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[Horticulture Student]
Black and white photograph shows student in the greenhouse at Richland College. She is attending to a hanging plant. Potted plants are in the background. She is wearing a dress with a solid colored shirt and patterned top.
[Mayor of Farmers Branch John Dodd]
Black and white photograph of persons standing and seated at Brookhaven College function. The Mayor of Farmers Branch, Mr. Dodd is the man with suit and tie on the right, his wife Betty is next to him. He has three balloons behind his head. Assistant City Manager of Farmers Branch John Burke is seated at front table on the left with glasses. Mr. Dodd and his wife are walking toward camera.
[Loncy Leake on Eastfield tennis court]
Black and white photograph of Trustee Loncy L. Leake talking to person on the Eastfield College tennis court. Mr. Leake has on dark pants, light suit coat and tie. His hands are in his pocket. The person on the tennis court is dressed in tennis attire and holding a tennis racket in his hands. Behind them there is a woman dressed in tennis attire bending over. The flagpoles are visible in the background.
[Construction with white pickup]
Color slide of Brookhaven College construction site. Unidentified building with scaffolding. A white pickup truck is visible to the right. No landscaping. The building has a angular roofline.
[Nighttime view from East]
Black and white photograph of Eastfield College taken from the east side of campus. Sidewalk lights are visible.
[Parent Child Study]
Black and white photograph of Parent Child Study program. This is an informal shot with adults and children interacting. The woman on the floor without glasses and hand on floor is Lu McClellen. She was Dean of Technical Education. There is a baby crawling and two other small children. There are seveal students observing.
[Fountain on West Side]
Black and white photograph of the fountain on the West side of the Mountain View campus. Water is spraying in the air, the college is visible in the near background and a large tree is to the left of the fountain.
[Architectural Detail]
Photograph of an architectural detail on a building showing a carved face and scrolls.
[Sculpture in Workshop]
Black and white photograph of the Sculpture in workshop. The sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini. It is a large round sphere with two halves.
[Between buildings facing North with windmill]
Photograph of the top of windmill structure. There are three students in the photograph. There is a wide sidewalk and buildings block the base of the windmill structure.
[Food Lab]
Black and white photograph of the Food Services Lab at El Centro College. Tables, stoves and stools are included in to photograph. Two people dressed in white appear to be working near a grill.
[Entrance Sign]
Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
[Site Visit Mrs. McDermott and R.L. Thornton]
Black and white site visit photograph of Mrs. McDermott and R. L. Thornton, Jr. Mrs. McDermott has on a light colored sleeveless dress and carrying dark handbag. Mr. Thornton has on a dark suit. A large concrete foundation in in the background.
[Thornton Speaking]
Interior photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at Eastfield College dedication. He is standing at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front of it. Front row from left: Mrs. Margaret McDermott, Bill J. Priest. Byron McClenney is wearing a light suit. Eric Jonsson is scratching head. There are various potted plants in the photograph.
[Aerial View Spring-Winter Snow]
Aerial view of North Lake College in the snow. Many of the parking lots are visible at the top of the photo and the lake is visible in the bottom right hand side.
[Dan Salter with Student and Plane]
Instructor Don Salter and female student look at the airplane which was inside Mountain View College for many years. Door is open and Don Salter has headphones on.
[Thornton Speaking]
Photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at the groundbreaking for Cedar Valley College. In front of him is a model of the college. Dignitaries are on stage behind him and a large striped tent is in background.
[Gazebo and Lake From North Side]
Black and white photograph of the gazebo and the lake at Cedar Valley College. Cedar trees are visible in the background and a tree is on the left side of the photographic composition. The gazebo is a wooden structure with three decks showing.
[Aerial Looking West]
Aerial view of Mountain View College under construction. Photograph was taken so that observer is looking from East to West. Some neighborhood homes are visible in the bottom of the photograph.
[Business Division]
Photograph of the North Lake College Business Division employees taken about 1988. There is a clock on the wall showing about 3:05. Five people are sitting. Four on regular height chairs and one man in the center on a higher stool.
[Deon Holt]
Black and white portrait of Deon Holt. He is wearing a plaid jacket, white shirt, and solid colored tie. He has on glasses. Deon Holt was the first Brookhaven College president. His hands are crossed to the side.
[Priest Thornton Powell]
Black and white photograph of dignitaries on platform for the groundbreaking ceremonies at Cedar Valley College. The is an empty folding chair on the front row. Pattie Powell is next to it wearing a pant suit, Bill J. Priest is to her left and R. L. Thornton, Jr. is speaking. It was a very windy day.
[1st NL President Don Newport]
Don Newport wearing dark rimmed glasses, light suit coat and dark tie. Don Newport was the first president of North Lake College in Irving, Texas.
[Ribbon Cutting South Irving Center]
Color photograph of the ribbon cutting for the South Irving Center. From left: David England, Mike Gutierrez, Mayor Morris Parrish. It is a bright red ribbon. The men are inside standing near an open office door.
[David England at DFW Education Center]
Color photograph of David England at DFW Education Center 2000. David England was President of North Lake College from 1996-2001. He is standing at a podium with a microphone and there is a sign in the background with North Lake symbol. Some of the words on the sign are DFW Education, and construction.
[Pattie Powell and Others in Washington D.C.]
