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[Long Line Between Buildings]
Black and white photograph of newly completed Eastfield College shows a long line of students waiting to register. No landscaping is complete yet.
Black and white photograph of the planatarium on the campus of Richland College. Originally had a copper top. [Replaced twice?] There is a small treee in front of the planatarium and a campus building to the right.
[President Eleanor Ott]
Black and white photograph of Eleanor Ott, president of Eastfield College. White long sleeved blouse with vest and bead necklace. Brick background.
[Site Visit Mrs. McDermott and Gentlemen]
Black and white photograph of Mrs. McDermott on a site visit of Richland College. One man has his back turned to the camera. One man has on a hard hat. The other man has on a suit and tie. There is another man in the far back of the photograph. Partial view of breezeway is visible. On the platform, there is a rail at the edge.
[Site Visit Mrs. McDermott and R.L. Thornton]
Black and white site visit photograph of Mrs. McDermott and R. L. Thornton, Jr. Mrs. McDermott has on a light colored sleeveless dress and carrying dark handbag. Mr. Thornton has on a dark suit. A large concrete foundation in in the background.
[Site Visit Priest pointing]
Black and white photograph of six men at a Richland College site visit. Dr. Priest is pointing. There is a crane in the background. Dr. LeCroy's face is visible. He has a dark, short haircut.
[Skylights and Plants in Corridor]
Black and white photograph shows people walking in a hallway at Mountain View College under an impressive skylight. Mountain View College was loosely based on the same architectural design of North Park Mall in Dallas, Texas. Two potted trees are in the hallway.
[Spring Registration]
Black and white photograph shows line of students standing outside waiting to register. Probably waiting to get into the gym. Two women have their backs to the camera.
[Student Lounge]
Black and white photograph shows the spacious lounge area at Mountain View College. It serves as the "living room" of the campus. The Dallas County Community College District feels much "accidental" learning occurs in such areas designed to intermingle students of various backgrounds.
[Thornton Speaking]
Interior photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at Eastfield College dedication. He is standing at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front of it. Front row from left: Mrs. Margaret McDermott, Bill J. Priest. Byron McClenney is wearing a light suit. Eric Jonsson is scratching head. There are various potted plants in the photograph.
[Campus from the West]
Photograph of the entire campus of Eastfield College. It show lots of sky and lots of the property. The photograph was taken from the West and is dated October, 1971.
[1st RL President Deon Holt]
Black and white photograph of Deon Holt. Dr. Holt is wearing a dark suit jacket, light shirt and patterned tie. Deon Holt was the first president of Richland College.
[Aerial From West]
Aerial photograph of Richland College. You can see the water which runs through the middle of the campus. The planetarium is visible as well.
[Cafeteria El Paso Hall with swirled carpet]
Photograph which includes a partial view of the Richland cafeteria. Sofas, a student and very colorful carpet in El Paso Hall of Richland College are the main part of the picture.
[Courtyard facing Library]
Striking black and white photograph of the courtyard at Eastfield College. Library is at the top of the stairs
[Dedication Dignitaries]
Color photograph of Richland College dedication ceremonies. Dignitaries seated in audience. Mrs. Margaret McDermott in foreground with white outfit holding program in hand. They appear to be in the performing arts auditorium.
[Financial Aid Secretary]
Photograph of college employee and student in the Financial Aid and Placement office. The employee is seated showing a piece of paper to the student who is standing. They are both female.
[Informal Class in Brazos Gallery]
Black and white photograph of class being held in the Brazos Gallery of Richland College. The chairs are very unique. There is a panel of speakers in regular chairs. The students are sitting in the chairs which were part of the Gallery.
[John D. Williams in Planetarium]
Black and white photograph shows John Williams looking at apparatus in the Richland planetarium.
[Lady Know Your Car Class]
Seven ladies and their instructor looking under hood of car at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. Automotive class.
Photograph of first and second floor of the Richland College Library. Office doors are visible as well as books on the shelves.
[Melvin Washington]
Mountain View College student artist Melvin Washington with four of his pictures.
[Nighttime view from East]
Black and white photograph of Eastfield College taken from the east side of campus. Sidewalk lights are visible.
[Outdoor Class by Lake]
Black and white photograph of outdoor class or meeting held by lake at Richland College. The photograph shows students sitting and there are two women crossing over with their backs to the camera. Photograph taken outside of P Hall.
[Richard Bean Assistant Art Department]
Black and white photograph of Richard Bean. Richard was an assistant in the Art Department of Eastfield College. He is wearing a short sleeved shirt, a hat and has his arm resting on his chair. There is a painting beside him.
[Sculpture in Workshop]
Black and white photograph of the Sculpture in workshop. The sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini. It is a large round sphere with two halves.
[Social Sciences Division]
Black and white photograph of two faculty members and one student at Eastfield College registration. Man with glasses is history professor, Tim Hughes, the man without glasses is psychology Professor, Adolf [Streng]. Unidentified student. The professors are seated. The student is standing.
[Striped Chairs and Green Chairs]
Color photograph shows one person seated and one person standing in an area of Richland College. There are green bubble chairs in the room and there is striped furniture in the room.
