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1940 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of a confirmation class standing in a grassy outdoor area close by some trees. Six girls in white dresses stand in the front row while five boys who are mostly only able to seen from the neck up, stand directly behind them. In the background a steeple with a cross on the top is visible.
Date: 1940

1940 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of the 1940 confirmation class of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Six girls in white dresses stand in the front row while five boys in suits stand directly behind them on the steps of the church building. Two windows are visible behind them.
Date: 1940

1941 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of the confirmation class standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Seven girls and six boys stand arranged in three rows in front of the church building. They are accompanied by an older man, identified as Pastor A.E. Frost on the left. Behind the group, the church doors and two windows are visible. Above the building's doors is the inscription "ANS GAR KIRKE." On the back of the photograph is a note written in Danish.
Date: 1941

1944 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of the 1944 confirmation class standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church], whose doors are open. Six girls in white dresses with flowers pinned to their chests stand in the front row while six boys, also formally dressed, stand in the back. They are accompanied by a man on the right identified as Pastor Vaghn Duus. The photograph has a decorative border above which a handwritten note in Danish was penned.
Date: 1944

[1944 Confirmation Class]

Description: Photograph of the graduating confirmation class at the Swedish Lutheran Church in El Campo. Their names from right to left are Norma Bard, Grace Mildred Bergstrom, Alvin Jensen, Lawrence Bergland, Harold Bergland, and Keith Andersen.
Date: July 9, 1944

1945 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of the 1945 confirmation class of [Danevang Lutheran Church] standing inside their church. They are posed in front of an intricate altar that has four spires and that appears to have a religious image at its center. The group, comprised of three girls and eight boys, is flanked by two windows and the ceiling above the group is concave. The girls wear white dresses and corsages pinned to their clothing and the boys wear suits with boutonnières pinned to their lapels. Directly situated before the group is a white stand. To the right of the group is a flower arrangement and in the foreground the blurry shape of pews are visible.
Date: 1945

1945 Storm

Description: Copy negative of hurricane damage after a storm in Danevange, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, a building is knocked over on it's side against the telephone office. The other two buildings pictured are missing roof shingles and boards.
Date: August 28, 1945

[1946 Confirmation]

Description: Black and white photo of a confirmation class, composed of six boys and one girl, all of whom are formally dressed and have a flower pinned to their chest. They are accompanied by an older man on the left who is identified as Pastor Vaghn Duus. Behind them is a building whose doors are partly visible.
Date: 1946

1949 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photo of the 1949 confirmation class, composed of four girls and four boys. The girls are each wearing a white dress and the boys are each wearing suits. Each individual has a flower pinned to their chests. They stand in two rows in front of an altar that features a figure of Jesus Christ.
Date: 1949

[1949 Confirmation Class of Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white copy print of a confirmation class standing behind a banister in the Danevang Lutheran Church chapel. The class is comprised of four boys and four girls; they are arranged in a line alternating between girls and boys. The girls are wearing dresses and the boys are wearing suits and ties; all of them have a floral boutonniere attached to their clothes. Facing them is a robed clergy member, identified as Pastor John Pedersen. He is holding a book with a cross on its cover. The chapel windows are visible in the background.
Date: 1949

[Alice Hansen, I. E. Hansen, and Michael Brodsgaard on Automobile]

Description: Photograph of a child, identified as I. Elva Hansen (Babe), a woman, identified as Alice Hansen, and a man, identified as Michael Brodsgaard, on an automobile. The man and the woman are seated in the front seats, while the child is standing on the protruding part of the car's right fender. There are a couple of houses far away in the distance. Hand-written text in ink on the back of the photograph reads, "Babe and Alice Hansen 1948 Michael Brodsgaard on fender."
Date: 1948

[Andrew Berndt and Myrtle Waldman]

Description: Black and white photograph of a woman and a man (identified as Myrtle Hansen Waldman and Andrew E. Berndt) standing in a grassy area near an automobile. The two individuals are both wearing hats. Near Myrtle's feet are a basket and a suitcase. Andrew is standing directly next to the car. A dirt road is visible behind them.
Date: August 1, 1948

[Anne Berndt in Her Military Uniform]

Description: Black and white photograph of Anne Berndt in her Women's Army Corp uniform, which consists of a single-breasted jacket, a skirt, heeled shoes, and a garrison cap. A purse is hanging from her shoulder. She is standing outdoors on a lawn; various bushes and trees are visible behind her.
Date: 1944

