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[Six Firemen in Front of Door]
Photograph of six firemen in a pyramid formation, wearing dark suits with silver buttons and fireman caps, standing in front of the steps that lead to a door.
[Seven Firemen]
Photograph of four firemen standing behind three that are seated with wood flooring.
[Station #3 at Gaston and College]
Photograph of seven men leaning or sitting on a steel railing that overlooks a dry creek bed. The man in overalls at the center of the picture is Larry Wallace.
[Smoke Break at Grand and Second Avenue]
Photograph of three firemen sitting on the ground, two smoking a cigarette. The three are members of Engine 10, their names are Wayne Morgan, Bill Peters, and Joe Gideon.
[Standford Furniture Warehouse Fire]
Photograph of the two story brick Stanford Furniture Warehouse with smoke pouring from the rooftop and windows, at 316 Olive between Live Oak and Pacific. Ladders reach the second floor and firemen climb to the roof and windows. Lieutenant Crites died in the fire.
[Station #4 Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the first row seated and the second standing, all wearing black uniforms.
[Station #8 on Live Oak and Carroll]
Photograph of a row of men standing with dark uniforms and mostly black bow ties, with six seated in front.
[Sunset Motor Lines Fire]
Photograph of a huge cloud of smoke coming from the blaze on the rooftop of Sunset Motor Lines at 1514 Cockrell at Larmar.
[Station #5 Firemen]
Photograph of the station 5 firemen standing wearing white shirts and black ties. From left to right, their names are J. M. Schall, D. E. Bauman, C. C. Levmaston, Dee Tulles, unknown, C. H. Boz Hunter, unknown, D. T. Gabley Hall, A. C. Benningfield, and unknown.
[Storm Damage]
Photograph of three men walking among the damage of a storm.
[Station #6 Firemen]
Photograph of five men in Fireman uniform standing in front of a fire engine. The second and fifth to the right are Williams and McCawley respectively.
[Test of Water Hose]
Photograph of five men standing behind a water canon that is directed to send the water into an arc over a barren field.
[Test of Waxahachie Pumping Engine]
Photograph of a row of men in suits near a fire truck, standing on the wet cobblestone street near a two story house.
[Hobson and Chief]
Photograph of two men on a horse-drawn carriage. One is known as Hobson, the other is the fire department chief.
[Horsedrawn Fire Engine]
Photograph of three men behind the reigns of a horse-drawn buggy with a water engine at the rear, and a young boy in overalls standing nearby. John Clark sits on the left, notable for his figure immortalized on the Firemen's Monument in Fair Park. At the center is Dutch Herman, a civilian, and on the right is Al Kaufman. The boy in overalls is known as W. J. "Bill" Cox.
[Horsedrawn Engine No. 4]
Photograph of a two story brick firehouse with a horsedrawn fire engine stopped in front.
[Horsedrawn Firehouse Buggy]
Photograph of six men riding a horse-drawn buggy with two more standing behind the rear of the vehicle.
[Hay Field Fire]
Photograph of three fire engines fighting a blazing field.
[Officer's Class Group 11]
Photograph of ten men standing behind a chalkboard that reads "Group 11 Date 5-15-63 Officer Class." Their names from left to right are Harry Boyd, Batt Chief R. A. Shinn, Captain F. W. Harolson, Captain W. G. Russell, unknown, Lt. C. R. Bailey, Batt Chief A. J. Davis, Deputy Chief Charlie Haas, Lt. James O. Camp, and unknown.
[November 10th House Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick house with a firefighter on the roof fighting a blaze while bystanders gather on the street.
[Homer Hodges and Station #6]
Photograph of a row of firemen with white shirts, black ties, and black trousers in a semi-circle. A man named Homer Hodges stands 9th from the left with the rest of the 6th Station firemen at Forest and Central.
[Horse And Buggy]
Photograph of two men in a horse and buggy. Chief H. F. Magee sits on the left and the horse is the famous horse Hobson.
