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[Dallas County Courthouse, Corner View of Construction]
Photograph of the corner of the Dallas County Courthouse's multi-story, unfinished metal frame. Pipes are visible on each floor inside the framework, and on the second floor from the top, five people peer over the side.
[Dallas County Courthouse Under Construction]
Photograph of the metal framework of the unfinished, multi-story Dallas County Courthouse. A stream of water from out of shot on the left is being sprayed at the building. Two staircases going all the way up the building are visible inside the tower.
[Dallas Firefighters and Truck]
Photograph of nine uniformed firefighters standing in front of a fire engine, which is parked in the driveway of a two-story, brick building. The building is slightly visible on the left of the photograph; a small portion of the front lawn, sidewalk, and curb are visible on the bottom left. There are trees in the background and a puddle of water in front of the firefighters. On the back of the photograph are a label with the words, "Old 24's," as well as the typewritten date.