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[Cemetery permit for Mrs. I. J. Dooley]

Description: The permit certifies Roberts Monument Co. the authorization to erect a monument and 3 markers in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery for Mrs. I. J. Dooley on January 22, 1955. The document was witnessed by Chas. C. Orr, Jr., City Secretary. The work was approved on January 22, 1955 by D. W. Shoulders, Sexton.
Date: 1955-01-22~
Creator: City of Denton


Description: The official program for Denton's centennial celebration on April 21-27, 1957 contains information about the events week, a brief history of Denton's foundation and progress, a map of Denton in 1957, and several advertisements for local organizations. Several photographs of early Denton County scenes, various historical markers, early buildings of North Texas State College and Texas State College for Women, and other mentionable landmarks are included.
Date: 1957-04~
Creator: Denton Centennial Commision

"Diversified Denton" in Texas Parade issue November 1951

Description: This issue of the Texas Parade contains an article entitled "Diversified Denton" and includes information regarding John B. Denton, the city of Denton in general, North Texas State College, and Texas State College for Women. The article describes Denton's schools, agriculture, commerce, and other attractions circa 1951.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Hugh Williamson

[Jack Schmitz and Sons Funeral Home]

Description: Photograph of Jack Schmitz and Sons Funeral Home, a horse-drawn casket wagon, a horse-drawn hearse, and a 1923 motor hearse. Jack Schmitz Sr. and Bob Schmitz are driving the vehicles. The photograph was taken in 1957 during the Denton Centennial. A caption identifying the vehicles is included.
Date: 1957

[Scout Troop Calendar and Scrapbook Page]

Description: Calendar page labeled "November 1959" with handwritten notes regarding the activities of a Denton Girl Scout troop, including meetings on Tuesday and a "Play Day" on Saturday the 21st. The back of the page includes a handwritten description of the Play Day event and three photographs which show a large group of children playing various games outside several large, brick buildings on the North Texas State College campus.
Date: 1959-11~

[Scrapbook Page: Brownie Investiture]

Description: Scrapbook page with information about the investiture ceremony held by Brownie Girl Scout Troop #74 in Denton, Texas. It includes a small newspaper clipping and a handwritten note discribing the event above a photograph of the girls. In the image, the girls are wearing their uniforms and are seated in a semi-circle in a classroom. Large posters with the Girl Scout and Brownie symbols are behind them and chalkboards are visible on the walls. A handwritten note at the bottom of the page identifies the girls, left to right: Darby, Jamie, Joyce, Dorothy, Adele, Linda, Patty, Debbie, and Debra.
Date: 1958~