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Andrew Jensen's Naturalization Papers

Description: Certificate of naturalization provided to Andrew Jensen after he became a citizen of the United States. Some biographical information is provided as well as additional standard signatures and bureaucratic fine print. There are two stamps on the back of the certificate, both of which appear to be written in Danish.
Date: June 1, 1918

[Danish Ladies Aid 50th Anniversary]

Description: Photograph of a group of senior women during the Danish Ladies Aid 50th year anniversary. They are posing for the camera outside in a long line, although it appears that two pictures were taken at the same time because they are all tentatively staring to the right. Two women at center-left hold up a sign that denotes the day's event. It appears to be written in Danish. They are dressed conservatively; the majority wear long coats and dresses, as well as glasses and pinned-back hairstyles. A young girl is in the very front looking directly at the camera.
Date: 1945

[Duus Family Portrait]

Description: Studio portrait photograph of the Duus family in front of a blank backdrop. The three individuals in the back are standing and embracing each other, all of whom are the children of Gerda and Pastor Vagn Duus. On the back row from left to right are Verner, Sibyl, and Erling Duus. Sibyl's hand appears to be around the shoulder of her mother, Gerda, who wears horn-rimmed glasses, a blazer, and matching skirt. She is seated on the arm rest of a wooden chair, which is occupied by Pastor Vagn Duus. The words "Merry Christmas" have been printed on the top margin of the photograph. There is hand-written text on the back, but with the exception of the heading, which reads, "To Danish Ladies Aid member", the rest appears to be written in Danish or a similar Germanic language.
Date: 1942/1947

[Elder Women at Danish Ladies Aid Anniversary]

Description: Photograph of elder women posing for a photograph during the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Danish Ladies Club organization. They are dressed conservatively in long coats and dresses, and the majority wear glasses. They stand before a building with an open doorway and three visible windows. A second, adjacent building is seen off to the right of the photograph. Two of the women center-left are holding a sign up that denotes the particular event, and it appears to be written in Danish. Hand-written text in black ink on the back of the photograph reads, "Winter 1952 archives".
Date: 1952

Hans & Anna Andersen Family Reunion

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women at the Danevang Community Hall in Danevang, Texas. The women are seated on what appears to be the stage of a small auditorium that has been closed-shut by a red curtain. Two men stand on each side. From left to right, the group has been identified as Kenneth Mads Andersen, Doris Andersen Gray, Loraine A. McCarty, Virginia A. Hall, and Roger L. Andersen. Large, block lettering on a banner in the back indicates that the photograph was taken at the Andersen Family Reunion.
Date: June 2002

Hans & Anna Andersen Family Reunion

Description: Photograph of a group of adult men and women standing before an auditorium with closed curtains. From left to right, they have been identified as Kenneth Mads Andersen, Karyl Andersen, Loraine A. McCarty, John McCarty, Doris A. Gray, Harry Hall, Virginia A. Hall, Betty Andersen, and Roger Andersen. Accompanying information, as well as the large block lettering behind them on the banner, indicates that the photograph was taken during the Hans and Anna Andersen Family Reunion.
Date: June 2002

Pastor Frost

Description: Copy of a newspaper article about Pastor Arthur E. Frost titled "Danish Lutheran to Install New Minister Sunday." The article states that Pastor Frost will be installed at St. Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday, and it gives some background on his career. The pastor has a wife, Emma, and two children, Evelyn and Herluf. The article about Pastor Frost is in English, but there is another article on the page that is in Danish. The article is glued to a black sheet of paper.
Date: unknown

Pastor Hald

Description: Two photographs of Pastor Niels Peterson Hald and family and a copy of a newspaper article in Danish on black paper. Pictured in the top photograph are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and eight other people, including three children. The group is standing in front of an unidentified building. The pastor and his wife are in the center. In the photograph at the bottom are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and their son in front of what appears to be the church doors. The picture at the bottom is a copy print of the original. According to accompanying information, Pastor Hald was born on September 29, 1885 and died in 1947, and his wife was named Marie Hansen. He served as pastor of the Danevang Lutheran Church from September 1928 through April 1934.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Confirmation Class]

Description: Copy print of a portrait of confirmation class in front of a church in Danevang, Texas. There are fourteen confirmands and their pastor, A. H. Kojl. Names are listed by row on the back of the photograph. The six young ladies in front are wearing white dresses, and four are wearing necklaces. The boys are wearing suits and ties. Some are wearing bow ties. There is a sign in a foreign language, most likely Danish, above the door of the church.
Date: unknown

[Two Men in front of Velkommen Sign]

Description: Photograph of two men on the front steps of a building with sign that reads, "Velkommen". The man on the left wears a powder blue blazer, striped tie and light blue shirt, and black pants. He holds a folder on his left hand. The man on the right wears a three-piece suit over a light blue shirt and striped tie. They stand on a green carpet that covers the front steps leading to a set of double doors behind them. They seem to be in the process of speaking, as two women in the foreground are facing away from the camera and looking at them. Above them to the left, there are two flags hanging from the top trim of a window; one of them is decidedly an American flag.
Date: 1990