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Picture Postcard of Denton Square

Description: Picture postcard of the Denton Square showing the buildings and many horse-drawn carriages and people. Printed on the image is "On the Square, Denton, Texas"
Date: unknown

Two Unidentified Small Boys in White

Description: Two unidentified small boys in white clothing on a picture postcard. The boy on the left is standing on the white and black diamond-checkered floor while the boy on the right (the younger child) is sitting in a wooden chair covered with a fur throw. Writing on the back indicates that their ages are 26 and 6 months. The postcard is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Page.
Date: unknown

First Baptist Church. Denton, Texas

Description: Mrs. West sent a postcard with a photograph of First Baptist Church of Denton, Texas on the front to Mrs.T. W. Buell of Roanoke, Texas on April 1, 1924. In the message, Mrs. West informs Mrs. Buell of which train she intends to ride.
Date: 1924~
Creator: The Albertype Co.

[Denton County Court House and County Clerk's Office]

Description: Sam Hawkins, Dave Fry, and Maud Stringer sit in the County Clerk's office. Ms. Stringer is sitting at a desk with a mechanical typewriter. A 1963 postcard of the Denton County Courthouse is also included.
Date: unknown

Girls College of Industrial Art, Denton, Tex.

Description: Postcard contains photograph of the Old Main Building at Girls College of Industrial Art, now known as Texas Woman's University, in Denton, Texas. The postcard is addressed to Miss Amy A. Allen in Manhattan, Kansas.
Date: 1907~

Main Building N. T. S. N., Denton, Texas.

Description: Postcard contains photograph of the Main Building of North Texas State Normal College, now known as the University of North Texas, in Denton. A dirt road and barbed wire fence are visible in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Southern Hotel, Denton, Texas postcard]

Description: Postcard contains color artwork of the Southern Hotel in Denton, Texas. The hotel possesses a fully air conditioned coffee shop, Dixie Belle and Starlight dining rooms, and free parking. In 1956, the Southern Hotel was listed in Duncan Hines "Lodging for a Night and Adventures in Good Eating," and according to the December 1956 issue of Doings in Denton, the "Hines organization inspected the rooms, room service, the food and dining-room service recently."
Date: unknown

Denton County Boosters

Description: Postcard contains a montage of baby photographs from Shaw in Denton, Texas. The postcard is labeled "Denton County Boosters."
Date: unknown
Creator: Shaw

[Postcard of Joy Prater]

Description: Postcard of Joy Prater as a young girl, sitting in front of a tree trunk in a forest with leaves covering the ground.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Methodist Dormitory]

Description: Postcard of the Methodist Dormitory building at the College of Industrial Arts (C. I. A.) in Denton, Texas. There is nothing written on the back of the postcard.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of First Christian Church Tyler, Texas]

Description: Postcard of First Christian Church in Tyler, Texas and its pastor, J. J. Lockhart, addressed to Eld. M. A. Smith. A handwritten message on the front of the postcard says: "This man performed the marriage ceremony for Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Smith."
Date: 1906

[Postcard of People with Dogs]

Description: Postcard of two women and a man standing outside of a house with two dogs sitting in front of them. A handwritten note on the front of the postcard says: "Here is something to keep the crows away." A handwritten message on the back from Cora Stone to Miss Vonnie Moseley reads: "Your letter received and was glad to hear from you. Am sending you in today's mail the waist pattern, also my skirt pattern. All well except colds. Pa thinks of going to Carroe this week, if so will go to see you all. Will write later."
Date: December 5, 1910
Creator: Stone, Cora