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[Car Fire at Central Romine]
Photograph of a car with the cab full of smoke while three firemen examine it.
[Dallas Firemen Class #3]
Photograph of four rows of men wearing black trousers and light button-up shirts standing in front of a building with the number "1936" written above the door.
[L. F. Stiles Service Station Fire]
Photograph of a large, smoldering blaze near a gas tank and car, battled by firefighters with two hoses. The fire takes place at the L. F. Stiles Service Station on 122 East Clarendon.
[Fire on November 26th]
Photograph of a crowd of civilians gathered on the street during the night to see a brick two story building on fire, while firefighters aim a hose at the blaze.
[Retired Firemen In Front of Engine]
Photograph of two rows of four older men dressed in suits and casual ties, standing in front of an old fashioned fire engine.