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[Elder Women at Danish Ladies Aid Anniversary]

Description: Photograph of elder women posing for a photograph during the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Danish Ladies Club organization. They are dressed conservatively in long coats and dresses, and the majority wear glasses. They stand before a building with an open doorway and three visible windows. A second, adjacent building is seen off to the right of the photograph. Two of the women center-left are holding a sign up that denotes the particular event, and it appears to be written in Danish. Hand-written text in black ink on the back of the photograph reads, "Winter 1952 archives".
Date: 1952

[Peter and Stephanie Harton's Golden Wedding Anniversary]

Description: Black and white photograph of a small group of people at the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Peter Harton and Stephanie Reif Harton, pictured at the center. Stephanie is wearing glasses and is standing behind a white cake. To her right is Peter, wearing a suit and bow tie. In front of him is a Kransekage cake, a traditional Danish wedding cake made of almond-based pastry rings. A table that has been set with teacups, saucers, and plates is just before the group. A thick, velvet curtain with a fringed valance is hanging behind them.
Date: 1951

[Three Girls at the 1950 Mayfest Celebration]

Description: Photograph of three young girls in front of rose bushes during the 1950 Mayfest Celebration held at Danevang Community Hall. They girls are wearing long dresses, pearl necklaces, and formal hairstyles. They have been identified, from left to right as: Ramona Harton, Jane Andersen, Darla Harton. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "May Fete 1950." It goes on to list their names.
Date: 1950