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[Good Street Baptist Church Fire Street Scene]
Photograph of firemen in black coats manning the hoses in a residential area.
[Dallas Police and Fire Department Band]
Photograph of four rows of men ready to play marching band instruments on the steps of an administrative building.
[Johnny's Supermarket]
Photograph of a one story supermarket with four ladders leading to the rooftop. The address is 5533 Columbia street.
[Letter of Recommendation for C. R. Raynes]
Letter of recommendation from the American-La France Fire Engine Company, Inc., in regards to Mr. C. R. Raynes, who was an engineer and salesman.
[John Erickson and Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the front row sitting and the back row standing. John Erickson stands in the back row, the third man to the right.
[J. C. Penny's Fire]
Photograph of the inside of a J. C. Penny's department store, with products covered by sheets as firemen scale a ladder towards the roof.
[Main and Field Fire]
Photograph of a two story building with stores at the street level and apartments on the second with firemen scaling ladders to reach the second story.
[J. T. Coffman Badge]
Photograph of a silver badge with the words "J. T. Coffman Chief Dallas Fire Dept" engraved on it.
[Manhattan Lounge]
Photograph of the front of Manhattan Lounge on 3422 Main.
The Day President John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated
Text wherein Leslie Warnock, Jr. describes providing the Secret Service with floodlights to search the room in the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy.
[Clem Lumber Co. Fire]
Photograph of a destroyed brick building on 2500 Live Oak.
[Dallas Paramedic Class]
Photograph of three rows of men with black trousers and light long sleeved shirts.
[Dallas EMT Class #2]
Photograph of four rows of men wearing black trousers and lighter colored shirts on the steps of a building with the number "1936" written above the glass doors.
[3 Alarm Fire at Second and Grand]
Photograph of six firemen and four civilians wading through the remains of a fire at the corner of Second and Grand street.
[3 Alarm House Fire at 600 Block of 1st Avenue]
Photograph of a wooden house with the second story mostly destroyed by fire.
[4 Alarm Fire at Ervay and Pacific Fire]
Photograph of a three story building decorated with ladders that lead to charred windows.
[Chief Horace F. McGee Scrapbook, Volume 2]
Scrapbook of Horace McGee, Fire Chief of Dallas, Texas. The scrapbook contains photographs, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the department and cover such topics as fires, equipment malfunctions, and community relations.
[Chief Horace F. McGee Scrapbook, Volume 1]
Scrapbook of Horace McGee, Fire Chief of Dallas, Texas. The scrapbook contains drawings, photographs, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the department and cover such topics as fires, equipment malfunctions, and community relations.
[Chief Hendrix Speaking to Reporters]
Photograph of the fire department Chief Hendrix speaking to a male reporter who holds an audio recorder to his mouth, while a female reporter in a coat waits on the other side.
[Police and Fire Department Band]
Photograph of six rows of policemen and firefighters in black suits standing on the courthouse steps. Captain Boyd Bonnis stands in the third row on the first left.
[Police and Fire Department Band On Steps]
Photograph of five rows of policemen and firemen at the ready to play marching band instruments.
[Portrait of Captain William Spurr]
Photograph of a young man with dark hair and eyes wearing a dark suit and fireman's cap. Captain William Spur served at the Dallas Fire Department from 1902 to 1935.
[Portrait of R. W. Ely]
Photograph of a young man wearing a fireman's hat with a suit and tie. His name was R. W. Ely, and he worked with engine #16
[Portrait of Jensen Austin]
Photograph of a young man wearing a dark coat and hat with silver buttons, a badge on the coat, and a badge on the hat. His name was Jensen Austin.
[Portrait of Fireman with Glasses]
Photograph of a man dressed in a suit with a fireman's cap and glasses.
[Portrait of Fireman]
Photograph of a fireman who wears a hat that reads "2nd Assist. Chief."
[Primrose Petroleum and Continental Battery Crash]
Photograph of a smoking train wreck at Pearl Expressway at Hickory.
