Dallas Firefighters Museum - Browse

[3 Alarm Fire at 600 Block of 1st Street]
Photograph of a two story wooden building with much of the second story destroyed by fire.
[3 Alarm Fire at Second and Grand]
Photograph of six firemen and four civilians wading through the remains of a fire at the corner of Second and Grand street.
[3 Alarm House Fire at 600 Block of 1st Avenue]
Photograph of a wooden house with the second story mostly destroyed by fire.
[4 Alarm Fire at Ervay and Pacific Fire]
Photograph of a three story building decorated with ladders that lead to charred windows.
[4 Alarm Fire at Good and Bryan Street]
Photograph of a four-alarm fire at Good and Bryan Streets. Firefighters stand on the ground with hoses to put out the flames, and a large cloud of smoke is coming off the building. A firetruck is visible in the left foreground.
[4 Alarm Parking Garage Fire]
Photograph of a three story brick building with ladders and firemen leading hoses inside the windows.
[4 Alarm Rooftop Fire]
Photograph of firemen dressed in dark coats with helmets scaling a brick wall to survey the smoking damage.
[5 Alarm Fire at 4810 East Side]
Photograph of a charred building with two ladders leading to the rooftop.
[#5 Parry Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the front row seated and the second standing, all in black firemen uniforms.
[#7 Station Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of men in suits wearing Firemen hats, six standing and four sitting, in front of the fire station.
[#16 Colombia Firemen]
Photograph of one row of men wearing dark colored suits and firemen hats in front of a brick building with three windows.
[200 Block West Jefferson Fire]
Photograph of firemen scaling a burning brick building's roof from an adjoining roof.
[600 Block Fire on 1st Avenue]
Photograph of a charred wooden staircase.
[1400 Elm Building Collapse]
Photograph of men wearing mostly white shirts shifting through the rubble of a building that collapsed on the 1400 block of Elm Street.
[1909 Firemen]
Photograph of eleven men in Fireman uniforms sitting in two rows in front of the fire house.
[1948 Fire]
Photograph of firemen wading through water near equipment covered with sheets.
[1949 Fire]
Photograph of three firemen silhouetted by a large fire.
[1950 Fire]
Photograph of firemen scaling two ladders to survey the rooftop damage on the other side of a brick wall.
[1957 Firemen]
Photograph of five men standing and three kneeling in firemen gear in front of a fire truck.
[2401 South Harwood Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick commercial building on fire.
[2815 State Street]
Photograph of the inside of a charred wooden house at 2815 State Street.
[2nd Paramedic Class]
Photograph of three rows of men wearing black trousers and light colored button-up shirts. The first row is on one knee, the second sits, and the third stands.
[3804 North Hampton Fire]
Photograph of a charred kitchen after a fire at 3804 North Hampton in Dallas. A partial sign is visible in the center of the image that says "Cold *Grape or Or[...] *Ice Cold."
[4810 East Side Fire]
Photograph of a two story wooden house with the top floor charred by fire.
[4810 East Side House Fire]
Photograph of a five alarm fire at 4810 East Side, with the outside charred and two ladders to the second floor.
[8247 Barbaree Couch Fire]
Photograph of a large charred hole in a couch in the living room of a house.
[8247 Barbaree Fire]
Photograph of a bedroom with charred sheets and mattress.
[Adolphus Hotel]
Photograph of four firemen standing at the bottom of a ladder at the Adolphus Hotel, which sits on the corner of Akard and Commerce.
[Adolphus Hotel Fire]
Photograph of a light colored car near the fire engines parked on the side of the street to respond to a fire at Adolphus Hotel on Main east of Akard.
[Aerial Photograph of Burning Building]
Aerial photograph of a burning, multi-story building at the corner of Elm and Lamar St. in Dallas, partially obscured by smoke. On the ground and in the streets, multiple fire engines and emergency vehicles attend the fire. Three of the trucks have long ladders extended, and firefighters at the tops of the ladders hold hoses pointed at the building, spraying large streams of water. The city is also visible around the burning building. Large hoses cover the streets between and around the fire engines.
