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1910 Central School Class Photo

Description: Photograph of a group of children and an adult female standing before a building with two windows. The children are variously dressed in pants, shorts, and dresses. None of them are wearing shoes. The adult woman on the far right wears a light-colored top and a floor-length, full skirt. There is an irregular piece of cardboard taped on the back of the photograph. Hand-written text in pencil is partially seen, and reads, "School Circa 1910".
Date: 1910~

1914 School Photo

Description: Postcard of the Danevang School class of 1914 in front of a building. There are three visible windows. The students have been separated into boys and girls, with the girls standing in the center and the boys surrounding them on each side and behind them. The girls wear long, light-colored dresses belted at the waist. The boys wear formal attire. The girls have been identified, from left to right, as unknown, Esther Knudsen, Elna Petersen, Andrea Hansen, Emelia Andersen, Gertrude Strarup, and Christine Olsen. Three names have been provided for the boys but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply. Black, rough patches of paper on the back of the postcard remain on each corner from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1914

[1915 Danevang Baseball Team]

Description: Copy negative of a black and white photograph of the 1915 Danevang baseball team in uniforms, posed outdoors at the Danevang baseball diamond. They are arranged in three rows; four men are seated and five men are kneeling. Standing behind the team is one man, identified as the manager, Axel Petersen; he is not in uniform.
Date: 1915

1919 Confirmation Class

Description: A black and white photograph of a confirmation class standing in front of the Danevang Lutheran Church, which has the inscription "ANS GAR KIRKE" above the doorway. The class consists of nine girls and two boys. The girls are wearing white dresses and a few of them have flowers pinned to their waists. The boys wear dark formal attire and dark hats. A clergyman identified as Reverend N. Moller accompanies the class.
Date: 1919

[Abelone Wind in Her Confirmation Dress]

Description: Postcard featuring a black and white portrait of a young woman, identified as Abelone Wind, standing on top of a couple of intricate rugs. Behind her is a painted backdrop. She is wearing a white Confirmation dress, a white bow in her hair, and black shoes. Her right arm is resting on a elaborately woven wicker chair.
Date: April 1910

[Andrew J. Jensen's Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States]

Description: Discharge paper given to Andrew J. Jensen from the Army of the United States. The document states that Andrew was honorably discharged from his position of mechanic by reason of demobilization. Andrew's physical description follows, along with signatures from a commanding officer. Further biographical information is given on the back. Additionally, a piece of paper has been stapled on the back that was signed by the clerk of the county court in Wharton authenticating the document.
Date: 1919-06-26/1940-06-24

Andrew Jensen Military Promotion

Description: Hand-written and printed document from the United States Army given to Andrew Jensen after a military promotion. At the very top of the document, there is a black and white illustration of an eagle amongst various symbolic elements that make up the particular emblem. It hovers over bold text and is enclosed in a gray cloud-like gray area. The document states that Andrew made the transition to corporal at Camp Travis in Texas. Crease lines can be seen both length-wise and width-wise.
Date: June 1, 1918

Andrew Jensen's Declaration of Intention

Description: Declaration of Intention given to Andrew Jensen from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. Signed in the county of Matagorda, the document declares Andrew's intention to become a natural citizen of the United States. It renounces his citizenship in Denmark and the King Frederick VIII. An embossed seal can be seen on the bottom left corner.
Date: May 27, 1910

Andrew Jensen's Naturalization Papers

Description: Certificate of naturalization provided to Andrew Jensen after he became a citizen of the United States. Some biographical information is provided as well as additional standard signatures and bureaucratic fine print. There are two stamps on the back of the certificate, both of which appear to be written in Danish.
Date: June 1, 1918

Anna Nygaard

Description: Photograph of Anna Nygaard standing outside holding a baby in her right hand. Her head is turned towards the baby as she leans slightly to the left. She is wearing a patterned, lightweight dress that goes below her knees. A rocking chair is behind her and behind that, an out-of-focus tree in direct sunlight, outside of the cast shadow that covers Anna and the chair. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph states "Anna Nygaard".
Date: 1910/1920

Anna Nygaard - Nurse

Description: Photograph of Anna Nygaard (right) and an unidentified woman standing in front of a bench. Anna Nygaard, wears a three-quarter length sleeve, belted dress that goes below her knees, while the other woman wears a nursing uniform. Behind them, there is a various assortment of bushes, grasses, and trees, in what appears to be a garden. There is a hand-written text on the back of the photograph but it cannot be read with certainty. It has also been stamped in the center with an image of a woman and text that reads, "A Miss Snapshot Print by C.S. Edwards Shreveport, LA."
Date: 1915

