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[Central Station Chief Car]
Photograph of a fire engine pulling out of a brick firehouse, the central station at the corner of Main and Harwood.
[Firemen on Steps of Courthouse]
Photograph of seven men standing on the courthouse steps wearing dark firemen uniforms.
[John Erickson and Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the front row sitting and the back row standing. John Erickson stands in the back row, the third man to the right.
[Results of March 21, 1916 Fire at Paris, Texas Federal Building and Post Office]
Photograph of the ruins of the Paris, Texas Federal Building and Post Office, as a result of a fire of March 21, 1916. A few cars are parked on the side of the road, and several people stand on the sidewalk.
[Test of Waxahachie Pumping Engine]
Photograph of a row of men in suits near a fire truck, standing on the wet cobblestone street near a two story house.