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Marie Harton Swenson

Description: Bust portrait photograph of a young woman, identified as Marie Harton Swenson, in front of a blank, dark-colored backdrop. Her hair has been cut in a Bob, and she wears a jacket over a button up blouse. The photograph has been pasted inside a square frame, and then placed inside a fold-out photo folder. When closed, the front flap rests on an embossed decorative motif that resembles a flower.
Date: 1907/1960

[Marie Olson Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a young woman, identified as Marie Olson, in a photography studio with side-lighting hitting her face prominently on the left side. Her body is turned slightly to the left, but she faces the camera directly. She wears glasses, a necklace, and a sailor-collar top with a light-colored ribbon trim. A stiff paper frame with an oval cut-out covers the photograph. Together, they have been placed inside a folder with an ornate pattern embossing on the front cover.
Date: 1900/OPEN
Creator: Smith Studio

Mr. & Mrs. H. P. Jensen

Description: Copy print of an oval picture frame with a photograph inside it of husband and wife Hans Peter Jensen and Maren Jensen. The frame has ornate floral motifs on the top, bottom, and sides, as well as beveled edges and a continuous pattern of decorative circle reliefs running near the edge of the frame glass. The man and the woman in the photograph are both dressed in formal attire. The man wears a blazer and a waistcoat. The woman wears a light-colored, tied neck-piece over a dark-colored top.
Date: 1900/1940

P. J. Agerskov Petersen and Family

Description: Copy negative print of the Petersen family insider their home. Only two have been properly identified: P. J. Agerskov Petersen is the man with the three piece suit on the left, and Verner Petersen is the young boy on his lap. The other names have not been properly matched. Behind them, on a wooden cabinet, there is a collection of family frames and flower vases on a lace tablecloth. Behind that, the walls bear two large framed bust portraits and other small family memorabilia.
Date: 1902/1905

Photo of Carl Jensen's Home

Description: Copy negative print of the Jensen family residence in Danevang, Texas. Taken some distance away from the house, the photograph captures the Jensen family behind a cluster of chickens. Two children are riding mules. Presumably, Carl Jensen is the man on the right wearing a dark-colored suit. The house itself has sloping, steep roofs with light-colored shingles. There are two patios on the first floor. They each have an overhang and slender columns acting as support. A brick chimney can be seen at the very top.
Date: 1900/1970

Portrait of Andreas Enemark Berndt as an Infant

Description: Black and white photograph of an infant, identified as Andreas Enemark Berndt, seated on an elaborate wicker chair He is wearing a long white baby's gown; the soles of his shoes peek out from underneath the hem of the dress. Both hands are in motion; he seems to be holding an object in one of them. The image is mounted on a black frame with a decorative floral banner surrounding the picture. On the back of the mat is the inscription: "Gledelig Jul til Bedstefader Laurits Lauritzen fra lille Andreas Enemark Berndt i Danevang, Texas, America." Accompanying information has translated the inscription: "Merry Christmas to Grandfather Laurits Lauritzen fra lille Andreas Enemark Berndt."
Date: 1906

[Portrait of Danevang Citizens at Danevang Community Hall]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Danevang community gathered for a portrait at the Danevang Community Hall, which was evidently also used as the town school. The younger citizens are pictured mostly in the front of the group, sitting or kneeling; older children and adults are sitting or standing behind them, arranged in rows just outside the exterior west wall of the building. There are five windows on the building that are visible; three of them are open, with a couple suited men sitting or standing within the window frames.
Date: 1906

[Portrait of Marie Olson in Nursing Uniform]

Description: Photograph of a young woman, identified as Marie Olson, in front of a studio backdrop in a well-lit space. She wears small oval glasses and a nursing uniform with a contrasting ribbon pinned to her chest. The photograph was printed with an oval cut-out framing Marie. It has been placed in a folder that folds from the left and right sides. Accompanying information states Marie was Olaf Olson's sister.
Date: 1900/OPEN
Creator: Drow studio

[Portrait of Two Children, Niels and Anne Petersen]

Description: Copy negative of a black and white portrait of two young siblings, Niels Petersen and Anne Petersen, posing against a painted, textured background. Niels, the younger sibling, is dressed in a white infant gown and is seated on a draped chair. His older sister Anne is standing next to him on the seat of a chair that has a metal back. According to accompanying information, Anne had a stillborn twin.
Date: 1907

