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[First Floor]
Photograph of the lobby on the first floor of El Centro College. There are plants in the foreground and seating in the background. There are columns and lots of windows. The Sanger Harris department store was remodeled and is now part of El Centro College.
[Spring Registration]
Black and white photograph shows line of students standing outside waiting to register. Probably waiting to get into the gym. Two women have their backs to the camera.
[Bill J. Priest with Baseball Award]
Photograph of Bill J. Priest standing with baseball award in dark suit coat and bow tie. There is a miniature baseball as part of the plaque. This photograph is discussed by Dr. Priest on the Sept. 5, 2002 audio tape made during a photo identification session. Transcript is available at the District Service Center Archives.
[Jan LeCroy speaking crewcut]
Black and white photograph show Jan LeCroy standing and speaking at a podium. He has on a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. He has a crewcut. Place is unknown. The two other seated gentlemen are unidentified.
[Student Lounge]
Black and white photograph shows the spacious lounge area at Mountain View College. It serves as the "living room" of the campus. The Dallas County Community College District feels much "accidental" learning occurs in such areas designed to intermingle students of various backgrounds.
[Enrique Chamberlain]
Black and white photograph shows Enrique Chamberlain in dark suit and tie. He has black hair and dimples.
[Irving Symphony Concert]
Black and white photograph of the Irving Symphony performing at North Lake College. The director appears to be applauding a soloist.
[Jim Horton in dunking cage]
Photograph of the President of North Lake College in a dunking booth. He is wearing shorts, a tee shirt and cap. He's laughing.
[Kim Green]
Black and white photograph of Kim Green. She is wearing a long sleeved blouse and vest.
[David England in regalia]
Color photograph of North Lake President David England in regalia. He is speaking at a graduation ceremony. A Texas flag hangs in the background. An unidentified person is seated behind Dr. England.
[Concert Dance For Children]
Six performers on stage. One is holding a sign which says, "Yay". There is another sign on stage which says "Home Sweet Home".
[Dr Don Newport President sitting on floor]
Dr. Don Newport sitting on floor leaning against desk. He is on the telephone. Moving boxes are on the floor. One box says Sunkist Oranges. The other box says California Peppers. Dr. Newport is wearing ankle boots and a white short sleeved shirt.
[El Centro Opening Chairs in Student Lounge]
Photograph of two students sitting in unusual chairs which were part of the main lobby at El Centro College. They are like round ball chairs. Interior photograph of lobby.
[John D. Williams in Planetarium]
Black and white photograph shows John Williams looking at apparatus in the Richland planetarium.
[Lady Know Your Car Class]
Seven ladies and their instructor looking under hood of car at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. Automotive class.