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[Construction with Four Fellows]
Black and white photograph of Mountain View College construction site with four fellows in the photograph. From left: Ken Thomas, unknown, unknown, Dale [Dole?] Douglas [Douglass?] The two older gentlemen have on suits. The wind is blowing their hair.
[Construction with Steps]
Black and white photograph of construction of North Lake College about 1976. This photograph show large outdoor set of steps. North Lake College has multi levels and is located in Irving on the edge of Las Colinas. Overall look, construction almost done.
[Construction with white pickup]
Color slide of Brookhaven College construction site. Unidentified building with scaffolding. A white pickup truck is visible to the right. No landscaping. The building has a angular roofline.
[Continuing Education]
Black and white photograph of thirteen employees of the Continuing Education Department of North Lake College. They are in front of a brick wall with a window in it. The photograph is taken outdoors
[Courtyard facing Library]
Striking black and white photograph of the courtyard at Eastfield College. Library is at the top of the stairs
[Dan Salter with Student and Plane]
Instructor Don Salter and female student look at the airplane which was inside Mountain View College for many years. Door is open and Don Salter has headphones on.
[David England]
Black and white portrait of David England. David England was President of North Lake College. He is wearing a dark suit coat, light shirt and patterned tie. He has a mustache.
[David England and Alberto]
Color photograph of partnership signing at North Lake College. Seated from left: President of Universidad, Alberto Abud and David England. Partnership sending students to Campeche: Charlotte Rike, Connie Cruz, Olivia Villagra, Jim White, Lynn Brink and President David England.
[David England at DFW Education Center]
Color photograph of David England at DFW Education Center 2000. David England was President of North Lake College from 1996-2001. He is standing at a podium with a microphone and there is a sign in the background with North Lake symbol. Some of the words on the sign are DFW Education, and construction.
[David England in regalia]
Color photograph of North Lake President David England in regalia. He is speaking at a graduation ceremony. A Texas flag hangs in the background. An unidentified person is seated behind Dr. England.
[Dedication Dignitaries]
Color photograph of Richland College dedication ceremonies. Dignitaries seated in audience. Mrs. Margaret McDermott in foreground with white outfit holding program in hand. They appear to be in the performing arts auditorium.
[Deon Holt]
Black and white portrait of Deon Holt. He is wearing a plaid jacket, white shirt, and solid colored tie. He has on glasses. Deon Holt was the first Brookhaven College president. His hands are crossed to the side.
[Deon Holt and First Brookhaven Student]
Black and white photograph of Deon Holt on the left and the first enrollee of Brookhaven College. It looks like it's at the dedication of the college. They are uncovering a plaque.
[Diesel Class]
Student working on diesel motor in classroom at North Lake College in Irving, Texas.
[Dignitaries on Podium]
Black and white photograph of dedication ceremonies at Cedar Valley College. Dignitaries on podium. At microphone Floyd Elkins. Far right Bill J. Priest, Patti Powell. Plaque is covered with Cedar Valley cloth. Clock on wall shows about 12:30.
[District Office Building Downtown Dallas]
Black and white photograph of the office building at 701 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas taken from street. The building is marked Dallas County Community College District. This building was also known as the R.L. Thornton building.
[Diving Competition]
Black and white photograph of a woman doing a dive into the swimming pool at Mountain View College. There is a crowd of people watching. The bathing suit has a light colored stripe down the side of the suit. The diving board is visible.
[Do Not Lean on This Post]
Black and white photograph of a post which has a message painted on it. The message says "Do Not Lean On This Post Or Bldg Will Collapse." Remodeling of El Centro College from the old Sanger Harris building to a college was quite an ordeal.
[Don Newport speaking boots in photo]
Black and white photograph of Don Newport speaking at podium. He is wearing a light colored suit jacket and black tie. There is a pair of cowboy boots on the table in front of the podium.
[Douglass Tower Priest]
Black and white photograph shows from left: President Dale Douglass of Mountain View College, Senator John Tower, and Bill J. Priest. All men are wearing suits. This was probably taken before or after John Tower spoke at one of the college dedications.
[Dr Don Newport President sitting on floor]
Dr. Don Newport sitting on floor leaning against desk. He is on the telephone. Moving boxes are on the floor. One box says Sunkist Oranges. The other box says California Peppers. Dr. Newport is wearing ankle boots and a white short sleeved shirt.
[Dr. Jan LeCroy 2nd Chancellor of DCCCD]
Dr. Jan LeCroy was the second chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District. In this photograph Dr. LeCroy is wearing a plaid suit jacket, white shirt and dotted tie.
[Early aerial with farmland at top of picture]
Black and white aerial photograph of Richland College construction site. Parking lots are laid out and you can see some of the buildings. There is farmland surrounding the site.
[Enrique Chamberlain]
Black and white photograph shows Enrique Chamberlain in dark suit and tie. He has black hair and dimples.
[Entrance Sign]
Black and white photograph of the entrance sign to Mountain View College taken from street. Possibly taken by Jane Cockrell. It says Welcome to Mountain View College. A stop light is visible to the right of the sign and the street sign says Illinois. Some houses are visible in the background.
