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Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, 1983 Summer, Bulletin
Issue contents: James Rosenquist's Marilyn; Contemporary Printmaking: Hamon Fund Purchases 1974–1983; DMFA Education Department; Film Program; Programs for Gateway Gallery in the New Education Wing; Claes Oldenburg Sculpture Commissioned for the New Museum; Rodin Sculpture Loaned by Dallas Developer; Dallas Arts District; Arts District Observations; Dallas Arts District: 2000 A.D.; DMA Expansion Underway; An Unsolicited and Generous Donation; Associates Tour Vatican Exhibit in NYC; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Recollections; DMFA Beaux Arts Ball; DMFA League; Museum League Publishes New Cookbook; Looking Towards the New Library; Museum Shop
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, April-May 1980
Issue contents: Museum Activities for April-May 1980: $200,000 Member Challenge, Original Plaster Sculpture from Henry Moore, Henry Moore on Bronze Casting, Monet Water Lilies Here on Loan; Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Calendar of Events; Exhibitions: Japan Photographs 1854-1905, Wiley Territory; Gallery Talks; Films, Evening Lectures; Saturday Slide Lectures, Children's Programs, Noteworthy Events Elsewhere; Museum Shop Oriental Offerings
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Fall 1981
Issue Contents: Naum Gabo's Constructed Head No. 2; Arshile Gorky Retrospective; Collaboration: Artists & Architects; Concentrations IV: Alain Kirili: Recent Sculpture; Impressionism and the Modern Vision; John Wise, 1901-1981; Future DMFA Progress Report; Membership Campaign Rated A Success; The Permanent Collection in Motion; Beaux Arts Ball; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Volunteers; Education Film Programs; Gallery Talks; Lectures; Education Department Has Greatest Year Ever!; Fall Children's Classes; Mu Phi Epsilon Concerts; DMFA Notes
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Fall 1982
Issue Contents: John Singer Sargent's "Dorothy"; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Dallas Arts District; Dallas Collects American Paintings: Colonial to Early Modern; Symposium on American Art Sponsored by the Education Department; Counterparts: Form and Emotion; Mexican Dance Masks; A Print History, The Bromberg Gifts; Concentrations VII: Deborah Butterfield; El Greco of Toledo Wins Universal Praise; DMFA League; Calendar of Events; DMFA Recent Loan; DMFA Education Department; DMFA Profile; DMA Featured in Whitney Exhibit; Patricia Johanson: A Project for the Fair Park Lagoon
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, January-February 1981
Issue Contents: Museum Activities for January-February 1981: Afro-American Art from South America, February 4-March 15; Eugene W. Mitchell Retires; New Assistant Curator for Education; New Publicity Director Appointed; Al Held's "D-C," 1979; DMFA January-February Events: Authentications Day For Members Only; DMFA League Sponsors Sotheby Parke Bernet Heirloom Discovery Day; Museum League Family Filmfest; January Films by Visconti; February Films Complement Suriname; Suriname Curators Lecture; Spring Children's Classes; Groups Sponsor Visits to Kimbell's China Bronze Show; Suriname Catalogue Available; Mu Phi Epsilon Free Concerts; Museum Shop Collectibles
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, July-August 1980
Issue Contents: Museum Activities for July-August 1980: Steven Nash Appointed Assistant Director/Chief Curator; Curators Lunsford and Graze Promoted; New Museum Update; Andre Sculpture Acquired with Assistance from The 500, Inc.; McDermott Summer Intern Chosen; DMFA July-August Events: Guatemalan Textiles from the Collection of Patsy and Raymond D. Nasher; Georges Vantongerloo
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, July-August 1981
Issue Contents: Museum Activities July-August 1981: Double Niche; Concentrations III, Ancient and Medieval Art; New League Officers; Collaboration: Artists & Architects; Assistant Director Appointed; Calendar of Events; Education Film Program and Summer Tours; DMFA Notes; Notice; Book Sale
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, March-April 1981
ISSUE CONTENTS: DMFA Exhibitions: Concentrations Series Introduces Contemporary Art Trends; Concentrations II: Ann Stautberg; Texas Crafts: New Expressions; The Bodhisattva Padmapani; First Heirloom Discovery Night & DMFA Members' Preview Party; Gallery Talks; Lectures; Family Programs; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Commentary by Alex Burton; Administrative Appointment Announced; The Icebergs Unveiled; DMFA League Events; DMFA Artist Awards; DMFA Notes
