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[Affidavit for Garnishment after Judgement]
Affidavit includes blanks for the prosecutor and defendant of the trial, the date of the trial, and the stipulations of the judgment.
[Ariel Club program for Miss Wright]
Miss Wright's Ariel Club program is dated May 14, 1909. The program contains a list of readings, and musical pieces to be performed at the event including Chopin, Staunton, etcetera.
[Brass Band and Little Elm "Reds" of 1908-1910]
Photograph of the Little Elm 20th Century Band of 1908-1910. The members are posing with their instruments and in uniform. A caption identifying the members is included. Photograph of the Little Elm "Reds" baseball team of 1908-1910. The members are posing in uniform. A caption identifying them is included.
The Cottage Hotel
Exterior view of the Cottage Hotel on South Locust Street
Denton Athletic Club
Group portrait of the Denton Athletic Club's baseball team in uniform. Pictured are: (top row, from left to right) Frank Case (3rd base), Guy Witherspoon (shortstop), Robert Edwards, Lawrence Schweer (1st base); (middle row, from left to right) Aubrey Terrell (right fielder), Will Edwards (Manager), Ford Witherspoon (2nd base); (bottom row from left to right) Alex Hann (pitcher), Timmons, Bala Williams (left fielder), Ed Hann (catcher).
Denton County Courthouse
Exterior view of the Denton County Courthouse. Five unidentified individuals are standing outside of the courthouse. It was built in 1876 at a cost of $40,000 and was condemned in 1894.
Denton High School Twentieth Annual Commencement Program 1905
The twentieth annual commencement of Denton High School was held at Wright's Opera House on May 22, 1905. The program also contains information about the baccalaureate service, the names of the graduates, an order of services, and a list of faculty and board of trustees.
Denton High School Twentieth Annual commencement program 1905
The Denton High School class of 1905 commencement was held at Wright's Opera House on Monday, May 22, 1905. This program includes information regarding the baccalaureate sermon, the names of the graduates, an order of services, the board of trustees, and the high school faculty.
The Denton Kindergarten Association
The year book or announcement of the Denton Kindergarten Association and Mothers' Meetings includes a course of study, a list of officers and board of directors, an introductory statement, a list of meetings, agenda, and a constitution.
Fifteenth Annual Commencement of the Denton High School
Program for the Fifteenth Annual Commencement of the Denton High School at Wright's Opera House on Friday, May 18, 1900 contains an order of services, and a list of the Board of Trustees.
Four Unidentified Men
Portrait of four unidentified men. Two of the men are young; two are white or gray haired.
Gentry Thompson and Dog in Automobile
Gentry Thompson sits in an automobile in a dark suit and hat and looks towards the camera. A white dog is sitting in the car in front of him. Newspaper caption reads: First Auto Here - Gentry Thompson, ginner who fancied diamonds, cars and a pet bull dog, is shown here in his auto, the first in Denton. Note the tillertype steering mechanism. His constant companion, the bull dog, went along for the ride in the dawning machine age.
Graduating Class of May 1907
Photograph of J. W. Parker, superintendent of the school, Walter Trickey, W. B. Chambers, Jennie Bowers, Alma Lain, and Fay Parker.
Hallie Thurman
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Hallie Thurman in a high-necked dress.
In Loving Rememberance of Mrs. Jessamine Blount
A short poem commemorates the life of Jessamine Blount who died on June 28, 1900 at the age of 49. Dr. J. P. Blount, first president of a Denton bank, survived his wife.
Nettie Williams Edwards
Full-length portrait of Nettie Williams Edwards in a long sleeved, high necked dress with lace on the bodice.
[Post Card from Bettie to Hallie Thurman]
Post card containing letter from Bettie to Miss Hallie Thurman of Denton, Texas. The post card was processed in Ft. Worth, Texas on April 2, 1909. The front of the post card contains a photograph of a house with wood siding and a porch with columns. A brick chimney is visible on the rear of the house.
Unidentified Boy Feeding a Pony
Unidentified boy wearing knickers is feeding a white pony. A picket fence and trees are in the background.
Unidentified Children in Costumes
Group of unidentified children in costumes.
Unidentified Group in Front of a Store
Unidentified group of three men and three women in front of a store. The sign in front of the group reads "C. A. Williams." A sign to the right reads "S. P. Allison Hardware.'
Unidentified Group Photo
Unidentified group of men and women and one small girl. They are posed on the steps of a frame building. Some of the men are holding books.
Unidentified Group Portrait
Group of unidentified individuals, thirteen young women and five men. Some of the women are holding flowers.
Unidentified Group Portrait
Group portrait of a man, woman, and four children, all unidentified.
