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[Aerial Photograph of Burning Building]
Aerial photograph of a burning, multi-story building at the corner of Elm and Lamar St. in Dallas, partially obscured by smoke. On the ground and in the streets, multiple fire engines and emergency vehicles attend the fire. Three of the trucks have long ladders extended, and firefighters at the tops of the ladders hold hoses pointed at the building, spraying large streams of water. The city is also visible around the burning building. Large hoses cover the streets between and around the fire engines.
[Firefighter's Ladders Propped Up Against Smoking Building]
Photograph of ladders propped up against a smoking, multi-story, brick building, and fire hoses coiled on the icy street in front of the building. A firefighter on the left, exiting the building, steps over several of the hoses, while other firefighters and bystanders stand just beyond the building. More buildings are visible in the background beyond the smoking building. The rear of a fire engine and its ladder is partially visible on the right. A light-colored vehicle is parked in front of the building.
[Two-Story Building on Fire]
Photograph of a two-story building engulfed in fire and smoke. The fire inside can be seen through the building's many windows. In front of the building, several firefighters are silhouetted, pointing hoses at the building. Power lines criss-cross the top of the shot. On the back of the photograph are handwritten notes, a large brown stain, and a portion.