[Remains of 1948 Fire]
Photograph of four firemen operating a hose on the charred remains from the inside of the brick building.
[Remains of Rooftop Fire]
Photograph of warped steel beams forming the roof of a brick building.
[Retired Firemen In Front of Engine]
Photograph of two rows of four older men dressed in suits and casual ties, standing in front of an old fashioned fire engine.
[Six Firemen in Front of Door]
Photograph of six firemen in a pyramid formation, wearing dark suits with silver buttons and fireman caps, standing in front of the steps that lead to a door.
[Seven Firemen]
Photograph of four firemen standing behind three that are seated with wood flooring.
[Station #3 at Gaston and College]
Photograph of seven men leaning or sitting on a steel railing that overlooks a dry creek bed. The man in overalls at the center of the picture is Larry Wallace.
[Smoke Break at Grand and Second Avenue]
Photograph of three firemen sitting on the ground, two smoking a cigarette. The three are members of Engine 10, their names are Wayne Morgan, Bill Peters, and Joe Gideon.
[Standford Furniture Warehouse Fire]
Photograph of the two story brick Stanford Furniture Warehouse with smoke pouring from the rooftop and windows, at 316 Olive between Live Oak and Pacific. Ladders reach the second floor and firemen climb to the roof and windows. Lieutenant Crites died in the fire.
[Station #4 Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the first row seated and the second standing, all wearing black uniforms.
[Station #8 on Live Oak and Carroll]
Photograph of a row of men standing with dark uniforms and mostly black bow ties, with six seated in front.
[Sunset Motor Lines Fire]
Photograph of a huge cloud of smoke coming from the blaze on the rooftop of Sunset Motor Lines at 1514 Cockrell at Larmar.
[Station #5 Firemen]
Photograph of the station 5 firemen standing wearing white shirts and black ties. From left to right, their names are J. M. Schall, D. E. Bauman, C. C. Levmaston, Dee Tulles, unknown, C. H. Boz Hunter, unknown, D. T. Gabley Hall, A. C. Benningfield, and unknown.
[Storm Damage]
Photograph of three men walking among the damage of a storm.
[Station #6 Firemen]
Photograph of five men in Fireman uniform standing in front of a fire engine. The second and fifth to the right are Williams and McCawley respectively.
[Test of Water Hose]
Photograph of five men standing behind a water canon that is directed to send the water into an arc over a barren field.
[Test of Waxahachie Pumping Engine]
Photograph of a row of men in suits near a fire truck, standing on the wet cobblestone street near a two story house.
[Hobson and Chief]
Photograph of two men on a horse-drawn carriage. One is known as Hobson, the other is the fire department chief.
[Horsedrawn Fire Engine]
Photograph of three men behind the reigns of a horse-drawn buggy with a water engine at the rear, and a young boy in overalls standing nearby. John Clark sits on the left, notable for his figure immortalized on the Firemen's Monument in Fair Park. At the center is Dutch Herman, a civilian, and on the right is Al Kaufman. The boy in overalls is known as W. J. "Bill" Cox.
[Horsedrawn Engine No. 4]
Photograph of a two story brick firehouse with a horsedrawn fire engine stopped in front.
[Horsedrawn Firehouse Buggy]
Photograph of six men riding a horse-drawn buggy with two more standing behind the rear of the vehicle.
[Hay Field Fire]
Photograph of three fire engines fighting a blazing field.
[Officer's Class Group 11]
Photograph of ten men standing behind a chalkboard that reads "Group 11 Date 5-15-63 Officer Class." Their names from left to right are Harry Boyd, Batt Chief R. A. Shinn, Captain F. W. Harolson, Captain W. G. Russell, unknown, Lt. C. R. Bailey, Batt Chief A. J. Davis, Deputy Chief Charlie Haas, Lt. James O. Camp, and unknown.
[November 10th House Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick house with a firefighter on the roof fighting a blaze while bystanders gather on the street.