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[Funeral Program for Homer D. Smith, March 2011]

Description: Funeral program for Major General Homer D. Smith, retired from the United States Army. The funeral was held at Dodd Field Chapel at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas, and it was officiated by Reverend David W. Schulte. The date of the service is not included. Includes biographical information for the deceased and the lyrics to the hymn "How Great Thou Art" printed on a separate sheet. Smith is a veteran of both World War II and the Vietnam War, and he lived from February 16, 1922 to March 6, 2011.
Date: March 2011

[History of Danish Pioneers as Told by Andrew Enemark Berndt]

Description: Brief nine-page typed account of the history of Danish settlers in Texas written by Andrew Enermark Berndt over a period, it would seem, of several years. He begins by explaining the lineage of his parents, Laura and Helvig Berndt, and progresses to his family's immigration from Denmark to the United States sometime between the 1840's and the beginning of World War I. A short anecdote is given about his father's butchering of a wild hog. His father, Helvig, bought 3,000 acres of land that now makes up modern day Danevang from a land survey company. Danevang, roughly translated, means Danish Meadows. The last few pages are sprinkled with stories of hardship for these pioneers and the successful establishment of a fire and storm insurance agency, as well as a telephone company that served to modernize their small community.
Date: 1983/1991