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[Jensen Children]

Description: Copy negative of a black and white photograph professionally taken in 1906 of Hans Peter Jensen's five children. They are posed in front of a textured background and on top of a rug that looks like it is made of animal fur. The three older children stand behind the two youngest children, who are seated and dressed in a similar fashion. The sole girl wears a white dress, stockings, and shoes and is placing her hand on the chair upon which her younger sibling sits. The eldest boy stands in the center in a suit and tie. His younger brother stands to the right of him, also in a suit, and places his hand on the chair of the sibling seated in front of him.
Date: 1906
Creator: Melcher Studio

[Mads Andersen in Uniform]

Description: Photograph of Mads Andersen wearing a Danish Army uniform, in which he served. Afterwards, he traveled to America in 1880 and arrived in Danevang, Texas in 1894. Mads Andersen was born July 24th, 1857 in Flyn, Denmark. He died October 11, 1938 and was buried at Danevang Lutheran Cemetery.
Date: 1906

Portrait of Andreas Enemark Berndt as an Infant

Description: Black and white photograph of an infant, identified as Andreas Enemark Berndt, seated on an elaborate wicker chair He is wearing a long white baby's gown; the soles of his shoes peek out from underneath the hem of the dress. Both hands are in motion; he seems to be holding an object in one of them. The image is mounted on a black frame with a decorative floral banner surrounding the picture. On the back of the mat is the inscription: "Gledelig Jul til Bedstefader Laurits Lauritzen fra lille Andreas Enemark Berndt i Danevang, Texas, America." Accompanying information has translated the inscription: "Merry Christmas to Grandfather Laurits Lauritzen fra lille Andreas Enemark Berndt."
Date: 1906

[Portrait of Danevang Citizens at Danevang Community Hall]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Danevang community gathered for a portrait at the Danevang Community Hall, which was evidently also used as the town school. The younger citizens are pictured mostly in the front of the group, sitting or kneeling; older children and adults are sitting or standing behind them, arranged in rows just outside the exterior west wall of the building. There are five windows on the building that are visible; three of them are open, with a couple suited men sitting or standing within the window frames.
Date: 1906

[Young George Hansen]

Description: Black and white portrait of a young George Hansen wearing a white Victorian infant dress. He is standing and holding himself up by grasping onto a structure made of interwoven strands of wood that is behind him. A plank of weathered wood provides a platform where he stands. The portrait has been pasted to a thick cardboard mat. The back of the mat has handwriting on it, which reads: "From Mrs. Larsen to Mrs. Henry. George Hansen son of Mr. and Mrs. Niels Hansen, Danevang, Tex, 1906. Brother of Mrs. Kristine Allenson."
Date: 1906