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[Fire Engine At Hydrant]
Photograph of three men wearing heavy firemen jackets with a fourth man on top of the engine, a hose connecting the fire truck to the hydrant on the street. On the right is P. D. Lynn, and the driver's name is Bull Durham.
[Group with Plaque]
Photograph of six young people wearing white shirts and black ties. Their names, from left to right, are Karen Bass, Debra Carlin, Kevin Sipes, Phyllis Allen, Ruth Crow, and Ramaro Lopez.
[Johnny's Supermarket]
Photograph of a one story supermarket with four ladders leading to the rooftop. The address is 5533 Columbia street.
[Primrose Petroleum and Continental Battery Crash]
Photograph of a smoking train wreck at Pearl Expressway at Hickory.
[Test of Waxahachie Pumping Engine]
Photograph of a row of men in suits near a fire truck, standing on the wet cobblestone street near a two story house.
[Young People With Plaque]
Photograph of seven men and women in white shirts and ties gathered around a plaque.