Unidentified Man in Formal Clothing
Studio portrait of an unidentified man in black tuxedo with white shirt and bow tie.
Unidentified Man in Military Uniform
Unidentified man in a military uniform is pictured in front of a memorial in Cuba.
Unidentified People
Unidentified group of people on what appears to be a college campus.
Woman's Shakespeare Club
The program for the Woman's Shakespeare Club meeting on December 27, 1900 contains words of welcome from Mrs. W. A. Ponder, vocal solos, readings, papers, and instrumentals.
Young Man and Woman in Early Model Car
Young man and woman in snapshot with early model car.
Denton County: The Greatest Diversifying County in Texas
Book about Denton County in Texas, including location, climate, soils, water, agriculture, industries, other resources, factories, and Denton city.
Exterior of the Merchant Tailor Company
Exterior of the Boylan Tailor Shop and R.K. Rains' Barbershop, located on the north side of the square. There is a buggy in the foreground to the right. The tailor shop was originally opened by F.J. Boylan, the second man from the right, his stepsons, John W. and Walter R. "Rube" Scott are to his left, an unidentified African-American male stands on the far right. A barbershop pole and two signs hang from the shop to the right. The signs say: Hot & Cold Baths; and R.K. Rains. Richard Kerr Rains owned the R.K. Rains Barber Shop until he sold his business in April of 1910 to Ed Roberts. In 1912, the Boylan & Co., Merchant and Scott Tailoring Co. combined and formed the Scott Tailor Company. According to the 1910 Census, John W. Scott was 23 in 1910, his occupation was listed as "Tailor" and he owned the business. Walter R. Scott was 27 and his occupation was "Tailor in men's clothing." Later, in the 1923 Retail Merchants' Association's Denton City Directory, the brothers have several businesses: John W. Tailoring Co., on the west side of the square; Walter Scott was the Manager of the North Side Tailor Shop, and also listed as the "Proprietor" of a Dry Cleaning & Press Shop, also located on the north side.
Girls' College of Industrial Arts, Denton, Texas.
Postcard contains a photograph of the Old Main Building at Girls' College of Industrial Arts, now known as Texas Woman's University, in Denton, Texas.
Order of Macabees
Group of eighteen women in white dresses and caps from the Order of Macabees. Those identified are: Fannie Wiliams, Etta Woodsen, Edna Yerby Walker, Mollie Rich, Ada Bates Poling, Cora Mayer, Myrtle Joiner, Lizzie goode, Mollie Bushey, Gretna Cobb, Florence Elbert, Leona Bleweth, Fannie Blanks, Nellie Nipp, Annie Baker, Cora Bates, Eula Bates.
[Photograph of Robert E. Lee School Students]
Photograph of an elementary school class from Robert E. Lee School standing and sitting outside of a brick building. One of the children is Noah R. Wiggs.
[Portrait of Three Siblings]
Portrait of two girls and a younger boy. A handwritten note on the back of the photo identifies them as Eula Magill Carroll, Esther Magill McCormick, and Marshall Magill.
[Portrait of Two Girls]
Portrait of two girls with their heads close together, both wearing white dresses.
[Postcard of "Blue Hole" in Denton, Texas]
Postcard of a river with several people in white dresses and bonnets standing along the shore, and more standing on a raft in the river. A printed note on the front of the postcard identifies it as "Blue Hole" in Denton, Texas. The handwritten note on the back of the postcard, sent from Roanoke, Texas and addressed to Miss Amy A. Allen in Manhattan, Kansas, says, "I had Jessie's letter sealed when yours came with the money order. Many thanks for the same. Baby isn't feeling well today but nothing serious I guess. Marian is not very strong yet. Hoping to see you soon."
The Bronco, Yearbook of Denton High School, 1908
Yearbook for Denton High School in Denton, Texas includes photos of and information about the school, student body, teachers, and organizations.
Denton High School Girl's Basketball Team
Team photo of the 1908 Denton High School girls' basketball team. The team photo is printed over an image of a basketball on a white background. Pictured are: Maude Bruce (coach), Nell Bayless, Lucille Blewett, Emma Bell Lipscomb, Susie Davidson, Lula Evers, Maude Zumwalt, Katie Bass, Blanch Thomason, Mary Williams. Mary Williams later married Woodson A. Harris after completing a teaching certificate at UNT (then Normal College). They had four children and lived the majority of their lives at 425 Fry Street.
