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[Denton City/County Public Library, print from block]
Print of the Denton City/County Public Library, opened in 1949, from an engraved woodblock. Two trees are visible beside a sidewalk that leads to the entrance of the one-story library.
[Denton Civic Center, basement blueprint]
Photograph of a blueprint for Denton Civic Center building's basement. The circular design includes room for storage and a serving kitchen. Designed by O'Neil Ford.
[Denton Civic Center, ground floor blueprint]
Photograph of the blueprint of Denton Civic Center building's ground floor. The circular building design includes several rooms. Designed .by O'Neil Ford.
[Plat Drawing]
Plat blueprint showing a river, ditches, and various orchards with boundary lines. Scale is 1:1200.
[Sketch of Denton Depot]
A sketch of the depot in Denton, Texas shows the architectural components, color, and construction material of the building.
Sketch of R. E. Cobbs rent house by Mary Jane Edwards Blackburn
Mary Jane Edwards Blackburn depicts a house, some trees, and a picket fence in a sketch of R. E. Cobbs's rent house on Mulberry. This house was also known as the "White House."