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[Congratulatory Note for Blue Ribbon Schools Award]

Description: Note of congratulations to Mrs. Fischer (Strickland Middle School principal). Front of card displays DATCU logo. Text in the card reads, "Mr.s Fischer, DATCU salutes you, your staff, the students and their parents for the Blue Ribbon award for excellence that you recently earned. I know how very proud all of you must be--and rightly so. This took lots of hard work and dedication on everyone's part and that will make the award even sweeter. Congratulations! Now some might say that I was bias because my son, Bret, teaches at Strickland -- and maybe that is true. You have a great school! Sincerely, Judy Warnack"
Date: February 13, 1996
Creator: Warnack, Judy

[Hand written note with Chester O. Strickland Middle School history]

Description: Hand written notes detailing some history information about Chester O. Strickland Middle School. Rosemary Grose has stated that she did write these notes. It appears the information may have been collected from Reed Jackson. Text on the paper reads, "11-7- Reed Jackson 387-7344 Strickland opened for the 1968-69 school year. Closed lab school at end of '68 school year. All 7th graders were at Calhoun (Congress) for 68-69 in what is now the math building. All 8th & 9th graders at Strickland for '68-69. For 69-70 school year, Congress re-opened fully & district split grades 7, 8, 9 between the two schools. Reed says west wing was moved into at beginning of year - but library move could have been later. West wind addition, including library 1984 or 1985?"
Date: unknown
Creator: Grose, Rosemary

[Hand written note with listing of Strickland MS library paraprofessionals and years of service]

Description: Hand written notes detailing names of library paraprofessionals who worked at Chester O. Strickland Middle School and their dates of employ. Rosemary Grose librarian at Strickland wrote these notes. Text on the paper reads, "School years 01-02 through 07-08 Gloria Smith, 2000-01 Gloria & Teresa Davenport, 99-00 Renovation complete Floria & Mina, 98-99 Gloria Smith & Mina, 97-98 Mina Blackburn, 96-97 Marsha Ivey, 93-94 through 95-96 Sherry Sarvis, 88-89 through 93-93 Beryle Walston, 1983 Barbara Pole"
Date: unknown

[Memorandum Regarding Denton ISD Library Programs]

Description: Memorandum from Denton ISD Librarians to Denton ISD School Board Members thanking them for their support of the library programs. The memorandum emphasizes the importance library aides play in allowing the librarians to attend to instruction, collection development and maintaining audiovisual equipment.
Date: October 1, 1992