Black and white photograph of Dallas County Community College District supports, board members, etc. in Washington, D.C. From left: Dian Rominger, Bart Rominger, Pattie Powell, Jim Collins, Ruth Bucholtz, Don Buchholtz, Lillie Belle Hall, and J.D. Hall. This photograph is published in the Dec/Jan 1978/79 Intercom.
[AC Refrigeration Lab]
Photograph of part of the air conditioning lab at Cedar Valley College. An electric cooking stove is in the foreground.
[Cafeteria El Paso Hall with swirled carpet]
Photograph which includes a partial view of the Richland cafeteria. Sofas, a student and very colorful carpet in El Paso Hall of Richland College are the main part of the picture.
[Angie Runnels]
Photograph of Angie Runnels speaking at Mobil Green Team/Future Builders event. An unidentified woman is to the left and a green sign begins 1996 Mobil Green Team/Future Builders, etc. Angie is wearing a navy blue dress. She appears to be on the porch of a house.
[President Eleanor Ott]
Black and white photograph of Eleanor Ott, president of Eastfield College. White long sleeved blouse with vest and bead necklace. Brick background.
[Original Board of Trustees with Priest]
Black and white photograph of the original Board of Trustees with Chancellor Bill J. Priest in May 1968. Seated from left: R.L. Thornton, Jr., Mrs. Eugene McDermott, Bill Priest. Standing from left: Durwood A. Sutton, Loncy L. Leake, Dr. Frank Altick, Franklin Spafford, Carie Welch. The photograph was taken in the board room.
[Site Visit Priest pointing]
Black and white photograph of six men at a Richland College site visit. Dr. Priest is pointing. There is a crane in the background. Dr. LeCroy's face is visible. He has a dark, short haircut.
[Early aerial with farmland at top of picture]
Black and white aerial photograph of Richland College construction site. Parking lots are laid out and you can see some of the buildings. There is farmland surrounding the site.
[Trailers and Students]
Photograph of Moutain View College, the trailers which were used for classrooms and office prior to completion of the college, and students. Trailers are in the foreground. They are on the main plaza and the college is visible in the background.
[Sousaphone Player]
Black and white photograph of band member playing sousaphone at the Cedar Valley College groundbreaking. There are other members of the band also in the photograph. The sousaphone is white. Probably Lancaster High School Tiger Band member. Band members have on uniforms.
[Outdoor Tables Near Lake]
Black and white photograph of view of lake at Cedar Valley College. North side of campus. There are four cypress trees visible and a student sits at the table to the right.
[Art Design Class]
Photograph of two students working a easels with pencils and drawing pad.
[Aerial during construction]
Aerial photograph of Brookhaven College during construction.
[Walnut Hill Entrance Complete]
Photograph of the masonry structure entrance for North Lake College. It is a tall structure with the North Lake logo on the top. The bricks from which it is built are the same as the original campus buildings.
[College Students]
Black and white photograph shows four students in class. They are sitting at desks. Three female students. One male student. The classroom door shows in the background.
[Band Concert]
Photograph of a group of people with instruments performing on a stage. The band director is dressed in dark clothes; the band members are arranged in rows, seated in the front and standing in the back.
[Original Board of Trustees]
Black and white photograph of the original Board of Trustees in May 1968. Seated from left: R.L. Thornton, Jr., Mrs. Eugene McDermott, Franklin Spafford. Standing from left: Durwood A. Sutton, Loncy L. Leake, Dr. Frank Altick, Carie Welch.
[Art discussion]
Photograph of a man in a plaid shirt speaking to a group of students. Standing with the students is Marty Ray, art instructor.
[David England and Alberto]
Color photograph of partnership signing at North Lake College. Seated from left: President of Universidad, Alberto Abud and David England. Partnership sending students to Campeche: Charlotte Rike, Connie Cruz, Olivia Villagra, Jim White, Lynn Brink and President David England.
[Dedication Dignitaries]
Color photograph of Richland College dedication ceremonies. Dignitaries seated in audience. Mrs. Margaret McDermott in foreground with white outfit holding program in hand. They appear to be in the performing arts auditorium.
Photograph of people seated in folding chairs on cleared ground. They are attending the groundbreaking ceremony for Cedar Valley College. There are some people standing in back. One man has a movie camera in his hands. Some of the women are wearing headscarves. Some leafless trees in background and apparently one cedar tree.
[Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents]
Black and white photography of two of the tents set up in parking lot which were used for classrooms at Mountain View College prior to completion of college. Mountain View College is in the background and part of a parked car is showing in the foreground. Caption on back: Some Food Classes Were Held in the Tents. Additional information: Randy Hill Photo Service/4524 Kushla Ave./376-9450/Dallas, Texas 75216
[House Trailers for Classrooms]
Black and white photograph of house trailers which were used for classrooms taken from above. Students had classes in house trailers, waiting for completion of the Mountain View College facilities. Randy Hill Photo Service. Trailers were used for about two months according to Paul Benson, faculty at Mountain View. There are about five trailers in view. Students are mingling between trailers and the flag pole is in view.
[Chopping Apples]
Black and white photographs shows person chopping apples. There is a large bowl of chopped apples in the foreground. The person wears a chef's hat. Pots and pans hang above the work area. Cooking class.
[Campus from the West]
Photograph of the entire campus of Eastfield College. It show lots of sky and lots of the property. The photograph was taken from the West and is dated October, 1971.