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[Affidavit for Garnishment after Judgement]
Affidavit includes blanks for the prosecutor and defendant of the trial, the date of the trial, and the stipulations of the judgment.
Burial of John B. Denton
Burial of John B. Denton on the lawn of the Denton County Courthouse. The pall bearers were John W. Gober, E. B. Orr, L. Willis, J. M. Swisher, J. H. Hawkins, W. C. Wright. Rev. J. T. Denton, one of John B. Denton's sons, was in charge of the services. Son John B. Denton, Jr. and grandson Wiliam Baker were also present.
The Cottage Hotel
Exterior view of the Cottage Hotel on South Locust Street
Denton County Courthouse
Exterior view of the Denton County Courthouse. Five unidentified individuals are standing outside of the courthouse. It was built in 1876 at a cost of $40,000 and was condemned in 1894.
[Denton County Officers and Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Button, Sr.]
Photograph of George and Sarah Button of Little Elm, Texas. Mr. Button was Justice of Peace and owner of a harness, saddle, and shoe repair business in Little Elm. A list of some Denton County officers from 1848-1955 is also included.
Four Unidentified Men
Portrait of four unidentified men. Two of the men are young; two are white or gray haired. Written on back, "Who are these men?-McClendon"
Gentry Thompson and Dog in Automobile
Gentry Thompson sits in an automobile in a dark suit and hat and looks towards the camera. A white dog is sitting in the car in front of him. Newspaper caption reads: First Auto Here - Gentry Thompson, ginner who fancied diamonds, cars and a pet bull dog, is shown here in his auto, the first in Denton. Note the tillertype steering mechanism. His constant companion, the bull dog, went along for the ride in the dawning machine age.
Hallie Thurman
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Hallie Thurman in a high-necked dress.
John W. Gober
John Wesley Gober standing center-frame in front of a brick house. He is wearing a dark suit with vest and matching hat. There is a brick cellar to the right and trees are visible in the background. Information found on the back of the photograph: "John W. Gober was born in Marietta, Ga., March 14, 1826. Married Miss Mary Ann Comp, November 20, 1846. Moved to Fannin County, Texas 1851 - moved to Denton County 1853. Settled on Clear Creek near Bolivar. He served 4 years in the Confederate Army. He died Feb. 23, 1905 and was buried with Masonic honors in IOOF Cemetery. Joined Co. H, Eighteenth Regiment, a partisan Rangers."
Nettie Williams Edwards
Full-length portrait of Nettie Williams Edwards in a long sleeved, high necked dress with lace on the bodice.
North Texas State University Old Normal Building Copy Negative
Exterior view of the North Texas State University Old Normal Building. The Old Normal Building was built in 1891 and razed by lightning in 1907. The negative is a copy negative of a print tacked to a wall and then photographed.
The Pine Knot Club
Group picture of the Pine Knot Club taken in front of Tom Young's Drug Store in Lewisville, Texas. Pictured are: Bill Smith, [first name unknown] Harwell, [first name unknown] Lord, John Fox, Warren Durbin, [first name unknown] Dorsey, Milt Claytor, [first name unknown] Payne, [first name unknown] McAnally, "Squire" Terry [last name unknown], John Shipp, Cush Williams, George Mayfield, Bill Crawford, [first name unknown] Clayborne, Captain Sam Lusk, Tom Young, "Grandpa" [first name unknown] Carlisle.
[Portrait of Lloyd O'dell]
Portrait of Lloyd O'dell as a baby, sitting in a wicker chair. A handwritten note on the back of the photo offers more details on him: "Son of Dr. and Mrs. O'dell. The latter was a sister of Mrs. Nichols, living, at past 90, on Carroll St., Denton, Texas. Lloyd O'dell died in Ark. some years ago and was buried in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery in Denton."
