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[1948 Fire]

Description: Photograph of firemen wading through water near equipment covered with sheets.
Date: March 1948
Item Type: Photograph

[Remains of 1948 Fire]

Description: Photograph of four firemen operating a hose on the charred remains from the inside of the brick building.
Date: March 30, 1948
Item Type: Photograph

[Barbecue Diner Fire]

Description: Photograph of a car crashed into a one story barbecue restaurant with Dr. Pepper signs, at the corner of Harwood and Corinth street. Two were killed in the accident.
Date: May 14, 1945
Item Type: Photograph

[Ben Griffin Auto Fire]

Description: Photograph of a two story white brick building at 1601 South Ervay with black smoke engulfing the roof while two firemen operate a hose at the top of a ladder.
Date: June 3, 1948
Item Type: Photograph