from East]
Black and white photograph of Eastfield College taken from the east side of campus. Sidewalk lights are visible.
[Outdoor Tables Near Lake]
Black and white photograph of view of lake at Cedar Valley College. North side of campus. There are four cypress trees visible and a student sits at the table to the right.
[Sanger Harris Building From Northeast]
Black and white photograph of the Sanger Harris building in downtown Dallas. The photograph was taken from the Northeast. The Sanger Harris building was remodeled and began El Centro College.
[Construction with Crane]
Black and white photograph of Mountain View College Site March 27, 1970. At terrace last of Unit-C-looking SE at Unit J - South bridge and corner of Unit A at student dining. Squire Haskins Photo/[2]014 1/2 Commerce St./Dallas, Texas/RI8-9055/Squire Haskins Neg. No. 9193-4. There are two cedar trees and a large crane visible in the photograph.
[Courtyard facing Library]
Striking black and white photograph of the courtyard at Eastfield College. Library is at the top of the stairs
[Gazebo and Lake From North Side]
Black and white photograph of the gazebo and the lake at Cedar Valley College. Cedar trees are visible in the background and a tree is on the left side of the photographic composition. The gazebo is a wooden structure with three decks showing.
[Aerial Looking West]
Aerial view of Mountain View College under construction. Photograph was taken so that observer is looking from East to West. Some neighborhood homes are visible in the bottom of the photograph.
[Campus from the West]
Photograph of the entire campus of Eastfield College. It show lots of sky and lots of the property. The photograph was taken from the West and is dated October, 1971.
[Construction with Steps]
Black and white photograph of construction of North Lake College about 1976. This photograph show large outdoor set of steps. North Lake College has multi levels and is located in Irving on the edge of Las Colinas. Overall look, construction almost done.
Black and white photograph of El Centro College expansion site. Two trailers are in view. The photo was taken from above street level.
[Aerial View]
Aerial view of Eastfield College looking North. The buildings are bright white with dark roofs. Many parking lots are visible.
[Architectural Detail]
Photograph of an architectural detail on a building showing a carved face and scrolls.
[Construction North Side]
Black and white photograph shows construction on the North side of Cedar Valley College about 1976 or 1977. Rocks of the lake shoreline are visible in the bottom of the picture and the building are at the top of the photo. Buildings have flat roofs.
[Early aerial with farmland at top of picture]
Black and white aerial photograph of Richland College construction site. Parking lots are laid out and you can see some of the buildings. There is farmland surrounding the site.
[Fountain on West Side]
Black and white photograph of the fountain on the West side of the Mountain View campus. Water is spraying in the air, the college is visible in the near background and a large tree is to the left of the fountain.
[Aerial Construction and Lake]
Aerial photograph of Cedar Valley College during construction. The lake is visible and some of surrounding fields.
[Model of Expansion]
Black and white photograph of a model of planned expansion of El Centro College. It is sitting on a table. Little trees are on the model around the campus. Lamar Street is marked.
[Walnut Hill Entrance Complete]
Photograph of the masonry structure entrance for North Lake College. It is a tall structure with the North Lake logo on the top. The bricks from which it is built are the same as the original campus buildings.
[Construction with Four Fellows]
Black and white photograph of Mountain View College construction site with four fellows in the photograph. From left: Ken Thomas, unknown, unknown, Dale [Dole?] Douglas [Douglass?] The two older gentlemen have on suits. The wind is blowing their hair.
[Facing North with windmill]
Color photograph of Brookhaven College. The windmill does not have the top on yet. The photo was taken from the South of the campus.
[Main Entrance to Courtyard]
Dramatic black and white photograph of the South side of Cedar Valley campus, main entrance to courtyard. Photograph taken while standing in the main entrance breezeway.
[House Trailers for Classrooms]
Black and white photograph of house trailers which were used for classrooms taken from above. Students had classes in house trailers, waiting for completion of the Mountain View College facilities. Randy Hill Photo Service. Trailers were used for about two months according to Paul Benson, faculty at Mountain View. There are about five trailers in view. Students are mingling between trailers and the flag pole is in view.
[Patio Overlooking Lake]
Black and white photograph of a broad patio at North Lake College. It is overlooking the lake on the campus. There are trees past the water. There is a brick wall with a rail at the edge of the patio.
Black and white photograph of the planatarium on the campus of Richland College. Originally had a copper top. [Replaced twice?] There is a small treee in front of the planatarium and a campus building to the right.
[Windmill without blades]
Photograph of the windmill at Brookhaven College. There is no top on the windmill. The photograph has buildings on either side and the Brookhaven flag is visible to the right.
[Between buildings facing North with windmill]
Photograph of the top of windmill structure. There are three students in the photograph. There is a wide sidewalk and buildings block the base of the windmill structure.
[C and D Buildings]
Photograph of two buildings on Cedar Valley College campus. Foreground is C building and background is D building. The lake is visible on the left side of the photograph. Steps and sidewalk are visible.
[Outdoor Class by Lake]
Black and white photograph of outdoor class or meeting held by lake at Richland College. The photograph shows students sitting and there are two women crossing over with their backs to the camera. Photograph taken outside of P Hall.
[Rolling in the Trailers]
Black and white photograph of four trailers and two tents to be used as classrooms and offices prior to completion of Mountain View College. Shows two workers positioning the trailers.