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31 Men With Vision

Description: The booklet contains a brief history of Denton County National Bank's conception and first seventy-five years of operation, including photographs of the thirty-one men who petitioned the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. for the right to form a national bank in 1892.
Date: 1967-01~
Creator: Drenner, William E.

[Ceiling of the Denton Civic Center]

Description: Photograph of the ceiling inside the Denton Civic Center. Lights are attached to a structure hanging from the center of the ceiling and there are various decorations spreading out along the ceiling from the center. In the background, a curved walkway and railing are visible on an upper floor, above a window.
Date: 1967~
Location Info:

[Denton Civic Center]

Description: Side view of the entrance to the City of Denton Civic Center designed by O'Neil Ford. Two trees spring up in the foreground on the right-hand side of the picture and tree limbs enter the frame from the upper left-hand corner.
Date: 1967~

Five Individuals in the Denton Civic Center

Description: Four men and one woman standing in the new Denton Civic Center Building. The man to the far right is pointing up and talking while the two men left of him are looking where he is pointing. Identified are: J. David Thomas, Zeke Martin, and O'Neil Ford. Written on back of photo "1. J. David Thomas 2. ? 3. Zeke Martin (Mayor) 4. O' Neil Ford 5. ?
Date: 1967~