[Portrait of Two Young Brothers, Andreas and Christian Berndt]

Description: Color copy photograph of a black and white portrait of two brothers; one is an infant and the other is a toddler, identified as Christian Berndt and Andreas (Andrew) Berndt. The infant is seated on top of a chair, dressed in a white gown, with his hands in motion in front of his torso. The toddler is standing, and dressed in a light-colored jacket, knickerbockers, stockings, and dark close-toed shoes. His arm is draped over the side of the chair upon which his brother is sitting. They are positioned against an dark, ornate background. The floor beneath them is a crackly texture that is reminiscent of the ground of a desert.
Date: 1908

[Pressing Hay in Pierce, Texas]

Description: Black and white photograph of a typical agricultural scene wherein a few farmers are pressing hay with the help of some unidentified farm equipment and horse-drawn vehicles. There are about 13 individuals pictured. A growing pile of hay is stacked in the center of the background where the harvesters are standing and sitting.
Date: 1900
Creator: Lund, F. P.

[Road Grading in Front of the Berndt Farm]

Description: Black and white photograph of a few individuals accompanied by a team of mules that are attached to wooden vehicles; they are working in front of H. J. Berndt's farm. Their task is to grade the road, or to smooth and level it. A two-story house and a barn are partially visible behind the workers and beyond a line of trees.
Date: 1902
Creator: Lund, Frans T.

Soldiers in Front of Barracks

Description: Postcard of three male soldiers in front of a wooden barrack. There is one double-hung window behind them with a small overhang on top. The men are all wearing identical uniforms which consist of button-up jackets with multiple button-flap pockets, hats, and bulging pants that are tucked inside tall boots. A hand-written notation on the back of the postcard identifies the man on the right as John Petersen.
Date: 1900/1920

Three Berndt Brothers

Description: Copy negative of three Berndt family brothers standing outside their home and farm in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. There is a large, two-story home on the left side of the image, and there are several barns pictured on the right. There is a large cotton field in the foreground. From left to right, the brothers pictured are Helvig, Anders and Jens Berndt.
Date: 1900

Threshing on Paul Acheson's Rice Plantation

Description: Photograph of Paul Acheson's rice plantation in El Campo, Texas during a threshing session. A large mound of what appears to be grass and dirt is in the background. In front of it, a threshing machine is surrounded by a large group of people who are all facing forward and looking at the camera. On both the right and left sides of the image, horse-drawn wagons are visible. Two other unharnessed horses are farthest right in front of a what may be a second thresher. The photograph has been placed on a stiff mat board. A large portion of the top right corner has chipped off.
Date: 1903

Threshing Rice

Description: Copy negative of Paul Acheson's rice plantation in El Campo, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. There is a large mound of rice in the background of the photograph, and there are many men working with machinery and horses in the foreground.
Date: 1903

Vigoo Andersen Home

Description: Photograph of a two-story structure in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Viggo Andersen. The house has horizontal light-colored siding and short hip roofs that extend slightly outwards form the walls. A gable roof in the first floor appears to create an overhang for the front entrance, but that part of the house is mostly hidden from view by the presence of a large bush on the left part of the image. Identical, rectangular windows cover both the first and second floors.
Date: 1900/1950

[Wedding Portrait of Marius Christensen and Thora Marie Jorgine Fredericksen]

Description: Copy negative of a black and white portrait of a newlywed couple, Marius Christensen and Thora Marie Jorgine Frederiksen, on their wedding day. Thora is wearing a white wedding dress and a veil; a floral boutonniere is attached to her dress at the chest. Marius, standing to the left, is wearing a dark suit and is also wearing a boutonniere. The two are holding hands, as if to shake them in agreement. A painted backdrop is visible behind them.
Date: March 21, 1902

Wilhelm Harton - 3 Months Old

Description: Photograph of Wilhelm Harton, three months old, wearing a long, child's gown with a crochet trim sewn to the neckline. He sits on what appears to be a wicker chair. Text on the front of the mat on which the picture is pasted to reads "Luck's East 6th Studio, Austin, TX." Hand-written text on the back of the mat reads, "Wilhelm Harton. Apr. 1, 04. 3 months old. Born: 1/1/04 Died : 1/23/72 Son of Peter Harton Stephanie Reif Harton (sic)"
Date: April 1, 1904