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1931 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of a confirmation class of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The class is comprised of thirteen girls and four boys who are arranged in two rows and are either sitting or standing. The girls are wearing white dresses and the boys are wearing dark suits and ties. An older man identified as Pastor N.P. Hald stands to the right of the class. Behind the group three windows are visible.
Date: 1931

1934 Confirmation

Description: A black and white photo of a confirmation class standing on the steps of a church. An elderly couple identified as Pastor N.P. Hald and Mrs. Hald stand in the middle of the youth, who are dressed formally.
Date: 1934

1936 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photo depicting the girls of the confirmation class of 1936 standing on the steps of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The girls, who are all wearing white dresses, are arranged in two rows. They are accompanied by a man in a dark suit and tie identified as Pastor A.E. Frost. Behind the group, the church doors and a faint inscription above it as well as two windows are visible.
Date: 1936

1936 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of a confirmation class standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. A mixture of boys and girls dressed in formal attire are arranged on the steps before the church building which has the inscription "ANS GAR KIRKE" written on the arched window above its doors. Two other windows on either side of the doors are visible behind the group.
Date: 1936

1936 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photo of the girls and boys of the 1936 confirmation class standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The girls stand front and center of the boys and Pastor Frost. The church doors and two windows are visible behind them.
Date: 1936

[1936 Confirmation Class of Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white photograph of an all-male confirmation class. The group of eleven boys are standing on the concrete steps in front of a white building, identified as Danevang Lutheran Church, featuring two windows and a set of doors with an arched window over it. They are all wearing suits and ties. Their pastor, Pastor A.E. Frost, stands directly behind them. The lawn surrounding the church is visible on either side of the class. A decorative, linear border frames the image.
Date: 1936

1936 School Grades 8-9

Description: Photograph of the Danevang School class of 1936, consisting of adolescent boys and girls, in front of a building. Three windows are seen in the back. The seated front row, from left to right, has been identified as Jack Wind, Herolf Jensen, Viggo Hermansen, Leo Allenson, Dorothy Mae Krenek, Magdalene Thyssen, Dagmar Thyssen, Merle Longwood, and Ingeborg Thyssen. The second row, from left to right: Mr. Elvin Praytor, Fatty (Ernie) Invardsen, unknown, Pearl Juhl, and Johanna Larsen. Third row, from left to right: Dorabell Hansen, Ella Nielsen, Magdalene Thyssen, Johanna Harton, Edith Jensen, and Mrs. Laure Praytor. The back row, from left to right: Leo Westerholm, Otto Thyssen, Willard Longwood, Henry Nielsen, unknown, Harry Hermansen, Siguard Thyssen, and unknown.
Date: 1936

[1937 Talco Ball Club of East Texas]

Description: Copy negative of a black and white photograph of the 1937 Talco Ball Club in their uniforms, posed outdoors at an unnamed baseball field in East Texas. The man that is second from the left on the back row is Walter Harton, a mainstay on the pitching staff. Behind the team are wooden bleachers where a few spectators are sitting.
Date: 1937

[1938 Confirmation]

Description: Black and white photograph of the 1938 confirmation class standing in front of the open doors of [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The group is comprised of three young boys standing in the front, two young girls in the row behind them, and an older man to the girls' left, who is identified as Pastor A.E. Frost. Two of the boys' suits are double breasted and the other boy wears a single-breasted suit. The girls wear white dresses and white shoes. Pastor Frost wears a dark three-piece suit. The doors to the church are wide open. There is a window on either side of the doors.
Date: 1938

1939 Inventory

Description: Inventory sheet from 1939 after the Danevang Famer's Co-operative bought out a local grocery store. The document lists all of the supplies in the store, with prices on the far right and a total price at the bottom, which has been crossed out with pencil. The actual price appears to have been written on the bottom left corner.
Date: January 1, 1939

Andrew & Emma Berndt Home

Description: Photograph of a single-story house and an adjacent outdoor garage belonging to Andrew and Emma Berndt. Accompanying information, however, states that the home now belongs to Michael Brodsgaard. Photograph was taken from a distance, capturing land that has been tilled, as well as several trees surrounding the house, and a telephone pole in the near vicinity off to the left. There are parked cars in the garage, and both structures appear to have been constructed out of white siding. Dark-colored shingles cover the gable roof of the main house.
Date: 1930/2009

Brian Wind on Horseback

Description: Photograph of a man, identified as Brian Wind, on horseback in an empty plot of land. He wears a jacket, cowboy hat, and loose fitting pants. He holds the reins of his light-colored horse with his left hand and looks directly at the camera. Behind him, there appears to be a wire fence. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Christmas 1935. Some cowboy!"
Date: December 1935

