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[2401 South Harwood Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick commercial building on fire.
[2815 State Street]
Photograph of the inside of a charred wooden house at 2815 State Street.
[2nd Paramedic Class]
Photograph of three rows of men wearing black trousers and light colored button-up shirts. The first row is on one knee, the second sits, and the third stands.
[4810 East Side Fire]
Photograph of a two story wooden house with the top floor charred by fire.
[4810 East Side House Fire]
Photograph of a five alarm fire at 4810 East Side, with the outside charred and two ladders to the second floor.
[8247 Barbaree Couch Fire]
Photograph of a large charred hole in a couch in the living room of a house.
[8247 Barbaree Fire]
Photograph of a bedroom with charred sheets and mattress.
[Adolphus Hotel]
Photograph of four firemen standing at the bottom of a ladder at the Adolphus Hotel, which sits on the corner of Akard and Commerce.
[Adolphus Hotel Fire]
Photograph of a light colored car near the fire engines parked on the side of the street to respond to a fire at Adolphus Hotel on Main east of Akard.
[Aerial Photograph of Burning Building]
Aerial photograph of a burning, multi-story building at the corner of Elm and Lamar St. in Dallas, partially obscured by smoke. On the ground and in the streets, multiple fire engines and emergency vehicles attend the fire. Three of the trucks have long ladders extended, and firefighters at the tops of the ladders hold hoses pointed at the building, spraying large streams of water. The city is also visible around the burning building. Large hoses cover the streets between and around the fire engines.
[Aerial View of Building Collapse]
Photograph of a building collapse on the 1400 block of Elm street.
[Aero Unit Van for the Dallas Fire Department]
Photograph of an Aero Unit Van used by the Dallas Fire Department. It is parked in front of an open structure, and a firetruck is parked behind it.
[Airway Theater Fire]
Photograph of a neon sign reading "Airway" with the words "Now showing Key Largo also The Fuor Poster" below. The theater sits at 8006 Denton Drive.
[Anderson Furniture Fire]
Photograph of a fireman scaling a large ladder to the roof of a brick building, Anderson Furniture on Elm and Olive street.
[Anderson Furniture Fire on Elm and Olive]
Photograph of a three story brick building scaled by firemen while a neon sign reads "Anderson's 59 years at this location."
[Apartment Fire]
Photograph of a firefighter carrying two suitcases down a hallway damaged by fire with two young women.
[B. G. Barbee From Station 35]
Photograph of a man with dark hair drenched in sweat while wearing a fireman's uniform, sitting on the steps of a fire truck. The man's name was B. G. Barbee, a member of station 35.
[Barbecue Diner Fire]
Photograph of a car crashed into a one story barbecue restaurant with Dr. Pepper signs, at the corner of Harwood and Corinth street. Two were killed in the accident.
[Ben Griffin Auto Fire]
Photograph of a two story white brick building at 1601 South Ervay with black smoke engulfing the roof while two firemen operate a hose at the top of a ladder.
[Black Horses Pulling Fire Engine]
Photograph of two large, black horses pulling a water engine out of the firehouse with three men standing to the side and one at the reigns.
[Black Smoke Billowing From Burning Fence]
Photograph of huge, black clouds of smoke billowing from a burning fence. In front of the burning fence is a short length of scrub grass, and at the foreground, there is a chain-link fence with barbed-wire on top.
[Boxing Match Between Firemen]
Photograph of two men wearing boxing gloves watched by nine other men and a referee.
[Building Collapse]
Photograph of a three story brick building collapsed at the 1400 block of Elm street.
[Building Collapse on 1400 Block of Elm Street]
Photograph of a collapsed building on the 1400 block of Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. Firefighters and bystanders gather beneath the building.
[Building Collapse on Elm]
Photograph of workers wading through the rubble of a collapsed building on the 1400 block of Elm Street, where a car was thoroughly crushed.
[Burned Furniture]
Photograph of a burned out bedroom with a charred mattress and bed frame in a building at 1321 Grigsby, after a fire.
[Car Fire at Central Romine]
Photograph of a car with the cab full of smoke while three firemen examine it.
[Central 1937]
Photograph of two rows of men in Fireman uniform, the front row seated while the second row stands.
[Central Fire Station]
Photograph of the Central Fire Station in Dallas, Texas. The fire chief lived in the house to the left, where a car is parked. There are several people standing outside the building. A new building is under construction to the right.
[Central Fire Station]
Photograph of five men standing in the doorway of the Central Fire Station with six more seated outside on a bench.
[Central Station]
Photograph of Central Station at 2121 Main Street, in Dallas, Texas. A row of cars are parked outside the building, and a crowd of firefighters stand around them.
[Central Station]
Photograph of Dallas Fire Department Central Station. A fire engine is parked outside the brick building. Cars and other buildings are visible in the background.
[Central Station Chief Car]
Photograph of a fire engine pulling out of a brick firehouse, the central station at the corner of Main and Harwood.
[Central Station on 2111 Main]
Photograph of several rows of men wearing dark uniforms with silver buttons on the front in front of a three story brick building.
[Charred Powerline]
Photograph of four firemen aiming a hose at a charred powerline.
[Chief Coffman in Car with an Unknown Officer]
Photograph of Chief Coffman in a car with an unknown man. The car is parked half on the street and half on the sidewalk, and shops can be seen in the background.
[Chief Hendrix at Desk]
Photograph of an older man wearing a black suit sitting at a desk with a pen ready to put to paper.
[Chief Hendrix Speaking to Reporters]
Photograph of the fire department Chief Hendrix speaking to a male reporter who holds an audio recorder to his mouth, while a female reporter in a coat waits on the other side.
[Chief J. T. Coffman]
Photograph of a man in a silver buttoned dark shirt wearing a dark colored hat.
[Christmas 1933]
Photograph of one row of men wearing dark trousers, black ties, white shirts, and black caps standing in front of a small open-cab fire engine.
[Clem Lumber Co. Fire]
Photograph of a destroyed brick building on 2500 Live Oak.
[Collapsed Building on Elm Street, Dallas]
Photograph of a collapsed building on the 1400 block of Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. People gather outside the building, and a fire truck is parked on the opposite side of the street.
[Dallas County Courthouse, Corner View of Construction]
Photograph of the corner of the Dallas County Courthouse's multi-story, unfinished metal frame. Pipes are visible on each floor inside the framework, and on the second floor from the top, five people peer over the side.
[Dallas County Courthouse Under Construction]
Photograph of the metal framework of the unfinished, multi-story Dallas County Courthouse. A stream of water from out of shot on the left is being sprayed at the building. Two staircases going all the way up the building are visible inside the tower.
[Dallas EMT Class]
Photograph of four rows of men wearing black trousers with a lighter colored shirt standing in front of a building with the number "1936" written above the glass doors.
[Dallas EMT Class #2]
Photograph of four rows of men wearing black trousers and lighter colored shirts on the steps of a building with the number "1936" written above the glass doors.
[Dallas Fire Department #27]
Photograph of the Dallas Fire Department's station 27. An American flag flies on the left, and the building has two garage doors.
[Dallas Fire Department Alarm Office]
Photograph of the Dallas Fire Department Alarm Office. Two men sit in chairs in the middle of a room full of electrical equipment.
[Dallas Fire Department Engine Company #2]
Photograph of Engine Company Number 2 in Dallas, Texas. Two engines pulled by horses stand in front of the building, along with several men.
[Dallas Fire Department Engine House #1]
Photograph of Engine House No. 1 in Dallas, Texas. Six men in uniform stand in the open right garage door.