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[Crowd of Firefighters on a Rescue Operation at Business Strip]

Description: Photograph of a large crowd of firefighters in firefighting suits (most of them with their names on the backs of their jackets) facing a brick, multi-level building with smoke coming out of some of the upper-level windows. There are two more multi-level buildings directly to the left of the smoking building, and a fire engine parked in front of the smoking building. In the top left of the photo, on the roof of the building directly to the left of the smoking building, there are two firefighters pulling up a fire hose. On the ground, a firefighter is about to climb a ladder propped against the building, and another firefighter holds a fire hose leading up to a second-story window. On the back of the photograph, there is a label, typewritten notes, and handwritten notes, including the names of the firefighters who died in the fire.
Date: February 16, 1964

[Crowd Watches Smoking Neiman-Marcus Building]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people watching smoke billow from the fifth floor windows of the Neiman-Marcus building across the street. A long ladder extends from a fire engine on the ground (partially visible beyond the crowd) up to the smoking windows. An aerial platform reaches up to another building beside the Neiman-Marcus. There are Christmas decorations hanging from the lamppost next to the onlookers and strung between the Neiman-Marcus and the building across the street (which is out of shot on the right). On the back of the photograph are a torn-off label, a stamp identifying the photographer, and a handwritten note that reads: "On - Lookers -"
Date: December 19, 1964
Creator: Russell, Russ
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[Dallas County Courthouse Construction]

Description: Photograph of the metal frame of the unfinished, multi-story Dallas County Courthouse. From out of shot on the left, a stream of water is directed at the building. Inside the framework, two staircases going up the whole building are visible. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note identifying the building as the Dallas County Courthouse and giving the date.
Date: June 19, 1964
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[Dallas Engine Co #2 and Firefighters]

Description: Photograph of the front of a two-story, brick fire station, which bears the sign, "Engine Co No. 2." In front of the building is a firefighting wagon drawn by two horses, bearing the name A. P. Flanary. The horses are chained to something out of shot, on the right. Three firefighters in uniform stand in front of the wagon while another firefighter sits in the driver's seat, holding the reins. On the back of the photograph is a label with handwritten information about the photo.
Date: unknown

Dallas Fire Department

Description: Souvenir book documenting the Dallas Fire Department including a complete roster with photographs as well as information about equipment and locations and advertising for Dallas businesses. Index starts after page 94.
Date: 1899~

[Dallas Fire Department 18 Firefighters]

Description: Photograph of the firefighters at Dallas Fire Department 18 standing and kneeling in uniform in front of one of the station's fire engines. The men are arranged in two rows. On the front row, from left to right, the firefighters are: Miguel Gonzalez, Daniel Canter Jr., and Edward Downy Davis. On the back row, from left to right, the firefighters are: George Fletcher, David Villarreal, and Joe C. Guzman. Only a small portion of the front of the fire engine is visible in the photo. On the back of the photograph are an identifier stamp and handwritten text identifying the men in the photo.
Date: February 17, 1976

[Dallas Fire Department Ambulance in Garage]

Description: Photograph of a man standing by the driver door of a Dallas Fire Department ambulance parked in a garage. The man's back is to the camera. The ambulance is halfway out the large garage doorway, facing outwards. On the back of the photograph are stamps giving information about the photo and dimensions for cropping.
Date: August 18, 1974

[Dallas Fire Department Ambulance Repair]

Description: Photograph of a Dallas Fire Department ambulance parked facing the inside of a large, fire station garage door. The ambulance is missing its wheels, bumpers, and most of its body around the engine. There is a man working on the front of the ambulance, which is propped up by a large car jack. On the floor surrounding the ambulance are tools, an anvil resting on top of a wooden block, a large tank with hoses, a small tool chest resting on top of a rolling chest, and discarded scrap pieces. There is a stamp on the back of the photograph with the date the photo was taken.
Date: December 27, 1974

[Dallas Fire Department Firefighters at Station 3]

Description: Photograph of five firefighters in uniform standing on the side of a fire truck outside the old Dallas Fire Station 3. From left to right, the firefighters are: Odell, Capt. Bates, Robertson, Speirs, and Goodfellow. The town is partially visible in the background. There are two small holes at the top of the photograph, one on the left and one on the right. There is a yellow sticky note on the back giving information about the photograph.
Date: unknown
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[Dallas Fire Department Group Portrait]

Description: Photograph of fire fighters from the Central Fire Station, located at 2012 Main in Dallas, Texas. The men are wearing Dallas Fire Department uniforms (including button-down coats and hats) and are posed around an automobile parked outside of the station. Some of the men are sitting in the vehicle and others are standing next to it. Part of the station is visible behind them; there are two open garage doors and the words "Central Fire Station" beneath a row of windows.
Date: 1980~/1989~
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)