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Black and white photograph of the planatarium on the campus of Richland College. Originally had a copper top. [Replaced twice?] There is a small treee in front of the planatarium and a campus building to the right.
[Main Entrance to Courtyard]
Dramatic black and white photograph of the South side of Cedar Valley campus, main entrance to courtyard. Photograph taken while standing in the main entrance breezeway.
[Animal Surgery]
Photograph of two people performing surgery on an animal. Cedar Valley College offers veterinary classes.
[Priest Accepting Scholarship Check]
Black and white photograph shows three gentlemen. Dr. Bill J. Priest is accepting a scholarship check. From left: Durward J. Tucker, Managing Director of WRR, and W.H. (Bill) Roberts, Executive Vice President of American Bank and Trust Company.
[Handicapped Awareness Day]
Black and white photography of three students in wheelchairs and four people standing. Two of the people are shaking hands and one person is clapping. Handicapped Awareness Day at Cedar Valley College.
[Rene Castilla Striped shirt]
Black and white photograph of Rene Castilla. He is wearing a striped short shirt.
[President Byron McClenney looking at Construction]
Black and white photograph shows Byron McClenney and another gentleman looking at the construction of Easfield College. Two construction workers can be seen. The Big Town Shopping water tower can also be seen.
[Overhead View of Cafeteria]
Black and white photograph from overhead of the cafeteria at Cedar Valley College. One student sits at one of the tables.
[Deon Holt and First Brookhaven Student]
Black and white photograph of Deon Holt on the left and the first enrollee of Brookhaven College. It looks like it's at the dedication of the college. They are uncovering a plaque.
[Informal Class in Brazos Gallery]
Black and white photograph of class being held in the Brazos Gallery of Richland College. The chairs are very unique. There is a panel of speakers in regular chairs. The students are sitting in the chairs which were part of the Gallery.
[Registration area]
Black and white photographs shows at least nine students sitting in chairs in the registration area of North Lake College.
[Social Sciences Division]
Black and white photograph of two faculty members and one student at Eastfield College registration. Man with glasses is history professor, Tim Hughes, the man without glasses is psychology Professor, Adolf [Streng]. Unidentified student. The professors are seated. The student is standing.
[Mascots and ducks North Lake Bears]
Black and white photograph of the three North Lake College Bears mascots. They are feeding some of the ducks from the lake.
[Neil Johnston First basketball coach]
Black and white photograph shows Neil Johnston playing basketball. He has the ball. Inside a gymnasium and other players are on the court.
[Admissions Trailer Office]
Mountain View College utilized trailers to serve students prior to the completion of the college. This photograph shows college employees and a student in the Admissions trailer.
[Jim Bennett]
Black and white photographs shows Jim Bennett and student in room C296 at Eastfield. The class was a Developmental Math class. The machine was an early example of technology in the classroom. It's function was to give students practice in basic multiplication facts. Since this was before hand held calculators were sold it was an interesting alternative drill and practice tool.
[Library Shelves and Students]
Black and white photograph of two students in the library. One male and one female. The male is seated and reading a book. The female is standing at a bookshelf.
[Archery Class]
Photograph of students in archery class. The students and instructor are sitting in a tent with bows in hand. Instructor is standing up. Tents were used as temporary classrooms until the final construction on Mountain View could be completed. There is a light bulb in the tent. A pole can be seen, as well as cars in the parking lot.
[Douglass Tower Priest]
Black and white photograph shows from left: President Dale Douglass of Mountain View College, Senator John Tower, and Bill J. Priest. All men are wearing suits. This was probably taken before or after John Tower spoke at one of the college dedications.
[Long Line Between Buildings]
Black and white photograph of newly completed Eastfield College shows a long line of students waiting to register. No landscaping is complete yet.
[Mike Howard]
Black and white photograph of Mike Howard. Mr. Howard was the Vice President of Business Services at North Lake College between 1977-1985.
[Floyd Elkins in Hardhat]
Black and white photograph of President Floyd Elkins of Cedar Valley College looking at construction of campus. He is wearing a hardhat and a dark suit. Shows some of "D" building and the surrounding landscape.
[Registration Office]
Black and white photograph of employee and student in the El Centro College Registrar and Admissions area. The employee is behind a counter and has on a white short sleeved blouse and scarf.
[Financial Aid Secretary]
Photograph of college employee and student in the Financial Aid and Placement office. The employee is seated showing a piece of paper to the student who is standing. They are both female.
[Library From Above]
Black and white photograph of the Eastfield library. Books and shelves are visible. Students are sitting at table.
[Patricia Corbett Chili cookoff]
Black and white photograph of Patricia Corbett holding an award for her chili. She is wearing an apron and a white long sleeved top. Two cooking pots are visible.