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, May-June 1980
Issue Contents: Museum Activities for May-June 1980: New Museum Receives Million Dollar ARCO Gift, Colorful "Wiley Territory", Canova's "Victory" Acquired; DMFA May-June Events: Assemblage, SMU, and DMFA Sponsor Lectures, Wine and Cheese at SMU; Museum League Hosts Walsh; Gallery Talks; Area Noteworthy Events; Offerings from the United States to China in Your Museum Shop.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, May-June 1981
Issue Contents: DMFA Exhibitions May-June 1981: Texas Crafts: New Expressions; Concentrations II: Ann Stautberg, April 26-June 7; Concentrations III: Betsy Muller/Andrea Rosenberg; Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer Extraordinaire The Volunteer Experience; Anatomy of an Installation; Film Program: Buster Keaton; Education Gallery Talks; Thursday Evening Lecture; Summer Children's Classes; DMFA Recent Acquisitions: Museum Seeks to Acquire Ranney Painting; A Woman's Ceremonial Sarong from Sumatra; DMFA Notes
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, November-December 1980
Issue Contents: Museum Activities for November-December 1980: Shakespeare's World Arrives; Thomas A Livesay Appointed Assistant Director for Administration; New Museum Update; An English Japanned Cabinet on Stand, c. 1680-1700; DMFA November-December Events: Shakespeare Film Program; Evening Lecture Series; Museum Staff Lectures; Elizabethan Theater Performances; Icebergs Oil Sketches on Display; Fall Children's Programs; Visit Kimbell's China Bronze Show; Shakespeare Around Dallas; Chrysler Imperial Museum Ball Prize; Shakespeare Shop Opens
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, September-October 1980
Issue Contents: Museum Activities for September-October 1980; Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Calendar of Events; DMFA September-October Events; Books, Crafts, Jewelry, and Rare Gifts
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Spring 1982
Issue Contents: Art of the Archaic Indonesians; Fernand Leger; Meadows Foundation Donates Collection to DMFA; Highlights of the Meadows Collection; Concentrations V: Judith Murray; Artist Awarded Commission for Education Courtyard Project; Calendar of Events; Craft Guild of Dallas; 70 Years of Texas Artists' Work Offered at Auction by TFAA April 2; DMFA Education Department, Computer Project: Update; David Raney; DMFA Notes; Building Report
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Spring 1983
ISSUE CONTENTS: An Archaic Etruscan Head of Terra Cotta; Econimic Impact on Dallas by El Greco Exhibit: $9.7 Million!; Atget: The Art of Old Paris; Joel Shapiro; DMFA Education Department; Marcus Collection of Fertility Figures; Important Gifts to the Museum's Textile Collection; Beaux Arts Ball - The Last Hurrah; Elizabeth Rucker Retires; Donor Files Now Computerized; Adopted Resolution 11/18/82; 4th Texas Sculpture Symposium; Sculpture at Connemara; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Ellsworth Kelly Sculpture Commissioned for New Museum; New Museum: Building Report
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Summer 1982
Issue Contents: New DMFA Acquisition: Liubov Popova's Painterly Archtectonics, 1918; Monumental Gift from the James H. and Lillian Clark Foundation; Fernand Leger through July 4; Concentrations VI: Al Souza; Counterparts: Form and Emotion in Photographs; Mexican Dance Masks; A Print History: The Bromberg Gifts; Calendar of Events; Building Report; DMFA Education Department; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; DMFA League; Collectors' Forums; El Greco is Coming!; DMFA Recent Loans
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Winter 1981/82
Issue Contents: Committee Seeks Trustee Nominations; DMFA Awarded Two Grants; A Late Medieval Madonna and Child for Dallas; Impressionism and the Modern Vision; Progress Report; Through the Looking Glass Education Exhibit; DMFA Education Department events; Pre-Columbian Textiles on Display; Art of the Archaic Indonesians; D-ART opens on Swiss Avenue; Pilot Project: Senior Citizens as Resource Specialists; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; Susan Brown Retires; Recollections of Gossamer; Record Membership Revenue; Building Report
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Winter 1982
ISSUE CONTENTS: El Greco of Toledo; 1982 Eugene McDermott Lecture; DMFA Education Department events; Calendar of Events; Concentrations VII: Deborah Butterfield; New Equestrian Sculptures; The Work of Atget: The Art of Old Paris; Membership Drive Breaks All Records; Recent DMFA Acquisition: Chauvin's "Convent near Naples, with a View of Capri"; DMFA Recent Acquisitions; "Skyway" Undergoing Conservation; New Museum: Building Report;