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[Aerial Photograph of Burning Building]
Aerial photograph of a burning, multi-story building at the corner of Elm and Lamar St. in Dallas, partially obscured by smoke. On the ground and in the streets, multiple fire engines and emergency vehicles attend the fire. Three of the trucks have long ladders extended, and firefighters at the tops of the ladders hold hoses pointed at the building, spraying large streams of water. The city is also visible around the burning building. Large hoses cover the streets between and around the fire engines.
[Dallas Firemen 1978]
Photograph of two rows of men wearing dark colored uniforms standing in front of a white stone building.
[Dallas Firemen Class #3]
Photograph of four rows of men wearing black trousers and light button-up shirts standing in front of a building with the number "1936" written above the door.
[L. F. Stiles Service Station Fire]
Photograph of a large, smoldering blaze near a gas tank and car, battled by firefighters with two hoses. The fire takes place at the L. F. Stiles Service Station on 122 East Clarendon.
[Smoke Break at Grand and Second Avenue]
Photograph of three firemen sitting on the ground, two smoking a cigarette. The three are members of Engine 10, their names are Wayne Morgan, Bill Peters, and Joe Gideon.
[Sunset Motor Lines Fire]
Photograph of a huge cloud of smoke coming from the blaze on the rooftop of Sunset Motor Lines at 1514 Cockrell at Larmar.
[Two-Story Building on Fire]
Photograph of a two-story building engulfed in fire and smoke. The fire inside can be seen through the building's many windows. In front of the building, several firefighters are silhouetted, pointing hoses at the building. Power lines criss-cross the top of the shot. On the back of the photograph are handwritten notes, a large brown stain, and a portion.