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[Andrew J. Jensen's Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States]

Description: Discharge paper given to Andrew J. Jensen from the Army of the United States. The document states that Andrew was honorably discharged from his position of mechanic by reason of demobilization. Andrew's physical description follows, along with signatures from a commanding officer. Further biographical information is given on the back. Additionally, a piece of paper has been stapled on the back that was signed by the clerk of the county court in Wharton authenticating the document.
Date: 1919-06-26/1940-06-24

Andrew Jensen's Declaration of Intention

Description: Declaration of Intention given to Andrew Jensen from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. Signed in the county of Matagorda, the document declares Andrew's intention to become a natural citizen of the United States. It renounces his citizenship in Denmark and the King Frederick VIII. An embossed seal can be seen on the bottom left corner.
Date: May 27, 1910

Andrew Jensen's Naturalization Papers

Description: Certificate of naturalization provided to Andrew Jensen after he became a citizen of the United States. Some biographical information is provided as well as additional standard signatures and bureaucratic fine print. There are two stamps on the back of the certificate, both of which appear to be written in Danish.
Date: June 1, 1918