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[2nd Paramedic Class]
Photograph of three rows of men wearing black trousers and light colored button-up shirts. The first row is on one knee, the second sits, and the third stands.
[Anderson Furniture Fire]
Photograph of a fireman scaling a large ladder to the roof of a brick building, Anderson Furniture on Elm and Olive street.
[Anderson Furniture Fire on Elm and Olive]
Photograph of a three story brick building scaled by firemen while a neon sign reads "Anderson's 59 years at this location."
[Central Station on 2111 Main]
Photograph of several rows of men wearing dark uniforms with silver buttons on the front in front of a three story brick building.
[Dallas Firefighters and Truck]
Photograph of nine uniformed firefighters standing in front of a fire engine, which is parked in the driveway of a two-story, brick building. The building is slightly visible on the left of the photograph; a small portion of the front lawn, sidewalk, and curb are visible on the bottom left. There are trees in the background and a puddle of water in front of the firefighters. On the back of the photograph are a label with the words, "Old 24's," as well as the typewritten date.
[Fire at Travis School]
Photograph of smoke flowing from a window on the second story of the Travis school, while three firemen scale a ladder to the rooftop.
[Fire Engine At Hydrant]
Photograph of three men wearing heavy firemen jackets with a fourth man on top of the engine, a hose connecting the fire truck to the hydrant on the street. On the right is P. D. Lynn, and the driver's name is Bull Durham.
[Parish Chevrolet Dealership]
Photograph of a car dealership with black smoke billowing from the rooftop. The dealership sits on 5526 East Mockingbird street.
[Tornado Destruction in Dallas, Texas]
Photograph of destruction caused by a tornado in Dallas, Texas. A car is pressed up against a wall on the left. Its roof has been ripped off and it is surrounded by debris. Another car is parked to the right, and appears to have sustained less damage.
[Travis School]
Photograph of a two story brick school building with firefighters erecting a ladder to the rooftop.
[Travis School Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick building with flames roaring from the rooftop as firemen scale a ladder.
[Varo Fire]
Photograph of a stone building with "Varo MFG. CO." written on the front being doused by two hoses.
[Varo Manufacturing Company Fire]
Photograph of civilians wearing white shirts and firemen on the street operating hoses at a stone building with the words "Varo MFG CO" written on the front.
[Varo Mfg. Co. Fire]
Photograph of firemen and civilians on the street level of a stone building fire that has devastated most of the second floor of the building.
[Water Tower]
Photograph of a tower operated by two men at the base to spray water from the top.
[Water Tower Test]
Photograph of four men dressed in suits near a train car.
[Water Tower Test in Dallas]
Photograph of three men, two wearing suits and one man in the center wearing a Fireman's uniform. From left to right, the men's names are Chief Gerguson from Fort Worth, Anderson Houston from South West English Dallas, and Johnnie Southwell from Beaumont.
[Wheat Furniture Co.]
Photograph of firemen on a busy street with furniture stores, pawn shops, and department stores.
[Wheat Furniture Co. Fire]
Photograph of firefighters running hoses on a busy street with Good Nite Industries, a thrift store, and Keller Plumbing Supplies.