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Former Sheriffs of Denton County

Description: Groups portrait of all of the ex-sheriffs of Denton County at the time, except W. S. (Bill) Fry, who was not in town at the time. Standing in the top row, from left to right: Sam Hawkings and W. E. (Lish) Durbin. Sitting in the bottom row, from left to right: Charles Alexander "C. A." (Alex) Williams, Christopher Columbus "C. C." (Lum) Daugherty, Walter F. "W. F." Egan, and Captain Robert Harris "R. H." (Bob) Hopkins.
Date: 1905

[Portrait of Josie V. Fisher Bell]

Description: Portrait of a woman with short dark hair wearing a lace dress. A handwritten note on the back of the photo offers more details about the woman: "The first Mrs. W. L. Foreman. W. L. Foreman and his three wives are buried in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery in Denton. Mr. Foreman at one time (before 1900) worked in the Garrison and Kimmins Drug Store."
Date: 1905~
Creator: Jones, J. T.

[Portrait of Nancy Jo Minnis]

Description: Portrait of Nancy Jo "Nannie Joe" Minnis as a young girl, wearing a white ruffled dress and sitting in a wicker chair. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Minnis, and died of pneumonia at the age of 15 in 1912.
Date: 1905~
Creator: Shaw & Hargrove

Ariel Club

Description: Early picture of the Ariel Club members taken in front of the home of Mrs. John C. Coit. Pictured are: Back row: Eulallie Wright, Mrs. Joe L. Long, Mrs. H. F. Schweer, Lee Williams, Mrs. Prove Mounts, Mrs. Will Wright, Mrs. Alex R. Hann, Myrtle Brooks, Mrs. H. G. Allen, Helen Smith, Sallie Thornely. Middle Row: Mrs. Sidney J. Carroll, Mrs. J. S. Kendall, Mrs. S. A. Gibson, Mrs. John C. Coit, Mrs. C. T. Ramsdell, Mrs. Pearl McCracken, Mrs. M. S. Stout. Front row: Mrs. W. C. Edwards, Mrs. C. F. Witherspoon, Miss Alice Mounts, Mrs. L. H. Schweer, Miss Nora M. Hulett, Mrs. Charles Saunders.
Date: 1904

Mildred Jackson

Description: Portrait of Mildred Jackson taken on her twentieth birthday. She married Ira O'Dell in Ja. 1907, in Quanah. They came to Denton County in September, 1907, and to Denton in January, 1918. Her father was Carroll Jackson.
Date: 1904

Denton Athletic Club

Description: Group portrait of the Denton Athletic Club's baseball team in uniform. Pictured are: (top row, from left to right) Frank Case (3rd base), Guy Witherspoon (shortstop), Robert Edwards, Lawrence Schweer (1st base); (middle row, from left to right) Aubrey Terrell (right fielder), Will Edwards (Manager), Ford Witherspoon (2nd base); (bottom row from left to right) Alex Hann (pitcher), Timmons, Bala Williams (left fielder), Ed Hann (catcher).
Date: 1902~
Creator: Williams Art Conference

Pilot Point Girls' Basketball Team

Description: Pilot Point girls' basketball team. Those pictured are: Sadie Nance, Ethel Wilborne, Roberta Johnson, Bess Montgomery, Ella Elder, Hazel Nance, Mary Lane, Kate Cooper, Clara Scott, Maude Hendricks, Myrtle Pearce, Florence Parvin, Vera Gee, Lula Selz, Minnie Drake, and A. H. Gee holding a basketball on which is written, Pilot Point, 1902. The photo was taken in front of the Gee home.
Date: 1902