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[House Trailers for Classrooms]

Description: Black and white photograph of house trailers which were used for classrooms taken from above. Students had classes in house trailers, waiting for completion of the Mountain View College facilities. Randy Hill Photo Service. Trailers were used for about two months according to Paul Benson, faculty at Mountain View. There are about five trailers in view. Students are mingling between trailers and the flag pole is in view.
Date: 1970


Description: Black and white photograph of the planatarium on the campus of Richland College. Originally had a copper top. [Replaced twice?] There is a small treee in front of the planatarium and a campus building to the right.
Date: 1971

[Outdoor Class by Lake]

Description: Black and white photograph of outdoor class or meeting held by lake at Richland College. The photograph shows students sitting and there are two women crossing over with their backs to the camera. Photograph taken outside of P Hall.
Date: 1972

[Loncy Leake on Eastfield tennis court]

Description: Black and white photograph of Trustee Loncy L. Leake talking to person on the Eastfield College tennis court. Mr. Leake has on dark pants, light suit coat and tie. His hands are in his pocket. The person on the tennis court is dressed in tennis attire and holding a tennis racket in his hands. Behind them there is a woman dressed in tennis attire bending over. The flagpoles are visible in the background.
Date: 1974

[Site Visit Mrs. McDermott and Gentlemen]

Description: Black and white photograph of Mrs. McDermott on a site visit of Richland College. One man has his back turned to the camera. One man has on a hard hat. The other man has on a suit and tie. There is another man in the far back of the photograph. Partial view of breezeway is visible. On the platform, there is a rail at the edge.
Date: 1971

[Food Lab]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Food Services Lab at El Centro College. Tables, stoves and stools are included in to photograph. Two people dressed in white appear to be working near a grill.
Date: 1968

[Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents]

Description: Black and white photography of two of the tents set up in parking lot which were used for classrooms at Mountain View College prior to completion of college. Mountain View College is in the background and part of a parked car is showing in the foreground. Caption on back: Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents. Additional information: Randy Hill Photo Service/4524 Kushla Ave./376-9450/Dallas, Texas 75216
Date: 1970


Description: Photograph of people seated in folding chairs on cleared ground. They are attending the groundbreaking ceremony for Cedar Valley College. There are some people standing in back. One man has a movie camera in his hands. Some of the women are wearing headscarves. Some leafless trees in background and apparently one cedar tree.
Date: 1973

[Chopping Apples]

Description: Black and white photographs shows person chopping apples. There is a large bowl of chopped apples in the foreground. The person wears a chef's hat. Pots and pans hang above the work area. Cooking class.
Date: 1973

[Buses in Background]

Description: Photograph of people gathered for the groundbreaking of Cedar Valley College. There is a large striped tent in the background. Even farther back there are two school buses. Most people in the photo are looking to their left.
Date: 1973

[Sousaphone Player]

Description: Black and white photograph of band member playing sousaphone at the Cedar Valley College groundbreaking. There are other members of the band also in the photograph. The sousaphone is white. Probably Lancaster High School Tiger Band member. Band members have on uniforms.
Date: 1973