[Portrait of Lorene Prater]
Portrait of Lorene Prater as a baby, wearing a white lace dress and sitting in an ornate chair. A handwritten note on the back of the photo states that she is the daughter of Dudley Green Prater.
[Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Shepherd]
Portrait of Virgil W. Shepherd, wearing a tuxedo and holding a bowler hat, and his wife, Maggie L. Shepherd, wearing a dress and a feathered hat.
[Portrait of Unidentified Boy Feeding a Pony]
Unidentified boy wearing knickers is feeding a white pony. A picket fence and trees are in the background. Written on back "Billy and Sugar"
Unidentified Children in Costumes
Group of unidentified children in costumes.
Unidentified Group in Front of a Store
Unidentified group of three men and three women in front of a store. The sign in front of the group reads "C. A. Williams." A sign to the right reads "S. P. Allison Hardware.'
Unidentified Group Photo
Unidentified group of men and women and one small girl. They are posed on the steps of a frame building. Some of the men are holding books.
Unidentified Group Portrait
Group of unidentified individuals, thirteen young women and five men. Some of the women are holding flowers.
Unidentified Group Portrait
Group portrait of a man, woman, and four children, all unidentified.
Unidentified Man in Formal Clothing
Studio portrait of an unidentified man in black tuxedo with white shirt and bow tie.
Unidentified Man in Military Uniform
Unidentified man in a military uniform is pictured in front of a memorial in Cuba.
Unidentified People
Unidentified group of people on what appears to be a college campus.
[Wright Opera House and Parlin and Orendorff Co.]
Building on the corner of the Denton Square which includes the Wright Opera House and Parlin and Orendorff Company. A horse-drawn wagon and several unidentified men are pictured
Young Man and Woman in Early Model Car
Young man and woman in snapshot with early model car.
Fifteenth Annual Commencement of the Denton High School
Program for the Fifteenth Annual Commencement of the Denton High School at Wright's Opera House on Friday, May 18, 1900 contains an order of services, and a list of the Board of Trustees.
[Plat Drawing]
Plat blueprint showing a river, ditches, and various orchards with boundary lines. Scale is 1:1200.
In Loving Rememberance of Mrs. Jessamine Blount
A short poem commemorates the life of Jessamine Blount who died on June 28, 1900 at the age of 49. Dr. J. P. Blount, first president of a Denton bank, survived his wife.
John Dunn
John Dunn standing next to a cabin made out of wood in a field.
Woman's Shakespeare Club Programme
The program for the Woman's Shakespeare Club meeting on December 27, 1900 contains words of welcome from Mrs. W. A. Ponder, vocal solos, readings, papers, and instrumentals.
Ten Men
Group portrait of ten men in suits. Four men are identified as Sidney, T. Carroll (bottom row, middle), Monroe Davenport (bottom row, far right), Emory B. Peter (top row, 4th from left), Frank Erwin Piner (top row, fifth from left); the other six men are unidentified.
John B. Denton College
Newspaper clipping contains information about the creation of John B. Denton College in Denton, Texas. O. M. Thurman was the first president of the college.
John B. Denton College
Newspaper clipping contains information about students of John B. Denton College and the construction of the college building.
Burial of John B. Denton
Group of individuals on the Denton Square for the burial of John B. Denton on the lawn of the Denton County Courthouse. The pallbearers are E. B. Orr, L. Willis, J. M. Swisher, John W. Gober, J.H. Hawkins, and W. C. Wright. The Minnis and Curtis Drugstore can be seen in the southeast corner of the square. The Exchange National Bank can be seen in the background. This photo was given to the Library by Bess Minnis McFadden, according to a Denton Record Chronicle article from July 2, 1967.
[John B. Denton Funeral Notice]
Funeral notice for John B. Denton, who was killed by indians on May 22, 1841. The interment was held at the Denton Courthouse on November 21, 1901. This notice was given to the Denton Public Library by Mrs. R.M. Mitchell and was included in one of three scrapbooks that she made for the library.