[Unveiling Sculpture Byron McClenney at Podium]
Photograph showing Byron McClenney at podium. His back is to the camera. There is an American flag beside podium. The man in front row with beard is Raffaele Martini. The first man from right is James Hall. Sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini.
[Unveiling Sculpture Jan LeCroy Speaking]
Photograph of Jan LeCroy speaking at the unveiling of the sculpture: Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini at Eastfield College. Jan LeCroy is at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front. Two people in foreground are holding umbrellas over their heads.
[Unveiling Sculpture View with Flowers]
Black and white photograph of the unveiling of the sculpture Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini at Eastfield College. There is a woman in a pantsuit to the left of the sculpture and a man appears to be removing the cover. The sculpture area is surrounded by what appears to be potted chrysanthemums.
Photograph of people seated in folding chairs on cleared ground. They are attending the groundbreaking ceremony for Cedar Valley College. There are some people standing in back. One man has a movie camera in his hands. Some of the women are wearing headscarves. Some leafless trees in background and apparently one cedar tree.
[Band Concert]
Photograph of a group of people with instruments performing on a stage. The band director is dressed in dark clothes; the band members are arranged in rows, seated in the front and standing in the back.
[Buses in Background]
Photograph of people gathered for the groundbreaking of Cedar Valley College. There is a large striped tent in the background. Even farther back there are two school buses. Most people in the photo are looking to their left.
[Chopping Apples]
Black and white photographs shows person chopping apples. There is a large bowl of chopped apples in the foreground. The person wears a chef's hat. Pots and pans hang above the work area. Cooking class.
[Horticulture Student]
Black and white photograph shows student in the greenhouse at Richland College. She is attending to a hanging plant. Potted plants are in the background. She is wearing a dress with a solid colored shirt and patterned top.
[Jim Bennett]
Black and white photographs shows Jim Bennett and student in room C296 at Eastfield. The class was a Developmental Math class. The machine was an early example of technology in the classroom. It's function was to give students practice in basic multiplication facts. Since this was before hand held calculators were sold it was an interesting alternative drill and practice tool.
[Parent Child Study]
Black and white photograph of Parent Child Study program. This is an informal shot with adults and children interacting. The woman on the floor without glasses and hand on floor is Lu McClellen. She was Dean of Technical Education. There is a baby crawling and two other small children. There are seveal students observing.
[Piano Class]
Black and white photographs shows two women playing piano. A mirror is on the wall of the classroom. There is a coffee cup on top of one of the pianos.
[Preparing Bread Cubes]
Black and white photograph of man preparing bread cubes in food preparation classroom at El Centro College. He has on a white short sleeved shirt. There is another person working in the background.
[Priest Thornton Powell]
Black and white photograph of dignitaries on platform for the groundbreaking ceremonies at Cedar Valley College. The is an empty folding chair on the front row. Pattie Powell is next to it wearing a pant suit, Bill J. Priest is to her left and R. L. Thornton, Jr. is speaking. It was a very windy day.
[Sousaphone Player]
Black and white photograph of band member playing sousaphone at the Cedar Valley College groundbreaking. There are other members of the band also in the photograph. The sousaphone is white. Probably Lancaster High School Tiger Band member. Band members have on uniforms.
[Thornton Speaking]
Photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at the groundbreaking for Cedar Valley College. In front of him is a model of the college. Dignitaries are on stage behind him and a large striped tent is in background.
[2nd RL President Ed Biggerstaff]
Black and white photograph of Ed Biggerstaff. Ed was the second president of Richland College. Light-colored suit coat and striped tie. Ed has moustache.
[Becky Lindsay and McClenney discussing Handicapped Issues]
Photograph of a woman (identified as Becky Lindsay) speaking with Byron McClenny (the President of Eastfield College). The two are seated at a table in an office. A bookshelf and windows are visible in the background. Becky Topletz Lindsay was President of Not Psyched Out Club. Responsible for getting handicapped services at EF. Becky visits with Eastfield President Byron McClenney.
[Loncy Leake on Eastfield tennis court]
Black and white photograph of Trustee Loncy L. Leake talking to person on the Eastfield College tennis court. Mr. Leake has on dark pants, light suit coat and tie. His hands are in his pocket. The person on the tennis court is dressed in tennis attire and holding a tennis racket in his hands. Behind them there is a woman dressed in tennis attire bending over. The flagpoles are visible in the background.
[Walnut Hill Entrance Complete]
Photograph of the masonry structure entrance for North Lake College. It is a tall structure with the North Lake logo on the top. The bricks from which it is built are the same as the original campus buildings.
[1st NL President Don Newport]
Don Newport wearing dark rimmed glasses, light suit coat and dark tie. Don Newport was the first president of North Lake College in Irving, Texas.
[Aerial Construction and Lake]
Aerial photograph of Cedar Valley College during construction. The lake is visible and some of surrounding fields.
[Concert Dance For Children]
Six performers on stage. One is holding a sign which says, "Yay". There is another sign on stage which says "Home Sweet Home".