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[Articles of Agreement for Warranty Deed]

Description: Deed recording the transaction between Laurits J. Lykke and his wife Hanna with Carl Harton regarding the sell of 70 acres of land in Wharton County, which was sold to Carl for a total sum of $8,298.12. The document goes on to give specific payment schedules and other relevant information. The deed is held together with a second document, a smaller piece of paper that was signed by a notary of Wharton County authenticating the transaction.
Date: 1899
Item Type: Legal Document

[Children of Paul Claussen]

Description: Photograph of three young boys, all the sons of Paul Claussen and Christine Berndt. Their names are Andreas, Edward, and Niels Claussen.
Date: 1894
Item Type: Photograph

Community Hall

Description: Postcard of exterior of the Danevang community hall. Five cars are parked outside, within the confines of a small chicken wire fence. A small secondary, adjacent, single-story structure lies just to the right of the community hall. There are a series of three tombstones a few feet from each other in front of the building. On the back of the postcard, hand-written text in blue ink reads, " No 10 from Helga Thyssen for archives".
Date: 1894/1950
Item Type: Postcard

[Confirmation Certificate]

Description: Certificate from a confirmation ceremony in 1891 written in Danish. An illustrated image of Jesus Christ holding the Eucharist is at the very top of the document. Below this is both printed and written text listing Martin Skjoldborg Kristiansen's name, who was presumably the person in the confirmation. Pastor S. H. Madsen's signature is at the bottom of the document. Flanking the portion of the text on the right and left sides are illustrated images of two angels inside circular motifs that are emerging from foliage. The very bottom of the document has one final illustration: an open book accompanied by a cross and chalice, also inside a circular motif, and flanked on either side by foliage. Accompanying information indicates that Martin was a "brother to Anne Marie Christiansen who is Doyle Schaer's grandmother - married to Peter Blasuis Nielsen."
Date: January 2, 1891
Item Type: Text

Cotton Statement

Description: Photograph of a document that records the sale of three cotton bales from J. O. Olson to Webb Holloway & Co. for a total of $72.57.
Date: September 17, 1898
Item Type: Photograph

Ella Kristine Hansen Allenson

Description: Photograph of a young woman, identified as Ella Kristine Hansen Allenson, sitting on an upholstered chair in front of a dark background. Her hair is tied in the back, and she wears a long-sleeved dress cinched at the waist. There is lace trim on both her sleeves and neckline. The photograph has been placed inside a decorative envelope sleeve. When closed, the front flap has an embossed circular motif.
Date: 1899/1969
Item Type: Photograph

Four Danevang Homes

Description: Postcard of a composite image of four homes belonging to the Danevang family. They are all two-story structures but vary in architectural details, number of windows, construction materials, and landscape elements. The two on top look to be more suburban in setting, while the two on the bottom appear to be located in a rural environment. There is no addressee on the back of the postcard, but various notes have been written on it. Rough, black patches of paper remain from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1895/1995
Item Type: Postcard

Gesetze und Nebengesetze der Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties

Description: This short pamphlet contains the laws and bylaws of the German-American Mutual Fire Insurance Association for Travis and Neighboring Counties. The document describes the association's structure and rules for conducting business including: its purpose, titles and duties of officers, election of officers, intake of new members, types of insurance offered, procedures for investigating claims, and making changes to the laws and bylaws. The sitting president and secretary are named on the second to last page, and the last page contains a table of contents.
Date: 1891
Creator: Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties
Item Type: Pamphlet

[H. J. Berndt]

Description: Photograph of a man wearing a dark coat. His brothers first came to Wisner, Nebraska in 1893 before coming to Danevang.
Date: 1893
Item Type: Photograph

H. J. Berndt as a Guard for Kaiser Wilhelm

Description: Color photograph of a black and white portrait of a man in a military uniform posed next to an elaborate piece of furniture. He is identified as H.J. Berndt, who served as a guard for Kaiser Wilhelm in Germany when Germany occupied the Southern part of Denmark. His uniform consists of a single-breasted jacket with a row of buttons down the center. At his waist, he is wearing a belt. He is also wearing light colored pants and boots. His right ankle is crossed over his left ankle and one of his hands rests on the table beside him.
Date: 1890
Creator: Lange, Paul
Item Type: Photograph