Confederate Veterans
Large group of unidentified men from "Sul-Ross Camp" number 129. The picture was taken in front of the Denton County Courthouse.
Confederate Veterans
Large group of unidentified men who were soldiers in the Confederate Army, from Sul Ross Camp, no. 129. The photo was taken with the Denton County Courthouse as the backdrop.
Denton Athletic Club
Group portrait of the Denton Athletic Club's baseball team in uniform. Pictured are: (top row, from left to right) Frank Case (3rd base), Guy Witherspoon (shortstop), Robert Edwards, Lawrence Schweer (1st base); (middle row, from left to right) Aubrey Terrell (right fielder), Will Edwards (Manager), Ford Witherspoon (2nd base); (bottom row from left to right) Alex Hann (pitcher), Timmons, Bala Williams (left fielder), Ed Hann (catcher).
Pilot Point Girls' Basketball Team
Pilot Point girls' basketball team. Those pictured are: Sadie Nance, Ethel Wilborne, Roberta Johnson, Bess Montgomery, Ella Elder, Hazel Nance, Mary Lane, Kate Cooper, Clara Scott, Maude Hendricks, Myrtle Pearce, Florence Parvin, Vera Gee, Lula Selz, Minnie Drake, and A. H. Gee holding a basketball on which is written, Pilot Point, 1902. The photo was taken in front of the Gee home.
[Portrait of Elbert Gentry]
Portrait of Elbert Gentry wearing a suit and tie and looking to the right.
[Portrait of Maggie Naomi Libscomb]
Portrait of Maggie Naomi Lipscomb as a baby (age 9 months, 13 days), sitting in a wooden chair wearing a white dress and holding a bell.
Commencement Exercises John B. Denton College
John B. Denton College hosted commencement exercises on June 12, 1902 at Wright's Opera House. This program contains a list of graduates and an order of services.
John Wesley Gober Riding a Mule
John Wesley Gober, age 77, riding a mule in the center of the image and facing to the left. The handwriting on the bottom looks like it says the photo was taken near Dumas, Moore County, about 1903.
[Photograph of North Ward School and Students]
Photograph of the North Ward School building in Denton, Texas, with a large group of students standing in front of it.
[Souvenir Program: Second District of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1903]
Souvenir program for a convention of the Second District of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, including a list of the district's cities, list of events for each session, and a list of the clubs belonging to the district.
Ariel Club
Photograph of the Ariel Club members taken in front of the home of Mrs. John C. Coit. Pictured are: Back row: Eulallie Wright, Mrs. Joe L. Long, Mrs. H. F. Schweer, Lee Williams, Mrs. Prove Mounts, Mrs. Will Wright, Mrs. Alex R. Hann, Myrtle Brooks, Mrs. H. G. Allen, Helen Smith, Sallie Thornely. Middle Row: Mrs. Sidney J. Carroll, Mrs. J. S. Kendall, Mrs. S. A. Gibson, Mrs. John C. Coit, Mrs. C. T. Ramsdell, Mrs. Pearl McCracken, Mrs. M. S. Stout. Front row: Mrs. W. C. Edwards, Mrs. C. F. Witherspoon, Miss Alice Mounts, Mrs. L. H. Schweer, Miss Nora M. Hulett, Mrs. Charles Saunders.
Free on the Public Square Tonight
Announcement of several events to take place on the public square in Denton, Texas. Mr. R. Taliaferro Jones provided moving picture entertainment. Other attractions included a "Bull Fight" moving picture, "The Pickpocket," and a band performance.
Interior View of Boylan Merchant Tailor Shop
Two unidentified men in the interior of the Boylan Merchant Tailor Shop. One of the two men has been possibly identified as J. Enfarlment.
[Portrait of Mildred Jackson]
Portrait of Mildred Jackson taken on her twentieth birthday. She is wearing a light colored-dress, and is visible from the waist up.