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[Citizens Association of Dallas Photograph]
This is a photograph of 21 men. They are posed in three rows, two standing, one sitting. They are identified beneath the photo as the Citizens Association of Dallas. The officers and the Executive Committee are listed. The top left corner has a note indicating that this was given to Commission Don F. Sullivan from Henry D. Lindsley.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic image taken in 1905 of Dallas, Texas. The names of many businesses are visible, including Padgitt Bros.
[Frank Mitchell Gray]
This is a charcoal enhanced portrait of a gentleman. Mr. Gray has dark hair and a prominent mustache. He is wearing a dark jacket and vest with a white shirt and a square bow tie.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic photographic image of Dallas, Texas, in 1905. 'Dallas 150,000 Club of Dallas. May 1905' is printed on the photograph.
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Certificate
This is a certificate issued by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. It is a permanent certificate for G. Staples to practice dentistry.
[Panoramic View of Dallas]
This is a panoramic image of Dallas. The building in the foreground is painted with the words: TX Sample House Butler Bros.
[Police Commissioner Appointment Certificate]
This is a certificate from the State of Texas. It declares that Dan F. Sullivan is Police Commissioner of Dallas, Texas. It is signed by Joseph D. Sayers, Governor of Texas, and John G. Toc, Secretary of State. There is a gold seal in the lower left corner.
This is a watercolor depicting a two story four square home. The sidewalk and yard also appear in the painting. A handwritten note on the back explains that this house was built just north of Louise Roll's house. It burned in 1945.
[Portrait of Olga Bastian]
Photograph of a woman identified as Olga Bastian wearing a high-necked dress.
[Mrs. W.S. Carr]
This is a head and shoulders image of Mrs. W.S. Carr as a young woman. She wears her hair up. She is wearing a high-necked blouse with a lace collar.
Republic of Texas Land Grant Certificate
This is a land grant from the Republic of Texas. It is to James Cole of Robertson County and is signed by Sam Houston.
[Studio Portrait of an African American Woman]
This is a full-length portrait of a well-dressed African American young woman. She wears a long dark skirt, long sleeved dark blouse or jacket with a white tie at the neck. She is wearing a hat and holding a closed umbrella.
Texas State Dental Association Photograph
This is a panoramic photograph of approximately 100 people, primarily men. They are lined up in four rows outside of a building with large, arched windows. Written on the botton of the photograph is: Texas State Dental Association, Dallas, Texas 1908.
[Portrait of Ettie Fulkerson Cockrell]
Photograph of a woman, identified as Ettie Fulkerson Cockrell, wearing a frilly high-necked dress.
Dan F. Sullivan
This is a convex oval portrait. It is a head and shoulders image of Dan Sullivan. It has been hand-tinted. Custom metal frame.
Membership Certificate - Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
This is an official certificate from the State of Texas. It grants George S. Staples membership into the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.
[Portrait of Alexander Cockrell, Jr.]
Photograph of a man, identified as Alexander Cockrell, Jr., wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
George M. Dallas
This is a color lithograph of the 11th Vice President of the United States, George Mifflin Dallas. He is wearing a black coat. There are blue draperies in the background.
Wedding Portrait of Carribel McDaniel Keitt
This is an albumen photograph. It is a formal studio portrait of Carribel Keitt of Milford, Texas, wearing her wedding gown. The gown has a a lace collar, trailing veil, rows of pleats and lace on the bodice.
[Mr. W.S. Carr]
This is an image of a gentleman with a full mustache. The photograph is a head and shoulders view. He is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and tie. He has a white star on the vest beneath his jacket.
[Wedding Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sullivan]
This is a framed wedding portrait of Dan Sullivan and Mary Horkan. He is seated in a dark suit. She stands beside him. She is wearing a long white dress.
[Six Flags Over Texas Postcard]
Postcard of kids riding mules in a pack mule train at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.
[Northpark Shopping Center]
Postcard of cars parked in the lot around the Northpark shopping center in Dallas, Texas. Fields are visible in the background.