[Aerial View of Building Collapse]
Photograph of a building collapse on the 1400 block of Elm street.
[Aero Unit Van for the Dallas Fire Department]
Photograph of an Aero Unit Van used by the Dallas Fire Department. It is parked in front of an open structure, and a firetruck is parked behind it.
[Air Force One on Love Field]
Photograph of Air Force One on Dallas Love Field. Two emergency vehicles can be seen on the runway behind the airplane.
[Air Force One on Love Field]
Photograph of Air Force One on Dallas Love Field. Two emergency vehicles can be seen on the runway to the side of the airplane.
[Airway Theater Fire]
Photograph of a neon sign reading "Airway" with the words "Now showing Key Largo also The Fuor Poster" below. The theater sits at 8006 Denton Drive.
[Anderson Furniture Fire]
Photograph of a fireman scaling a large ladder to the roof of a brick building, Anderson Furniture on Elm and Olive street.
[Anderson Furniture Fire on Elm and Olive]
Photograph of a three story brick building scaled by firemen while a neon sign reads "Anderson's 59 years at this location."
[Apartment Fire]
Photograph of a firefighter carrying two suitcases down a hallway damaged by fire with two young women.
[Arcadia Theatre Fire at 2005 Greenville Avenue]
Photograph of the Arcadia Theatre Fire at 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas. Many ladders are placed against the building, and there are fire hoses on the ground in front of the box office. The marquee reads "Robert Mitchum. Robert Wagner. The Hunters. Open Daily 1:45."
[B. G. Barbee From Station 35]
Photograph of a man with dark hair drenched in sweat while wearing a fireman's uniform, sitting on the steps of a fire truck. The man's name was B. G. Barbee, a member of station 35.
[Barbecue Diner Fire]
Photograph of a car crashed into a one story barbecue restaurant with Dr. Pepper signs, at the corner of Harwood and Corinth street. Two were killed in the accident.
[Ben Griffin Auto Fire]
Photograph of a two story white brick building at 1601 South Ervay with black smoke engulfing the roof while two firemen operate a hose at the top of a ladder.
[Black Horses Pulling Fire Engine]
Photograph of two large, black horses pulling a water engine out of the firehouse with three men standing to the side and one at the reigns.
[Boxing Match Between Firemen]
Photograph of two men wearing boxing gloves watched by nine other men and a referee.
[Boys Play On Fire Engine Inside Fire Station]
Photograph of three boys wearing different parts of a firefighting suit and climbing on the back of a fire engine that sits inside a fire station. A firefighter also stands on the back of the truck, watching the boys as they play with a fire hose. The bottom of the photograph has text that reads, "Dallas Fire Department." There is information about the photograph on the back.
[Bozo's Big Top at Dallas Fire Station 33]
Photograph of a clown, a man in a firefighting suit, and a uniformed firefighter standing in front of a curtain at Dallas Fire Station 33. Directly behind them, children sit in a small, raked seating area framed by a "Bozo's Big Top" circus wagon cut-out. On the left of the men is a drum with triangles on it. On the bottom border of the photo is text reading, "Dallas Fire Department." On the back of the photograph are dimensions and lines for cropping the photo, and two stamps with identifier information and the date.
[Building Collapse]
Photograph of a three story brick building collapsed at the 1400 block of Elm street.
[Building Collapse on 1400 Block of Elm Street]
Photograph of a collapsed building on the 1400 block of Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. Firefighters and bystanders gather beneath the building.
[Building Collapse on Elm]
Photograph of workers wading through the rubble of a collapsed building on the 1400 block of Elm Street, where a car was thoroughly crushed.
[Burned Bin Sitting in Ash and Rubble]
Photograph of a burned and warped square bin sitting in against a burned wall, amidst ash and small bits of unidentifiable rubble. Inside the bin is more ash and small pieces of burnt rubble. On the bottom left of the photograph, there is a small, circular, embossed stamp that reads, "Photo By Dallas Fire Dept." On the back of the photograph is a stamp filled in with handwritten information about the photo.