Black and white photograph of El Centro College expansion site. Two trailers are in view. The photo was taken from above street level.
[Facing North with windmill]
Color photograph of Brookhaven College. The windmill does not have the top on yet. The photo was taken from the South of the campus.
[Fall Semester]
Black and white photograph shows five students walking in hallway. There are three women and two men in photograph. One male student has on a dark top. One female student has on a white blouse.
[Financial Aid Secretary]
Photograph of college employee and student in the Financial Aid and Placement office. The employee is seated showing a piece of paper to the student who is standing. They are both female.
[First Floor]
Photograph of the lobby on the first floor of El Centro College. There are plants in the foreground and seating in the background. There are columns and lots of windows. The Sanger Harris department store was remodeled and is now part of El Centro College.
[First Student]
Photographs shows the first students enrolled for Eastfield College and Mountain View College. The Eastfield student is a young lady and the Mountain View student is a young man. They are holding respective college flags in their hands.
[Floyd Elkins in Hardhat]
Black and white photograph of President Floyd Elkins of Cedar Valley College looking at construction of campus. He is wearing a hardhat and a dark suit. Shows some of "D" building and the surrounding landscape.
[Food Lab]
Black and white photograph of the Food Services Lab at El Centro College. Tables, stoves and stools are included in to photograph. Two people dressed in white appear to be working near a grill.
[Fountain on West Side]
Black and white photograph of the fountain on the West side of the Mountain View campus. Water is spraying in the air, the college is visible in the near background and a large tree is to the left of the fountain.
[Gazebo and Lake From North Side]
Black and white photograph of the gazebo and the lake at Cedar Valley College. Cedar trees are visible in the background and a tree is on the left side of the photographic composition. The gazebo is a wooden structure with three decks showing.
[Gazebo in Distance with Lake]
Black and white photograph shows part of one of the buildings at Cedar Valley College, the lake, and the gazebo. There are trees along the lake. The building appears to have a second level porch with railings.
[Glen Bounds and Art Southerland]
Black and white photograph of one of the first days on the campus of North Lake College. From left: Glen Bounds and Art Southerland. Glen Bounds, Vice President of Instruction, on the left. Boxes are on the floor. The men are holding papers in their hands. There is a small desk behind the men.
[Graduate with cowboy hat]
Black and white photograph of four graduates at commencement ceremonies at North Lake College. In the foreground is a young man with a straw cowboy hat. He also has long sideburns and glasses. His graduation gown is open to reveal his cowboy shirt. The woman behind him has her hand on her chin.
[Handicapped Awareness Day]
Black and white photography of three students in wheelchairs and four people standing. Two of the people are shaking hands and one person is clapping. Handicapped Awareness Day at Cedar Valley College.
[Horticulture Student]
Black and white photograph shows student in the greenhouse at Richland College. She is attending to a hanging plant. Potted plants are in the background. She is wearing a dress with a solid colored shirt and patterned top.
[House Trailers for Classrooms]
Black and white photograph of house trailers which were used for classrooms taken from above. Students had classes in house trailers, waiting for completion of the Mountain View College facilities. Randy Hill Photo Service. Trailers were used for about two months according to Paul Benson, faculty at Mountain View. There are about five trailers in view. Students are mingling between trailers and the flag pole is in view.
[Informal Class in Brazos Gallery]
Black and white photograph of class being held in the Brazos Gallery of Richland College. The chairs are very unique. There is a panel of speakers in regular chairs. The students are sitting in the chairs which were part of the Gallery.
[Introduction of Dignitaries]
Black and white photograph shows dignitaries on stage for the dedication of North Lake College. There are fifteen people on stage. There is a brick fence behind them. The lower part of a flag pole is near the brick fence. Speaker is visible as well as some of the audience.
[Irving Symphony Concert]
Black and white photograph of the Irving Symphony performing at North Lake College. The director appears to be applauding a soloist.
[Jan LeCroy birthday cake]
Black and white photograph of Dr. Jan LeCroy, Chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District blowing out candles on his birthday cake. Pattie Powell is seated. Jerry Gilmore is standing. The lady holding the cake is unidentified as is the gentleman in the background.
[Jan LeCroy speaking crewcut]
Black and white photograph show Jan LeCroy standing and speaking at a podium. He has on a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. He has a crewcut. Place is unknown. The two other seated gentlemen are unidentified.
[Jim Bennett]
Black and white photographs shows Jim Bennett and student in room C296 at Eastfield. The class was a Developmental Math class. The machine was an early example of technology in the classroom. It's function was to give students practice in basic multiplication facts. Since this was before hand held calculators were sold it was an interesting alternative drill and practice tool.
[Jim Horton in dunking cage]
Photograph of the President of North Lake College in a dunking booth. He is wearing shorts, a tee shirt and cap. He's laughing.
[Jim Horton Olivia Villagro Joel Vela]
Black and white photograph of four people discussing student exchange program at North Lake College. From left: President of Mexican university- name unknown, Jim Horton - President of North Lake College, Olivia Villajro, Joel Vela.
[John D. Williams in Planetarium]
Black and white photograph shows John Williams looking at apparatus in the Richland planetarium.