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[Booklet to accompany Clason's Guide Map of Texas]

Description: Booklet contains information about Texas including the populations of many of the cities and counties in Texas according to the 1910 Census. The locations in the booklet are keyed to correspond with Clason's Guide Map of Texas.
Date: c. 1910 - 1919
Item Type: Book

[Denton Traction Company Transfer Ticket]

Description: Transfer ticket for the Denton Traction Company, a system of streetcars. Instructions on the ticket say "Good only for continuous passage at transfer point - Northwest Corner of Public Square - on first connecting car after time and on date punched in margin."
Date: [..1918]
Creator: Denton Arts Council
Item Type: Text

Exchange National Bank of Denton, Texas

Description: The pamphlet for Exchange National Bank contains a list of officers and directors, and a Condensed Statement of Condition at close of business on December 31, 1915.
Date: c. 1915
Creator: Exchange National Bank
Item Type: Text

Historical Sketch of the Katie Daffan Chapter H. D. C.

Description: A program containing a list of officers, presidents, and members of the Katie Daffan Chapter U.D.C. A brief history of the group is given, and information regarding the dedication of a confederate monument on June 3rd, 1918.
Date: c. 1918
Item Type: Book

Household Arts Building (1913)

Description: Several women near the steps of the Household Arts Building at Texas State College for Women. The three-story brick building has six columns with Ionian capitals. The Household Arts Building was the second largest instructional building erected on the campus of Texas Woman's University. The Legislature appropriated $75,000 for it, and the building was occupied with the opening of the 1913-14 school year. Additions, repairs and changes subsequently may have brought the total cost of the building to approximately $100,000. The building was the home of the Department of Home Economics.
Date: c. 1913
Item Type: Photograph

Interior of Leverett Grocery

Description: Interior view of Leverett Grocery with an unidentified man standing on the right side of the store. Various goods are on shelves against each wall and on the counters which run the length of the store.
Date: c. 1914
Item Type: Photograph

Pilot Point Depot

Description: Interior view of the Pilot Point Depot. Fred Wiggs is in the foreground and Noah Wiggs is sitting on the desk; the other two men in the photo are unidentified.
Date: c. 1916
Item Type: Photograph

[TSCW Household Arts Building (2nd floor, south gallery)]

Description: Photograph of the Household Arts Building's second floor balcony near the south gallery. A few troughs with plants growing in them are visible. The balcony is lined with a metal guardrail. Columns with Ionian capitals support the building right outside the balcony. Other parts of the Texas State College for Women campus including the Science Building are visible in the background. The Household Arts Building was completed in 1913.
Date: c. 1913
Item Type: Photograph

Denton County Clerk's Office

Description: Interior view of the Denton county clerk's office. Four men and five women are pictured sitting at or standing around desks, all are unidentified. On the right-hand wall hangs a World War I Red Cross poster that says, Have You Answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call? The poster was illustrated by Harrison Fisher in 1918; the Roll Call took place from Dec. 16th - 23rd.
Date: 1919?
Item Type: Photograph

Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Description: Booklet contains a list of special meetings, an order of business, and a course of study. The booklet also contains the society's motto, officers, and committees. A detailed order of services of each meeting during the 1919-1920 is included.
Date: 1919?
Creator: Woman's Missionary Society
Item Type: Book

Peoples Home Telephone Company

Description: The Peoples Home Telephone Company Directory contains phone numbers and addresses of businesses and residents in Denton and the surrounding area. The directory also includes advertisements for local businesses. The Peoples Home Telephone Company compiled the directory on December 1, 1918.
Date: December 1, 1918
Creator: Peoples Home Telephone Company
Item Type: Book

Memorial of Annie Page's funeral

Description: This black and gold memorial in remembrance of Annie Page, who died on April 29th, 1918, includes decorations and a short poem.
Date: April 29, 1918
Item Type: Text

[Postcard of Three Sisters]

Description: Postcard of three young sisters of varying ages, with the youngest in the middle. A handwritten note on the photo identifies them as (left to right) Ailsa, Irene, and Beebe Page. Additionally, another note on the back of the photo states: "dresses were made by Belle Prater Smith for Mirtle's girls in 1918."
Date: 1918
Item Type: Postcard

Interior View of the Denton County Clerk's Office

Description: Interior view of the Denton county clerk's office. Pictured are two women and two men; the county clerk is identified as Abney Ivey. On the wall behind the man on the left is a calendar from 1917 and it is open to the month of August. A black-and-white poster of President Woodrow Wilson is on the opposite wall along with a 1909-1910 Texas Fee Bill which gave the allowable fees for tax collector's to collect on delinquent taxes.
Date: 1917~
Item Type: Photograph