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[Men Posing with Firetruck]

Description: Photograph of three men and a fire truck outside of Dallas Fire Department Station #15, located at Bishop & Davis Streets. Two men are seated in the front of the truck and a third is standing on the back of the truck; they are all wearing uniforms. The station is a brick building, visible behind the truck. The cross-street and other buildings are visible in the background. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says, "Firetruck that George Hulse was riding when he was killed in an accident. Coat and hat on back of truck belonged to George Hulse. #15 Sta. Bishop & Davis."
Date: 1980~/1989~
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Firefighters at Central Station]

Description: Group portrait of firefighters at Central Station in Dallas, Texas. The men are all dressed in dark-colored uniforms that include hats and jackets with a double-row of buttons down the front. They are posed in two rows with five men sitting in chairs in the front row and eight men standing behind.
Date: 1980~/1989~
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Fire Trucks Waiting at Love Field]

Description: Photograph of three fire trucks parked on Dallas Love Field Airport. Two firefighters can be seen sitting on top of the center truck. The note on the reverse side of the image states that the trucks were waiting for the arrival of the president's plane.
Date: November 22, 1963
Creator: Pace, Dean L.

[Firefighters Battle Casa Avila Furniture Store Fire]

Description: Photograph of firefighters trying to extinguish a long, light-colored brick building with large front windows that is on fire. Three firefighters are crouched on the left, spraying water into the far left window, three are standing inside the building, spraying water into center window of the building, while four more firefighters spray two hoses at the building. Three firefighters on the right are also spraying the fire and the others are standing around on the right. There is a sign on top of the building, but it's obscured by a black, cloudy stain in the top right corner of the photo.On the back of the photograph are two labels (one partially torn off), two stamps, and handwritten notes giving information about the photo
Date: November 14, 1962
Creator: Flynn, Johnny
Location Info:

[Two Firefighters Walk Through a Destroyed Store]

Description: Photograph of two firefighters in firefighting suits walk through debris in a W. T. Grant store, towards a large hole in the back wall. The closest of the firefighters is holding a pole in his right hand, which is partially obscured by the firefighter. The roof of the store is starting to cave in at the back of the store. Some of the merchandise on the right is still intact and dirty sheets cover some large, unidentified items. On the back of the photograph are a label, a stamp, and handwritten notes giving information about the photograph.
Date: November 13, 1962
Creator: Kennedy, Eamon

[Firefighters Extinguishing a Blazing Structure]

Description: Photograph of three firefighters in front of a burning, smoking structure. Several poles are still standing within the structure, while the rest of structure crumbles inward. One firefighter (wearing a firefighting suit with a 'G' on the back) is kneeling in the front-center, while the other two firefighters are crouched beyond a stack of wooden pallets on the right, spraying water from a fire hose at the structure. There are stacks of bricks and wooden planks on either side of the firefighter in the center. On the back of the photograph are two labels, a stamp, and extensive handwritten notes giving information about the photo.
Date: November 10, 1962
Creator: Hanson, Andy

[Fighting a Fire at Texaco Refinery]

Description: Wide-shot photograph of firefighters in firefighting suits, on the ground and on a fire engine, spraying large streams of water at a fire just out of shot on the left. The fire engine has a water canon attached to the top of its cab, and there are two men with cameras standing on top of the fire engine. Civilians stand on the side of the scene and on a loading dock on the right, watching the firefighters work. There are circular metal structures, including one with a domed structure, in the background. On the back of the photograph are two stamps and handwritten notes giving information about the photo, as well as cropping dimensions.
Date: August 26, 1963
Location Info: