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1914 School Photo

Description: Postcard of the Danevang School class of 1914 in front of a building. There are three visible windows. The students have been separated into boys and girls, with the girls standing in the center and the boys surrounding them on each side and behind them. The girls wear long, light-colored dresses belted at the waist. The boys wear formal attire. The girls have been identified, from left to right, as unknown, Esther Knudsen, Elna Petersen, Andrea Hansen, Emelia Andersen, Gertrude Strarup, and Christine Olsen. Three names have been provided for the boys but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply. Black, rough patches of paper on the back of the postcard remain on each corner from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1914

Brian Wind's Confirmation Class

Description: Postcard of a group of people standing before a church structure during their confirmation. They are standing in two rows, with the front row composed of women in light-colored dresses. A set of double doors is behind them and two windows on either side. A church pastor appears to be standing on the top left corner, judging by his outfit. Brian Wind has also been named, but he has not been matched to any individual in the postcard.
Date: 1914~

Carl Thyssen During World War I

Description: Postcard of two men in military uniform standing on a wooden boardwalk in front of what appears to be a barrack. A ladder can be seen inclined on the structure behind the man on the right. Accompanying information indicates one of the men is Carl Thyssen, but has not specified which is which. They both wear lace-up boots, hats, and loose-fitting pants, but the man on the left wears a button-up jacket with multiple button-flap pockets, as oppose to the man on the right, who simply wears a long-sleeve shirt.
Date: 1918~

Christine & Inger Olson

Description: Postcard of two young women in front of a backdrop. The woman on the left stands with her hand placed on a wicker chair. She is wearing a long dress cinched at the waist with a thin belt and a ribbon bow on her hair. The woman next to her on the right is sitting on the wicker chair and holds the left hand of the woman next to her. She wears a similar dress, hairstyle, and ribbon bow. Accompanying information indicates that they Christine and Ingeborg Olsen, but their names have not been matched to their position on the image.
Date: 1915/1930

Community Hall

Description: Postcard of exterior of the Danevang community hall. Five cars are parked outside, within the confines of a small chicken wire fence. A small secondary, adjacent, single-story structure lies just to the right of the community hall. There are a series of three tombstones a few feet from each other in front of the building. On the back of the postcard, hand-written text in blue ink reads, " No 10 from Helga Thyssen for archives".
Date: 1894/1950

Cotton Gin

Description: Copy print postcard of a cotton processing plant in Danevang, Texas. The property has a broad expanse of territory. The main buildings seem to be concentrated on the right, and additional farming equipment and tools are to the left, which also include carriages and cotton bales. Hand-written text on the back of the postcard was photocopied. Most of the text cannot be read with certainty.
Date: unknown

[Danevang Farmers Co-operative Society Building]

Description: Postcard of a single-story building surrounded by a dirt road and farmlands. On the entrance, over double sided doors and a set of windows on either side, there is a large sign that reads "Danevang Farmers Co-operative Society Inc.". On the right side of the building, towards the back, there are two parked cars. There are two men standing in between them. The man on the right is looking towards the direction where the photograph was taken.
Date: 1925/1935

[Danish Cultural Center Postcard]

Description: Postcard of several lines of text and printed images regarding the Danish Cultural Center. At the top left, there is a line drawing of the "Pioneer House," which, according to the caption beneath it, was "one of the pre-1900 houses, restored and furnished to reflect the early lifestyle of the Danevang pioneers." The small image shows a a two-story house with a smaller, single-story structure in the background and two flag poles in the foreground bearing the American and Danish flags. The drawing opposite on the top right corner is of a long structure with a mansard roof, which, according to its caption, is the museum. It is "reminiscent of an old Danish barn, it houses artifacts of the early days of the immigrants plus displays of farming, community life and Danish culture." In the very center, there is an outlined image of the state of Texas, with a tiered, bold line of text in red that reads, "Danish Culture Center." On the back of the postcard, there is further information about the Center. It reads: "Located approximately 12 miles south of El Campo on Hwy. 71 South and CR 426. The Cultural Center was established in 1992 and opened in 2001 to preserve, protect, and promote Danish Heritage artifacts and cultures."
Date: 1992/2001

Family Gathering

Description: Postcard of a family gathering taking place outdoors. They appear to be having a picnic, judging by the food paraphernalia in the center of the group. They are seated amidst short grasses underneath the cast shadows of the many trees that surround them. The family consists of men, women, and children, and the majority turn their heads back to look towards the camera. A vehicle can be seen in the distance facing away from them. Accompanying information states that "this photo was taken on the land given to the community by the Folk Society."
Date: unknown

Fish Fry on Matagorda Bay

Description: Postcard of a group of men tending to a meal being prepared on the ground. Three of the men are actively engaged with various cooking utensils, while the two in the back look on. They appear to be standing in a barren landscape. There are no distinguishing landscape elements. Two names are listed on the back of the postcard, but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply.
Date: 1900/1950

Four Danevang Homes

Description: Postcard of a composite image of four homes belonging to the Danevang family. They are all two-story structures but vary in architectural details, number of windows, construction materials, and landscape elements. The two on top look to be more suburban in setting, while the two on the bottom appear to be located in a rural environment. There is no addressee on the back of the postcard, but various notes have been written on it. Rough, black patches of paper remain from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1895/1995

[Group of Women in Front of Building]

Description: Postcard of a group of women outside of the Danevang Community Hall. A Red Cross flag has been hanged behind them partially covering a window and fully covering a door. Three more windows are seen on the same face of the building, and a fourth, of similar dimensions, can be seen on the left adjacent wall. Some of the women present are dressed in nursing uniforms, while others are more casually dressed in light-colored gowns. There are also a few children on the front row. Hand-written text on the back of the postcard indicates setting as community hall and donor Lillian Hansen. It has not been addressed to anybody.
Date: 1940/1950

[Gymnastics Team in a Circle]

Description: Postcard of a group of adolescent boys standing in a circle. They hold their arms outstretched on either side, forming a smaller circle in the middle where an adult male stands with his arms resting on each side. They are in front of a gymnasium in Minnesota, which is partially seen in the background. A few trees are off to the right. On the back of the postcard, hand-written text reads, "Gymnastics team in front of gym at Tyler MN. This building still in use 2001."
Date: unknown

H. P. Hermansen Home

Description: Postcard of a two-story structure in Danevang, Texas, belonging to H. P. Jensen. A picket fence surrounds the house. Both H. P. Jensen and Mrs. H. P. Jensen stand in the front porch of their home, which is covered by a sloping roof projection creating an overhang. Additionally, there are intersecting hip roofs and a single chimney at the very top. There is a sign that hangs on the right side of the first floor that reads, "Danevang Post Office." A white sticker on the front of the photograph reads, "H. P. Hermansen was Postmaster for 35 years. He was also a weather man. He kept a record of the rainfall."
Date: 1920/1950

Hans Nickolas Hansen

Description: Bust portrait postcard of a man identified as Hans Nickolas (Nicole) Hansen. He is in front of a light-colored backdrop wearing a bow tie and suit jacket over a light-colored shirt. Because of a probable mistake in the way the postcard was developed, there is a large black mass that covers the bottom part of the image. On the back, the postcard has been addressed to "Mrs. Gertrude Hansen" at "D & R, El Campo, Texas 77437 63-4330 C."
Date: 1890/1900

Notice to Appear

Description: Postcard sent out by the Local Board of Grundy County in Iowa to notify Ejner L. Wind to appear for a physical examination. The front of the postcard gives information about the date of the examination, and also warns Ejner that failure to appear may result in a loss of rights or immediately induct him to imprisonment or military service. On the back of the postcard, there is postage information.
Date: November 18, 1918

L. P. Larsen Home

Description: Postcard of a family home belonging to L. P. Larsen. The photograph was shot from behind a chicken wire fence, and captures a group of people standing on the front porch patio of their two-story home. The house has intersecting gable roofs and an overhang on the first floor supported by slender columns. The first and second floor both have many windows.
Date: 1920/1950

[Panoramic View of a Military Regiment in Maryland]

Description: Postcard of a large group of United States army soldiers at a camp in Maryland, possibly Glen Bernie or Laurel. They are all in their military uniform, gathered in multiple rows. Behind them, a series of tall leafless trees can be seen, as well as a single-story structure in the very center at the top of a hill. There is printed text on the front that reads "47 Battalion 23rd Engineers, Glen Bernie, MD. Feb. 1918." There is a black arrow near the top of the image pointing at an individual, identified as Arnold G. Knock. This information is verified on the back of the postcard, on which Arnold himself, under the "correspondence" heading, wrote: "I am in this picture the arrow point is our my head Did you receive my letter Hoping to hear from you soon This is my address Arnold G. Knock, Laurel Maryland, Truck Co #10 23 Engrs. [sic]" He has addressed the postcard on the left and right to an Emilie Andersen at "El Campo, Texas. D. S. R. #55."
Date: 1918
Creator: Schutz, Frederick A.

[Pastor Rodholm and Family]

Description: Postcard of a family group standing outdoors in front of a bush. The man in the back wearing glasses and the dark suit has been identified as Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm. His wife, Martha Christine Nielsen Rodholm, is standing next to him on the right. She wears a long dress and has her hair pulled in a bun. The girl standing in the front of Pastor Rodholm, his daughter, has been identified as Gudrun Valborg Rodholm. Her brother, Immanuel Benedict Rodholm, is to the right.
Date: 1920/1923

Petersen, Andersen, Andersen, Madsen Homes

Description: Postcard of a composite view of four Danevang homes belonging to four different people. The top left image is a two-story structure with gable roofs and several trees on the front lawn belonging to J. P. Petersen. The top right image is a large two-story structure with a first floor overhang supported by brick columns and an ornate front lawn with different species of plants and bushes. Accompanying information indicates that V. M. Andersen is the owner. The bottom left image is a two-story house with a steep gambrel roof and boxwood shrubs belonging to Hans T. Andersen. The bottom right image is a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, several double-hung windows, and a windmill in the background belonging to Chris Madsen.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Men, Women, and Children]

Description: Postcard of seated and standing men, women, and children outside; possibly the Nygaard family. A few trees are seen in the back and a single-story structure lies just behind these. The woman in the second row on the left-most side has been identified as Anna Nygaard. The young girl below her has been identified as Asta Nygaard. No other names have been provided.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of S. D. Rodholm]

Description: Postcard of a man, identified as S. D. Rodholm, in front of a blank light-colored backdrop. He stands with his hands behind his back wearing a three-piece suit, hat, and small oval glasses. The printed text on the sheet of paper where the photograph was pasted to reads: "S. D. Rodsholm (perhaps a typo; name spelled as 'Rodholm' in other sources) Brother of J. A. M. Rodsholm. Translated famous Danish folk sons. See 'Joy of SONG', (Evening Star). Also the Green Book. b.j. 8-29-2004."
Date: 1920/1923

[Portrait of Sitting Man]

Description: Postcard of a bearded man, possibly Hans Nygaard, wearing a blazer, tie, and waistcoat. He is sitting outside in a wicker chair in front of trees. In the distance, there appears to be a single-story structure. There is hand-written text on the back of the postcard that reads "Ida Nygaard".
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Danevang Homes]

Description: Postcard of a composite image of four homes. They are all two-story structures but vary in architectural details, number of windows, construction materials, and landscape elements. The two on top look to be more suburban in setting, while the two on the bottom appear to be located in a rural environment. There is no addressee on the back of the postcard, but four names have been written on it, corresponding to each quadrant of the postcard, and read as follows from left to right, top to bottom: "P. J. Petersen, Askel (perhaps Axel) Hermansen, Hans Andersen, H. D. Madsen".
Date: 1930/1941