Exterior of Henry Selz's House
Exterior of Henry Selz's house. Their "new" Buick automobile is parked in the foreground on the left and the house is set off by a white picket fence. Tall trees flank the house on either side. The year 1908 is written on the back of the photograph, along with the notes, "The Henry Senz Home, father of Earl, Leo & Pinter. Note the "new Buick." "Moody & Earl had many wonderful trips in it before their marriage." As an "aside", an article appeared in the Denton Record-Chronicle on May 8, 1912, entitled, "Denton Boys in Auto Smash-Up." Henry Selz, Jr., was driving the family automobile, along with his brother Piner Selz and their friend Horace Maynard, when it slid off the road and went into an embankment. The automobile was reported as going 25-35 miles-per-hour. Horace Maynard suffered internal injuries and a broken hip. The automobile also suffered the loss of both front fenders and a few dents. The car belonged to Mr. Henry Selz, Sr.
Henry Selz Family on donkeys in Mineral Wells
The Henry Selz family on donkeys in Mineral Wells. Included are: Henry Selz, Martha Selz (far left), their daughters, Katie(far right), and Lula (younger daughter).
[Portrait of Frances Sprouse]
Portrait of a young child wearing a white ruffled dress. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says: "I think this is Frances Sprouse."
Unidentified Man and Woman on Wooden Porch
Unidentified man and woman sitting on a wooden porch. The woman is on the left, dressed in a long dress with high neck and is wearing glasses. The man is to her right and slightly behind her wearing a pork pie hat, white shirt, and light colored pants. A rug is on the wood between them, the door is open into a dark interior, and the porch is framed on the left, top, and right by crawling vines.
Virginia Military Institute
The booklet contains information about the commencement week in June, 1908 for the Virginia Military Institute. The booklet also includes a program of exercises and lists of officers and patrons.
The Bronco, Yearbook of Denton High School, 1907
Yearbook for Denton High School in Denton, Texas includes photos of and information about the school, student body, teachers, and organizations. index starts on page #.
Denton High School Girl's Basketball Team
Team photo of the 1907 Denton High School girls' basketball team. Pictured are: Katie Bass, Bess Browder, Lula Evers, Mary Williams, Alice Mounts, Maude Bruce, Mary Bart, Ina Fritz, Alice Cowan, Emma Belle Lipscomb, Lola Parker, Anna Banks, Nell Bayless, Blanche Thomason. The newspaper caption read: Girls' Basketball Team. "These young ladies were members of Denton High School's second basketball team. All but two of them changed their names with marriage. Their married names and their residences were supplied by Mrs. Clarence A. Tripp of Denton, the former Lula Evers. Kneeling, left to right, are Emma Belle Lipscomb (Mrs. Owen Johnson of California), Lola Parker (Mrs. E. H. Walpole of Oklahoma City), Anna Banks (now Dr. Banks of New York City), Nell Bayless (Mrs. John Underwood of Dallas), Blanche Thomason (Mrs. David C. Wiley of Monahans). Standing left to right, Katie Bass (Mrs. Donald O'Neil of Dallas), Bess Browder (Mrs. Bess McCullar of Taos, N.M.), Lula Evers (Mrs. Tripp), Mary Williams (Mrs. J. B. Stevenson of Wellington), Coach Alice Mounts (Mrs. Clarence Cockerell of Dallas), Coach Maud Bruce (Mrs. Campbell Duggan of Opalika, Ala.), Mary Barb (Mrs. Joe Elliott of Forney), Ina Fritz, (Mrs. M. L. O'Banion of Houston) and Alice Cowan (Dr. Cowan of Canyon).
Girls College of Industrial Art, Denton, Tex.
Postcard contains photograph of the Old Main Building at Girls College of Industrial Art, now known as Texas Woman's University, in Denton, Texas. The postcard is addressed to Miss Amy A. Allen in Manhattan, Kansas.
Girls' Tip-Top Basketball Team
North Texas State Normal School's girls' Tip-Top basketball team. Pictured are: Hope McMinn, Esther Whittaker, Katherine Black, Sadie Roberts, Mary Belle Jones, Cassie Higgins, Beulah Davies, Justa Glass, Elizabeth Elliott, Volina Cohen, Dixie McDaniel, Marylee Matthews, Eula Moore.
John Bunyan Denton
Photograph of an artist's sketch depicting the death of John B. Denton in the Indian fight at Village Creek on May 24, 1841. Captain Denton and Captain Henry Stout, also shown in the sketch, were leading an advanced scouting party when they were ambushed on Village Creek near modern Fort Worth. Denton was killed and Stout severely wounded.
Julia Ann Gober Wright
Julia Ann Gober Wright sitting outside in front of trimmed bushes. She is wearing a dark, full-length dress.
Julia Ann Gober Wright
Julian Ann Gober Wright sitting outside in front of trimmed bushes. She is wearing a dark, full-length dress.