[Interior of Weir's Country Store]
Postcard of several people, including several young girls and boys, standing among the merchandise inside Weir's Country Store in Dallas, Texas.
[Conquistador Riding a Mule]
Postcard of a man dressed up as a conquistador on a mule in front of a stone wall at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.
[Weir's Country Store]
Postcard of a man sitting at the counter of Weir's Country Store and post office in Dallas, Texas.
[Riverboats and Astrolift]
Postcard of several people on a boat in a river, and several more on a ride called the Astrolift at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.
[Indian Village Dancers at Six Flags]
Postcard of three dancers dressed as Indians in front of a teepee at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.
[Postcard of Three Amusement Rides]
Postcard of people on three rides on tracks at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. The roller coaster at the top is the Runaway Mine Train, the ride in the middle is an authentic 1898 steam engine, and the ride at the bottom is the Mini Mine Train, which was designed for younger riders.
[Crowd at Nalers Plantation Restaurant]
Postcard of a crowd of people eating on the patio of Nalers Plantation Restaurant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.
[NorthPark Shopping Center]
Postcard of the NorthPark shopping center, with the skyline of Dallas, Texas visible in the background.
[Dallas Gas Building]
Postcard of a drawing of the Dallas Gas building in Dallas, Texas. A Texas flag flies at the top of the building, and cars are parked on the side of the road.
[View of Lovefield Airport]
Postcard of an aerial view of cars in the parking lot at Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas. The text at the top of the postcard reads: "Love Field Airport of 'Big D'".
[Dallas Fort Worth Regional Airport]
Postcard of an aerial view of the Dallas Fort Worth Regional Airport in Dallas, Texas.
[Aerial View of Dallas]
Postcard of an aerial view of Dallas, Texas, with the Southland Center in the middle of the drawing.
[Cars on the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike]
Postcard of cars on the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike entering downtown Dallas, Texas. The city is visible in the background to the left.
[Hawaii Kai Postcard]
Postcard advertising Hawaii Kai, including pictures of girls dancing, dolphins jumping out of the water in front of a yellow tent, and a ship.
[Postcard of the Southland Center]
Postcard of the Southland Center and Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas.
[Postcard Ad for Jesse French Piano Co.]
Postcard advertising Jesse French Piano Co. in Dallas, Texas. It shows three pictures of pianos in the store on Elm Street.
[Terminal Station]
Postcard of a drawing of a fountain across the street from the terminal station in Dallas, Texas. Cars are visible on the street in front of the station.
[The Cotton Bowl]
Postcard of a full Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas, Texas.
[Buildings in Dallas]
Postcard of the Braniff Airways, Frito-Lay, and Exchange Bank buildings in Dallas, Texas.
[Back of a Postcard]
Back of a postcard advertising the Southern States Steel Co. in Dallas, Texas.
[Elks in Dallas]
Postcard of a comic titled "Elks in Dallas Number 2", depicting a loud crowd of men walking towards a courthouse.
[Neiman-Marcus Building]
Postcard of the Neima-Marcus building in Dallas, Texas. People stand on the sidewalk outside the building.
[Elks in Dallas Number Three]
Postcard of a comic, titled "Elks in Dallas Number Three", depicting a man, wearing a ribbon that reads "I am an elk", walking with two women. A speech bubble above another woman to the left reads, "Gee! Don't I wish I was wid [sic] him!"
[Texas Centennial Exposition Postcard]
Postcard of several buildings in Dallas, Texas, advertising the Texas Centennial Exposition.
[Elks in Dallas Number Five]
Postcard of a comic titled "Elks in Dallas Number Five", depicting three women fawning over a man who wears a ribbon reading "I am an Elk".
[La Tunisia Restaurant]
Postcard of waitresses, wearing "Arabian" costumes, standing among the tables in the main dining room of the La Tunisia restaurant in Dallas, Texas.
[Republic National Bank Building]
Postcard of the Republic National Bank building in Dallas, Texas.