Certificate of Progress

Description: Certificate of progress document given to Jillie Jensen from a Danevang public school. There is a decorative border surrounding the paper. Beneath an illustration of a hand holding a quill pen, the text reads: "This Certifies that Lillie Jensen has done good work in Penmanship in the third grade of Danevang Public Schools and has made notable progress in keeping correct position, using proper movement and doing legible writing in all written work." The name of the school, teacher, and principal follows, plus the date.
Date: May 19, 1939

[Childen at Otto Hansen Home]

Description: Photograph of a family group in front of a two-story house belonging to Otto Hansen. On the far left, a woman kneels down and holds a rocking horse towards an unidentified infant that's looking away from the woman. A second child to the right, identified as Melvin Hansen, looks down at the baby and appears to be holding a small rifle in his hands. The rightmost child, wearing a dark-colored dress, hat, and dark boots, looks straight ahead at the camera. The house behind them has a gable roof, siding, and several windows.
Date: 1930~

Children on Horseback

Description: Photograph of two children riding horseback outdoors in an open field. The child in the back has been identified as Melvin Hansen, and he holds an unidentified younger child in front of him. They both wear hats and light-colored tops. Behind them in the distance, there is a single-story structure and a few trees.
Date: 1930~

Christian and Katrine Nissen

Description: A postcard and photograph of the Nissen family and their home, respectively, held together by a sticker which reads, "Chv. Nissen (Both)." Christian and Katrine Nissen, husband and wife, are presumably pictured in the postcard, but names, although provided, were not matched to individuals. There are several women, men, and children on the postcard. They are in front of a single-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, on a dirt ground with no visible trees or plants. In the photograph, a two-story home with horizontal siding stands amidst several bushes and trees. Intersecting gable roofs cover the second story. A mansard roof further down creates a second-story balcony bordered by railing. This same roof projects outwardly as an overhang supported by four pillars. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "This home and 80 acres of land was sold. The money sent to Ebenezer Home, Brush, Colorado. The home of Christian and Katrine Nissen (south of the Carl Thyssen home). Aunt Katrine lived there until her death 1/23/53. This was their 2nd home." There is additional text but it cannot be read with certainty.
Date: August 1937

Confirmation 1938

Description: Black and white photograph of the confirmation class of the Danevang Lutheran Church. The class is standing on the steps in front of the church and are accompanied by a man in the back row identified as Pastor A.E. Frost. The group is comprised of eight girls, all wearing white dresses, and three boys, all wearing a suit and tie. A window is distinguishable behind them.
Date: 1938

[Confirmation Class in Front of Doorway]

Description: Copy print of a group of adolescent girls and boys standing in front of a large doorway belonging to the Danevang Lutheran Church. Behind the open door, a staircase can be seen leading to a second floor. The group is all dressed in formal attire, in similar cut dresses and suits. Additionally, they also have corsages pinned to their chests. From left to right, they have been identified as Gunnar Thyssen, Pastor Vaghn Duus, Vernon Swendsen, Barbara Strarup, Lawrence Petersen, Irene Hansen, Carl Hansen, Lillie Jensen, Irvin Wind, Leroy Strarup, and Donald Lykke.
Date: 1930/1950

[Confirmation Class in Front of Old Danevang Church]

Description: Photograph of a group of adolescent boys and girls on the front steps of Old Danevang Church in Danevang, Texas. A set of double doors can be seen behind them as well as part of a domed window over it and two additional windows on each side of the entrance. Accompanying information states they are part of a confirmation class. They are all dressed in formal attire. From left to right, they have been identified as: front: Clara Brodsgaard, Gerda Thyssen, Alma Harton, Helga Christensen, Inger Nelsen, Shirley Hermansen. rear: Lloyd Nielsen, Kermit Westerholm, Harvey Westerholm, Alfred Jensen, Olaf Larsen.
Date: 1937

Cow & Man

Description: Copy print of a man, identified as O. V. (Mickey) Christensen, holding the reins of a calf. He stands in a dirt road. Behind him, an automobile is parked next to a series of single-story, disorderly sheds. There are a few slender trees off to the left near where the man stands.
Date: 1935

[Danevang Church Grounds]

Description: Photograph of church grounds in Danevang, Texas. The photograph appears to have been taken from the adjoining road. A broken-down fence stands along the perimeter of the church buildings, seen in the distance. There are at least three, with the middle one having the most typical church architecture; particularly the steeple tower at its right end. There are a number of small bushes and trees amongst these buildings. A decorative border surrounds the photograph.
Date: 1934/1941
Creator: Frost, A. E.

[Danevang Lutheran Church Congregration at Oil Well]

Description: Copy print of the Danevang Lutheran Church congregation at the sight of the first oil well drilling at Clemville, Texas. They surround a pool of water surrounded by a plot of land that is mostly sediment and dirt. Some of the people carry umbrellas, and the majority wear formal attire. Included in the group are also children. On the far right, there appears to be a pipe blowing a black liquid unto the water.
Date: 1930/1950