[Student in Library]
Black and white photograph shows library range with student looking at books. There is a step stool behind the student. She has both hands on a row of books.
[Ruby Herd President]
Black and white photograph of Ruby Herd. She was president of El Centro College from 1976 through 1981. She is wearing a light colored jacket and striped scarf. She has on dark framed eyeglasses.
[Skylights and Plants in Corridor]
Black and white photograph shows people walking in a hallway at Mountain View College under an impressive skylight. Mountain View College was loosely based on the same architectural design of North Park Mall in Dallas, Texas. Two potted trees are in the hallway.
Black and white photograph shows North Lake Library without any books on the shelves. Must have been before the opening day collection was shelved. One person is standing by a brick column. Partial view of a sofa.
[Learning Resources Center]
Black and white photograph shows students at study carrels in the library. The staircase is also visible. The library is also known as the Learning Resource Center.
[Becky Lindsay and McClenney discussing Handicapped Issues]
Photograph of a woman (identified as Becky Lindsay) speaking with Byron McClenny (the President of Eastfield College). The two are seated at a table in an office. A bookshelf and windows are visible in the background. Becky Topletz Lindsay was President of Not Psyched Out Club. Responsible for getting handicapped services at EF. Becky visits with Eastfield President Byron McClenney.
[Jan LeCroy birthday cake]
Black and white photograph of Dr. Jan LeCroy, Chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District blowing out candles on his birthday cake. Pattie Powell is seated. Jerry Gilmore is standing. The lady holding the cake is unidentified as is the gentleman in the background.
[Dr. Jan LeCroy 2nd Chancellor of DCCCD]
Dr. Jan LeCroy was the second chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District. In this photograph Dr. LeCroy is wearing a plaid suit jacket, white shirt and dotted tie.
[Lester Calvert Doing 3 Things at 1 Time]
Black and white photograph which has Lester Calvert trimming a bush, trimming the grass and pushing a lawnmover all in the same photo. The photograph has had two images of him working glued to an original base of him doing one job. He was on of the the maintenance men or groundskeepers for Eastfield College. The college is in the background. Lester is wearing a uniform and a cap.
[Do Not Lean on This Post]
Black and white photograph of a post which has a message painted on it. The message says "Do Not Lean On This Post Or Bldg Will Collapse." Remodeling of El Centro College from the old Sanger Harris building to a college was quite an ordeal.
[Unveiling Sculpture Byron McClenney at Podium]
Photograph showing Byron McClenney at podium. His back is to the camera. There is an American flag beside podium. The man in front row with beard is Raffaele Martini. The first man from right is James Hall. Sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini.
[Ruth Sims in classroom]
Black and white photograph of Ruth Sims, biology faculty at North Lake College. She is seated at a laboratory table. She is wearing a dark jacket and top. She has on a necklace. Lab apparatus is visible in the background.
[Admissions Office]
Photograph of several college employees and students busy signing up for classes at Cedar Valley College.
[Richard Bean Assistant Art Department]
Black and white photograph of Richard Bean. Richard was an assistant in the Art Department of Eastfield College. He is wearing a short sleeved shirt, a hat and has his arm resting on his chair. There is a painting beside him.
[1st RL President Deon Holt]
Black and white photograph of Deon Holt. Dr. Holt is wearing a dark suit jacket, light shirt and patterned tie. Deon Holt was the first president of Richland College.
[Piano Class]
Black and white photographs shows two women playing piano. A mirror is on the wall of the classroom. There is a coffee cup on top of one of the pianos.
[First Student]
Photographs shows the first students enrolled for Eastfield College and Mountain View College. The Eastfield student is a young lady and the Mountain View student is a young man. They are holding respective college flags in their hands.
[Priest in His Office]
Black and white photograph of Dr. Bill J. Priest in his office. He is holding his glasses in his hands. There is a picture of a duck on the wall behind him. He has on a suit and necktie.
[Melvin Washington]
Mountain View College student artist Melvin Washington with four of his pictures.
[Striped Chairs and Green Chairs]
Color photograph shows one person seated and one person standing in an area of Richland College. There are green bubble chairs in the room and there is striped furniture in the room.
[Diving Competition]
Black and white photograph of a woman doing a dive into the swimming pool at Mountain View College. There is a crowd of people watching. The bathing suit has a light colored stripe down the side of the suit. The diving board is visible.
[Fall Semester]
Black and white photograph shows five students walking in hallway. There are three women and two men in photograph. One male student has on a dark top. One female student has on a white blouse.
Photograph of first and second floor of the Richland College Library. Office doors are visible as well as books on the shelves.
[Don Newport speaking boots in photo]
Black and white photograph of Don Newport speaking at podium. He is wearing a light colored suit jacket and black tie. There is a pair of cowboy boots on the table in front of the podium.