[Officer's Class Group 17]
Photograph of ten men wearing a light colored shirt and dark pants, standing behind a chalkboard sign which reads "Group #17 Date 9-30-63 Officer's Class." The men's names, from right to left are unknown, Lt. D. L. Reed, T. G. Gray, Joe Copeland, Captain C. N. Hunter, Captain R. O. Chase, Captain F. F. Francis, unknown, unknown, and Captain G. W. Hunt.
[Group with Plaque]
Photograph of six young people wearing white shirts and black ties. Their names, from left to right, are Karen Bass, Debra Carlin, Kevin Sipes, Phyllis Allen, Ruth Crow, and Ramaro Lopez.
[Men Fighting Fire]
Photograph of men wearing thick coats and helmets operating hoses among smoke.
[Horace L. Russell Scrapbook]
Scrapbook of Horace L. Russell containing photographs and newspaper clippings pertaining to the service, retirements, and deaths of firefighters in Dallas, Texas.
[Members of #14 Engine]
Photograph of four men standing and two kneeling in front of them near a brick wall. Their names, from left to right, are Bill Haft, Henry, Marable, Morin, Ely, and Markham.
[Men Assembled Outside Firehouse]
Photograph of a large number of firemen standing at attention in front of the brick firehouse.
[Man in Creek]
Photograph of a shirtless man standing in a body of water while a man throws him a rope.
[Men Assembled Outside Firehouse 2]
Photograph of a large number of firemen standing at attention in front of the brick firehouse.
[Truck at Building Collapse]
Photograph of a light colored truck parked on the side of Elm street at the 1400 block where a building had collapsed.
[Travis School]
Photograph of a two story brick school building with firefighters erecting a ladder to the rooftop.
[Travis School Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick building with flames roaring from the rooftop as firemen scale a ladder.
[Twenty Firemen]
Photograph of twenty firemen in dark jackets and caps in front of a brick building with six men seated in the front row.
[Parish Chevrolet Dealership]
Photograph of a car dealership with black smoke billowing from the rooftop. The dealership sits on 5526 East Mockingbird street.
[Older Woman Outside House Fire]
Photograph of an older woman in a nightgown supported by a policeman and man in a suit on either side.
[Two Men Driving Buggy]
Photograph of two men behind the reigns of a horse-drawn buggy, riding through the city street.
[Two Men Driving Fire Car]
Photograph of two men behind the wheel of an old car, driving it out of the firehouse.
[Two Story Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick building ablaze with firemen aiming one hose through the broken windows on the top floor.
[Varo Fire]
Photograph of a stone building with "Varo MFG. CO." written on the front being doused by two hoses.
[University Park Fire]
Photograph of a strip mall half destroyed on the 6200 block of Hillcrest.
[Two Story House Fire]
Photograph of a two story white house with ladders leading to the roof and six firemen ascending.
[Firemen of 1909]
Photograph of six men, three seated and three standing behind them, dressed in black in front of a brick building.
[Firemen of 1895]
Photograph of seven men wearing fireman uniforms, three sitting and four standing, with two young boys bookending the line of firemen.
[Firemen Manning Hose]
Photograph of a long line of firemen holding a hose to a house fire.
[Photograph of Dennis Canty]
Photograph of Dennis Canty, Badge #1 at the Dallas Fire Department, and an accompanying article about his work with the department.
[Three Fire Chiefs]
Photograph of three men wearing flame-retardant firemen uniforms. From left to right, their names are Chief Hendrix, Chief Spillman, and Chief H. E. Paris.
[Three Men Sitting on Cliff]
Photograph of three men wearing dark suits and cowboy hats sitting on a pile of rock that hangs over a cliff.
[Tornado Destruction in Dallas, Texas]
Photograph of destruction caused by a tornado in Dallas, Texas. Two men are standing near a damaged building and looking at debris on the ground.
[Water Tower Test]
Photograph of four men dressed in suits near a train car.