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[Armoire in a Corner]
Photograph of a tall wooden armoire in the corner of a room. A window is visible to the right.
Dan F. Sullivan
This is a convex oval portrait. It is a head and shoulders image of Dan Sullivan. It has been hand-tinted. Custom metal frame.
[Frank Mitchell Gray]
This is a charcoal enhanced portrait of a gentleman. Mr. Gray has dark hair and a prominent mustache. He is wearing a dark jacket and vest with a white shirt and a square bow tie.
George M. Dallas
This is a color lithograph of the 11th Vice President of the United States, George Mifflin Dallas. He is wearing a black coat. There are blue draperies in the background.
[Mr. W.S. Carr]
This is an image of a gentleman with a full mustache. The photograph is a head and shoulders view. He is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and tie. He has a white star on the vest beneath his jacket.
[Mrs. W.S. Carr]
This is a head and shoulders image of Mrs. W.S. Carr as a young woman. She wears her hair up. She is wearing a high-necked blouse with a lace collar.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic image of Dallas. The building in the foreground is painted with the words: TX Sample House Butler Bros.
[Photograph of a Bed]
Photograph of a bed with a carved wooden frame covered with a striped pink and blue quilt.
[Photograph of a Dresser]
Photograph of a wooden dresser with a mirror on top of it pushed against a wall in a room in Texas.
[Portrait of Alexander Cockrell, Jr.]
Photograph of a man, identified as Alexander Cockrell, Jr., wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
[Portrait of an African American Woman]
A head & shoulders charcoal portrait of an African American woman. She is heavy-set and wears her hair parted down the middle and pulled back.
[Portrait of Ettie Fulkerson Cockrell]
Photograph of a woman, identified as Ettie Fulkerson Cockrell, wearing a frilly high-necked dress.
[Portrait of Olga Bastian]
Photograph of a woman identified as Olga Bastian wearing a high-necked dress.
[Studio Portrait of an African American Woman]
Full-length portrait of a well-dressed young African American woman. She is wearing a long dark skirt, a long sleeved dark blouse, and a white tie at the neck. She is also wearing a hat and holding a closed umbrella.
Wedding Portrait of Carribel McDaniel Keitt
This is an albumen photograph. It is a formal studio portrait of Carribel Keitt of Milford, Texas, wearing her wedding gown. The gown has a a lace collar, trailing veil, rows of pleats and lace on the bodice.
This is a watercolor depicting a two story four square home. The sidewalk and yard also appear in the painting. A handwritten note on the back explains that this house was built just north of Louise Roll's house. It burned in 1945.
Texas State Dental Association Photograph
This is a panoramic photograph of approximately 100 people, primarily men. They are lined up in four rows outside of a building with large, arched windows. Written on the botton of the photograph is: Texas State Dental Association, Dallas, Texas 1908.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic image taken in 1905 of Dallas, Texas. The names of many businesses are visible, including Padgitt Bros.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic photographic image of Dallas, Texas, in 1905. 'Dallas 150,000 Club of Dallas. May 1905' is printed on the photograph.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic photograph of Dallas, Texas. The Windsor Hotel is visible.
[Citizens Association of Dallas Photograph]
This is a photograph of 21 men. They are posed in three rows, two standing, one sitting. They are identified beneath the photo as the Citizens Association of Dallas. The officers and the Executive Committee are listed. The top left corner has a note indicating that this was given to Commission Don F. Sullivan from Henry D. Lindsley.
[Portrait of an African American Boy]
Convex portrait of a young African American male. He is wearing a very large hat. The back of the image has a label that reads: "PASCO. Robert Pelan. Lot #7979. Grade - crayon. Face Artist 3. This portrait guaranteed by maker."
[Wedding Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sullivan]
This is a framed wedding portrait of Dan Sullivan and Mary Horkan. He is seated in a dark suit. She stands beside him. She is wearing a long white dress.
New Map of the State of Texas 1874
This is a map of the state of Texas from 1874. It was prepared for Morphis' History of Texas.
Republic of Texas Land Grant Certificate
This is a land grant from the Republic of Texas. It is to James Cole of Robertson County and is signed by Sam Houston.