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[Hans Larsen Family Portrait]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Hans Larsen family, posing for a professional portrait. Hans, who is wearing a suit jacket, is standing behind his family and has one hand on the shoulder of his son, who is wearing a collared shirt that has a four-button placket and a bowtie. Hans' daughter stands directly in front of him, wearing a dark, laced-collared dress that comes to her knees. Birte Marie is seated to the right and is wearing a long, dark dress. The background behind them has painted palm leaves.
Date: unknown
Creator: Nielsen, Emil

Manifest from Ocean Liner in Danish

Description: Manifest document from an ocean liner written in Danish. There is an illustration on the top left corner of a flag. Centered on this flag is a letter "S" which has been placed inside an equilateral triangle. The manifest then goes on to list some information. At the bottom, the date is included in the bottom left corner. Opposite it are two lines of text which read, "M. S. ,, Rio Bravo ,," and "Kapt. F. Christiansen"; presumably, the name of the ship and captain.
Date: March 30, 1928

Mother with Child

Description: Studio photograph of a mother and her child in a well-lit space, in front of a blank backdrop. They have not been identified, but a notation in accompanying information provides a last name, "Ingvardsen". The woman wears a dark, long-sleeve dress with a striped turtleneck. Her baby wears a voluminous dark gown with a bow attached to the shoulder. There is both printed and hand-written text on the back of the photograph, but only the printed text can be made out. It is in Danish, and seems to list information about the photography studio that printed it.
Date: unknown

Pastor Frost

Description: Copy of a newspaper article about Pastor Arthur E. Frost titled "Danish Lutheran to Install New Minister Sunday." The article states that Pastor Frost will be installed at St. Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday, and it gives some background on his career. The pastor has a wife, Emma, and two children, Evelyn and Herluf. The article about Pastor Frost is in English, but there is another article on the page that is in Danish. The article is glued to a black sheet of paper.
Date: unknown

Pastor Hald

Description: Two photographs of Pastor Niels Peterson Hald and family and a copy of a newspaper article in Danish on black paper. Pictured in the top photograph are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and eight other people, including three children. The group is standing in front of an unidentified building. The pastor and his wife are in the center. In the photograph at the bottom are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and their son in front of what appears to be the church doors. The picture at the bottom is a copy print of the original. According to accompanying information, Pastor Hald was born on September 29, 1885 and died in 1947, and his wife was named Marie Hansen. He served as pastor of the Danevang Lutheran Church from September 1928 through April 1934.
Date: unknown

[Peter and Stephanie Harton's Golden Wedding Anniversary]

Description: Black and white photograph of a small group of people at the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Peter Harton and Stephanie Reif Harton, pictured at the center. Stephanie is wearing glasses and is standing behind a white cake. To her right is Peter, wearing a suit and bow tie. In front of him is a Kransekage cake, a traditional Danish wedding cake made of almond-based pastry rings. A table that has been set with teacups, saucers, and plates is just before the group. A thick, velvet curtain with a fringed valance is hanging behind them.
Date: 1951

[Portrait of a Married Danish Couple]

Description: Black and white photograph of a husband and a wife, Ole Nielsen and Sidst Marie Nielsdatter. They are posed for a professional photograph and are wearing formal attire. Ole is sitting in an embellished chair; his arm is resting on the arm of the chair. Sidst is standing to his right, with her arm behind him.
Date: unknown
Creator: Ganderup

[Portrait of a Mother and Her Two Children]

Description: Black and white portrait of Hansigne Larsen Wind and her two children, Ebbe and Abelone. Hansigne is seated in a wooden chair and is dressed in a long, dark gown. The children are standing on either side of Hansigne, with their arms placed in her lap. The back of the mat has a handwritten note which says, "Leaving Iowa to visit mother's family taken in 1895. Mother Ebbe. Daddy left for Tex in 1894, Oct. We 3 joined him here in June 1895."
Date: 1895

[Portrait of Confirmation Class]

Description: Copy print of a portrait of confirmation class in front of a church in Danevang, Texas. There are fourteen confirmands and their pastor, A. H. Kojl. Names are listed by row on the back of the photograph. The six young ladies in front are wearing white dresses, and four are wearing necklaces. The boys are wearing suits and ties. Some are wearing bow ties. There is a sign in a foreign language, most likely Danish, above the door of the church.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Lars Jorgensen]

Description: Black and white photograph of a man, Lars Jorgensen, posed for a portrait. He is bald except for some tufts of hair that extend past his ears; he also has a beard. He is wearing a dark pea coat under which one hand is visible. Behind him to the left is part of a piece of furniture.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Sophie Jensen Olson

Description: Black and white photograph of a woman, Sophie Jensen Olson, who is the wife of J.P. Olson. She is wearing dark clothing that features a ruffled top and a high collar. Her hair is pulled back tight. The portrait is vignetted so that only her bust and above are visible.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hansen, F. E.

Revaluation Policy of Property

Description: Insurance policy document written in Danish. It was sent by Carl Harton in order to apply for membership to cover household goods against fire or lightning damages. When folded, the document acts as a pamphlet on the back, where much of its bylaws and fine print policies appear to be stated.
Date: August 23, 1930

[Three Girls at the 1950 Mayfest Celebration]

Description: Photograph of three young girls in front of rose bushes during the 1950 Mayfest Celebration held at Danevang Community Hall. They girls are wearing long dresses, pearl necklaces, and formal hairstyles. They have been identified, from left to right as: Ramona Harton, Jane Andersen, Darla Harton. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "May Fete 1950." It goes on to list their names.
Date: 1950

[Two Girls on Their Confirmation Day at Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white photograph of two young women, Inger Nielsen and Alma Harton, standing on concrete steps in front of the Danevang Lutheran Church. They are both wearing white dresses and have their arms around each others' waists. The young woman on the left has her other arm on her hips. Behind them, the doors of the church are closed. The arched window above the door has an inscription that says "ANSGAR KIRKE," meaning each other's waist.
Date: 1940

[Two Men in front of Velkommen Sign]

Description: Photograph of two men on the front steps of a building with sign that reads, "Velkommen". The man on the left wears a powder blue blazer, striped tie and light blue shirt, and black pants. He holds a folder on his left hand. The man on the right wears a three-piece suit over a light blue shirt and striped tie. They stand on a green carpet that covers the front steps leading to a set of double doors behind them. They seem to be in the process of speaking, as two women in the foreground are facing away from the camera and looking at them. Above them to the left, there are two flags hanging from the top trim of a window; one of them is decidedly an American flag.
Date: 1990