Hans Nickolas Hansen

Description: Bust portrait postcard of a man identified as Hans Nickolas (Nicole) Hansen. He is in front of a light-colored backdrop wearing a bow tie and suit jacket over a light-colored shirt. Because of a probable mistake in the way the postcard was developed, there is a large black mass that covers the bottom part of the image. On the back, the postcard has been addressed to "Mrs. Gertrude Hansen" at "D & R, El Campo, Texas 77437 63-4330 C."
Date: 1890/1900
Item Type: Postcard

J. C. Evers and Family

Description: Studio photograph of J. C. Evers and his family posing in front of a light-colored backdrop and a set of pulled curtains. J. C. Evers himself is sitting on a chair on the far left. He wears a three-piece suit with a dark tie. A young woman is behind him on the right wearing a turtleneck top with a dark, belted skirt. Two children are in the middle, a girl and a boy; presumably siblings. A fourth person, an older woman dressed in dark clothing, is seated on the far right in a wicker chair. The photograph has been pasted on a stiff, cardboard matte surface that is chipping on the top left corner. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "From Abelona Wind Harton. Friends with family in Danevang. Evers lived in 424 East corner of second [difficult to read] from right."
Date: 1890/1895
Item Type: Photograph

[Jens and Paul Berndt]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits, one sitting and the other standing with a hand on the other's shoulder. Jens and Paul Berndt were bothers of Helvig Berndt. They first came to Wisner, Nebraska then moved to Danevang, Texas. Paul then moved to South Dakota.
Date: 1890
Item Type: Photograph

Kaiser Wilhelm and His Guards in Potsdam

Description: Copy photograph of a black and white photograph depicting Kaiser Wilhelm II walking by a line of his guards in Potsdam, Germany. Visible on the left, he and his officers are dressed in full military uniforms which include jackets, pants, boots, and sashes. Kaiser Wilhelm II is the most decorated man in the group; various medals are strewn across his chest. A long line of guards stand at attention on his right, one of whom is H.J. Berndt, denoted by an arrow that has been penned in on the photograph's surface. They are all standing near a large building whose exterior is in the classical style. On the left hand corner of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "...on a visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II, in Potsdam, by Berlin, in 1892, by H.J. Berndt."
Date: 1892
Item Type: Photograph

[Large Group of People at Tres Palacios Creek]

Description: Copy negative print of a large group of people posing for the photograph at Tres Palacios Creek in East Danevang, Texas. There is a small dog in the foreground to the left, and several children on the right in the bottom rows. Large trees tower over them casting shadows. There is a man in the very back row holding an American and Danish flag on each hand over his head. There is a second American flag to the right held by a man near a tree trunk.
Date: 1896/1900
Item Type: Photograph

[Lauritz, Niels, and Otto Lauritzen]

Description: Photograph of an older man and two boys surrounding a small table. The man on the left is Lauritz Lauritzen, the father of Laura Lauritzen Berndt. Two of his five sons, Niels and Otto, stand and sit at the table.
Date: 1890
Item Type: Photograph

[Lauritz, Niels, and Otto Lauritzen 2]

Description: Photograph of an older man and two boys surrounding a small table. The man on the left is Lauritz Lauritzen, the father of Laura Lauritzen Berndt. Two of his five sons, Niels and Otto, stand and sit at the table.
Date: 1890
Item Type: Photograph

[Marie, Magda, and Agnes Berndt]

Description: Photograph of three young girls in a dark dress with white lace collars. These three girls, Marie, Magda, and Agnes Berndt are sisters to Andrea, Nissen, and Simon Berndt and children of Christin Nissen Berndt.
Date: 1894
Item Type: Photograph

[Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing behind a seated man. The woman's name is Agnes Jacobsen. Both are dressed in dark clothes.
Date: 1899~
Item Type: Photograph