Annette and Beverly Waldman

Description: Black and white photograph of two young girls who are sisters, standing outdoors on a lawn and posing for a photograph. The girls, who are holding hands, are identified as Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are both wearing dresses and the older sister has a purse in one of her hands. Behind them is a large bush.
Date: April 1948

Babe Hansen & Michael Brodsgaard in Car

Description: Photograph of a young boy and man in a car with the top down. According to accompanying information and a hand-written notation on the back of the photograph, they are at Danevang Filling Station. Additionally, the names Babe Hansen and Michael Brodsgaard have also been supplied. Babe is the man in the driver's side seat and Michael is the young boy climbing the car from the back door. They both wear plaid shirts and light-colored pants.
Date: 1948

Beverly Waldman

Description: Portrait of Beverly Elaine Waldman wearing what appears to be a corduroy dress over a light-colored blouse with lace trim. The sleeves on the dress have been tucked and pleated creating a flounce effect. The photograph was framed with a thick card stock material. Printed text on the bottom reads, "Chadwick Studio Houston, Tex." The framed image was then pasted in a fold-out card.
Date: 1944/1950

[Beverly Waldman as a Toddler]

Description: Black and white photograph of a young child, Beverly Waldman, sitting outdoors on a lawn where some floral bushes are visible behind her. She is wearing overalls, a shirt, and shoes. Her gaze is directed downward and her hands are in fists, positioned together at her stomach.
Date: March 1946

Birthday at Sam Brodsgaard's Home

Description: Photograph of a group of people celebrating a birthday at a home belonging to Sam Brodsgaard. They are just outside of an entrance, on a lawn that has been cut short. The house has a shingled gable roof and light-colored siding. Four double-hung windows can be seen as well. Names have been provided by accompanying information, but have not been matched properly to the individuals pictured.
Date: 1940/1960

[Boy Scouts Biting Into Watermelon Slices]

Description: Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America standing before a single-story structure with the word "Douglass" written on it. The children, with the exception of a few who are in the back, are wearing traditional Boy Scout uniforms: shirts with button-flap pockets, caps, and neckerchiefs. They are all holding large slices of watermelons; some are biting into them. An adult female and an adult male are in the back on the right. Although names have been provided, they can only be applied with certainty to the first three children on the left - Kenneth Strarup, Donald Lykke, and Carl Hansen - and to the last five on the right - Lester Wind, Gertrude Hansen, Leroy Strarup, Lawrence Harton, and Carl Marius Hansen Sr.
Date: 1940

[Boy Scouts Field Day in El Campo, Texas]

Description: Black and white photograph of a large group of boys that make up a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. According to the title written on the photograph, they are all cub scouts from Wharton County and they are posing for a portrait to commemorate a summer field day. Positioned in front of the side of a wooden cabin, they are arranged in four rows with the first row seated with their legs crossed and the second row seated on a bench. Four adult scout leaders are present; one is sitting on the first row with the boys, one is standing to the left of the group, and two are on the right.
Date: August 23, 1941

[Boy Scouts in Front of Log Cabin]

Description: Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America seated on a bench in front of a log cabin. An open window and doorway is seen behind them. Two adults wearing neckerchiefs, presumably Scout leaders, flank the right and left side of the bench. The children wear shorts, shirts with button-flap pockets, neckerchiefs, and all but two also wear caps. From left to right, they have been identified as Bob Hansen, Lawrence Petersen, Carl Hansen, Jack Hansen, Gunnar Thyssen, Kenneth Andersen, Kermit Harton, Donald Lykke, Irvin Wind, and Harold Wind.
Date: 1941

Boys on Horseback

Description: Photograph of a trio of boys on horseback. They are in front of a series of trees with leafy branches. The leftmost and center boys are wearing cowboys hats. The rightmost boy is in overalls and wears no shirt underneath it. They each hold the reins of their respective horse.
Date: September 3, 1942

[Bust Portrait of Bill Harton]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as Bill Harton. He wears a diagonally striped tie and a light-colored, textured collar shirt. Side lighting hits prominently on his left side. Hand-written text on the front of the photograph reads, "passport picture." Text going up the side reads, "Canal Zone March 25, 1944." There is hand-written text on the back of the photograph that reads "Bill Harton".
Date: March 25, 1944