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[Station #5 Firemen]

Description: Photograph of the station 5 firemen standing wearing white shirts and black ties. From left to right, their names are J. M. Schall, D. E. Bauman, C. C. Levmaston, Dee Tulles, unknown, C. H. Boz Hunter, unknown, D. T. Gabley Hall, A. C. Benningfield, and unknown.
Date: unknown

[Horsedrawn Fire Engine]

Description: Photograph of three men behind the reigns of a horse-drawn buggy with a water engine at the rear, and a young boy in overalls standing nearby. John Clark sits on the left, notable for his figure immortalized on the Firemen's Monument in Fair Park. At the center is Dutch Herman, a civilian, and on the right is Al Kaufman. The boy in overalls is known as W. J. "Bill" Cox.
Date: 1897

[Officer's Class Group 11]

Description: Photograph of ten men standing behind a chalkboard that reads "Group 11 Date 5-15-63 Officer Class." Their names from left to right are Harry Boyd, Batt Chief R. A. Shinn, Captain F. W. Harolson, Captain W. G. Russell, unknown, Lt. C. R. Bailey, Batt Chief A. J. Davis, Deputy Chief Charlie Haas, Lt. James O. Camp, and unknown.
Date: May 15, 1963

[Officer's Class Group 17]

Description: Photograph of ten men wearing a light colored shirt and dark pants, standing behind a chalkboard sign which reads "Group #17 Date 9-30-63 Officer's Class." The men's names, from right to left are unknown, Lt. D. L. Reed, T. G. Gray, Joe Copeland, Captain C. N. Hunter, Captain R. O. Chase, Captain F. F. Francis, unknown, unknown, and Captain G. W. Hunt.
Date: September 30, 1963