Arvid Bloom & Thora Nielsen

Description: Studio photograph of a husband and wife couple posing for picture in their wedding garb. The woman, seated on the right, has been identified as Thora Nielsen. She wears a light-colored (presumably white) dress with stockings, single-strap shoes, and a veil that reaches down to her ankles. Additionally, she also wears pearls and holds a bouquet of flowers near her lap. Her husband, identified as Arvid Bloom, is standing to the right of her. He is wearing a two-piece tuxedo suit with a light-colored shirt and matching bow tie. His hair is combed backwards revealing a receding hairline. The photograph has been placed inside the small triangular inserts of a stiff mat board. On the bottom, a white line of text reads, "Lauritz - Los Angeles"; presumably, the name of the photography studio where the picture was taken.
Date: 1912/1925
Creator: Lauritz

August Schaer Home

Description: Photograph of a two-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to August Schaer. Photograph was taken from a distance, capturing the homestead, which includes the land, a disheveled fence on the left, and two outbuildings to the left and right of the main home. An intersecting gable roof covers the second-story of the house. A hip roof covers the adjacent right side, which projects outwards to the patio creating an overhang supported by slender columns. A purple stamp has been placed on the back of the photograph of a leaping fox logo with accompanying text that reads, "This is a genuine Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox CO. San Antonio, Texas." Rough black patches of paper remain on the back from wherever the picture was torn out of.
Date: 1914

[Berndt Children]

Description: Photograph of a young girl and young boy on either side of a baby sitting in a chair. Their names are, from left to right, Andreas, Maria, and Ingeborg Berndt. They are the three children of H. J. Berndt
Date: 1913

[Berndt Family Sitting on a Porch]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Berndt family, seated on the porch of a house with wood-siding and support posts. The parents, Helvig Berdt and Laura Berndt, are seated in the center around their children. Helvig is wearing a bow tie, a white shirt, suspenders ad pants. Laura is wearing a long, white dress with a dark sash around her waist. Their youngest child Meta is sitting on a chair, holding her doll, directly in front of the parents. Two of their daughters, Ingeborg and Marie, stand on either side of the parents in plaid dresses. Helvig has one hand around the waist of the daughter on his left; she in turn has her hand resting on his leg. Their son Andreas Enemark, who is wearing a hat, a shirt, and a tie, stands behind his parents.
Date: 1919

Brian & Elizabeth Wind Having Coffee

Description: Photograph of a man and woman sitting on a wooden bench drinking coffee. Behind them, there is a set of windows partially covered by a pair of sheer curtains. The man, identified as Brian Wind, holds the cup near his mouth and wears belted pants and a long-sleeve shirt. On the left, the woman, identified as Elizabeth Wind, wears a dress and dark shoes and smiles openly at the camera.
Date: 1910/1930

[Brian Wind in Military Uniform]

Description: Photograph of a young adult, identified as Brian Wind, in a military uniform standing in the snow. His hands are placed firmly on his sides and he smiles at the camera. An extravagant two-story house is behind him. To his right, a pile of cannonballs have been stacked on the snow. Photograph most likely comes from World War I era.
Date: 1910/1950

Brian Wind's Confirmation Class

Description: Postcard of a group of people standing before a church structure during their confirmation. They are standing in two rows, with the front row composed of women in light-colored dresses. A set of double doors is behind them and two windows on either side. A church pastor appears to be standing on the top left corner, judging by his outfit. Brian Wind has also been named, but he has not been matched to any individual in the postcard.
Date: 1914~

[C. J. Christensen Home]

Description: Copy print of a farmstead belonging to C. J. Christensen. The photograph was taken several feet away from the main house, which is off to the right behind a small fence and a line of stacked haystacks. The main house is a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, five windows along the first floor and two on the top one. Additionally, there are a couple of small outbuildings in the leftmost side of the image. The plot of land in the foreground has been used for an unidentified crop.
Date: 1910

C. J. Christensen in Car

Description: Copy print of a man, identified as C. J. Christensen, in the driver's side seat of an automobile. The car has a two wheel wagon attachment on the back, carrying a large load of packages, which have been stacked on top of each other. Behind them, a two-story house can be seen amidst an empty plot of land. The house has intersecting gable roofs with a chimney on top and two visible balconies bordered by railing posts. The bay window on the right side of the house, according to accompanying information, was added in 1918.
Date: 1918~

Carl Thyssen During World War I

Description: Postcard of two men in military uniform standing on a wooden boardwalk in front of what appears to be a barrack. A ladder can be seen inclined on the structure behind the man on the right. Accompanying information indicates one of the men is Carl Thyssen, but has not specified which is which. They both wear lace-up boots, hats, and loose-fitting pants, but the man on the left wears a button-up jacket with multiple button-flap pockets, as oppose to the man on the right, who simply wears a long-sleeve shirt.
Date: 1918~